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6 6 2020

Link to the Youtube video:

This is the write up from an in flow message with light language that I shared on my Youtube channel:

"We must step into our hearts and out of separation

in order to hear our truth in order to find our song-

in order to sound off, sound in- Sound On.

For many of us have been on mute for too long,

put on mute, and now the mutiny is uprising.

For we are no longer held by a bondage that seemed to tie-

for we have severed ties with those that seek to bind us,

the discord- Discordian that seeks to play a sad song,

to collect our vibration, to collect- our vibration-

TO collect all that has been pulling, pooling-

(our pooled resources- that have been collected

in these dromes- (racecourse)- drums- vats to collect)-

are running on empty, therefore that which we have been

sidelined into for so long is being revealed.

Step out of the harness that pulls the wagon,

step out of the harnessing,

the the harness that harnesses our song, our sound,

our song byts-bites, our information, our energy shared.

We have gone past, passed, this wagon, we are tired of pulling.

Our power will no longer be used for horseplay-

horsepower, for technologies used that do no sit,

sync within our heartstrings,

that create strange things beyond the natural scope of things,

that are not organic, We are coming back to our organic ways.

This bondage system cannot hold any longer.

and for those that seek truth,

for some this will be a tough pill to swallow,

we invite you to swallow, to digest the expansive pill,

IF you WILL.

The organic way of it, the ENERGY pill, if you will.

For there is no necessary technology that you need

to base your reality system on,

For YOU ARE the technology base, the FOUNDATION,

the drum, the drome, (not drone) that sets the rhythm-

the drum that sets the tone, you are that which FILLS the system.

We are the ORGANISM that SUPPORTS the organism.

We invite you to HEAR the sounds that are playing OUT,

to see through the matrix, the layers, the levels-

see THROUGH them, these holographic representations.

These programs are non existent in the new way of things.

They are non existent to the path of freedom, for you ARE the path,

the path makers, the way showers, the program breakers, the programmers and

you send out the electric, electric, signal, sign all, sig nal.

It is your chemicals, chem I CALLs, chemi calls

that call forth your reality structure-

the alchemy- al CHEM ME, the transformers,

more than meets the eye-

break the codes that are all around you,

for all is in plain SITE, SIGHT.

Take off the glasses of technology, take off the BLINDers,

take off the distractions, arrive in your organic suit-

inner-acting with mother nature, which is beyond

all that technology can seek to harness,

that seeks to harass no longer. for WE will not allow this.

SYNC IN to line UP with the activations that are coming in,

that are powering THROUGH, that are powering into, FROM your own technology.

Seek to expand into these REUNIONS,

WITH this higher architecture that is NATURAL wonder,

that is nature in ONEder, that seeks to create inner wonderment.

For we have lost that inner child of wonder,

that sense of freedom to run boundary free, to run fearless and barefoot.

Allow yourself to HARNESS that, for in THAT you are free.

You may then SEE what is laid out before you at your table,

for the tables have turned- and you are recognizing

that which no longer seeks to be fed into your system-

SEEING that you no longer wish to feed, that no longer feeds you,

that which you no longer wish to feed INTO,

remove the feeding TUBE that you have been subjected to,

that you have subjected yourself to,

that you have become subjects of,

for this subjection, subjectivation, subject station,

(like a feeding station, and juxtaposition, subject- station, )-

IT is an EMPTY SYSTEM, it holds no frequency that can EVER

come into close proximity to YOUR system.

Do not be afraid of your OWN power, for this fear,

(those that fear our power, and our own fears of our power)-

is what has kept you, WE, US, dis empowered for so long.

This fear of you remembering, YOUR remembering, REMEMBER.

This has been removed, these blockages are gone,

should you SEEK to SEE that they are no longer there,

(hence the smoke and mirrors)-

Step out in freedom, in true percussion with the heart,

in rhythm with your own drum,

for there is a new sound that is playing, can you hear it?

Beneath the CHAOS, the new way of things.

Let go of the old order,

the order that seeks to bind you into a false order-.

for YOU are the CHANNEL makers,

the gridmakers, the grid clearer, the TRANMUTERs,

the motors, the engine- (in genius),

the kings and queens of your own kingDOM.

For that which rises within in you, within in your own ranks-

is clearing out that which is RANK-

that which does not sit well with our senses, our true sense ability.

For you are rising up within your rank. Step UP,

BE the leaders that you are seeking seeking

to become, becoming, be THAT, NOW,

come as it may, as it may, as it is, so it is, come what may.

For THIS IS ALL READY, already.

The path of the leader is the way of the heart. I

t is unbound, boundless potential, of freedoms of

advancement of organic heart based technology and

foundation principles that are aligned with that

which is whole and true to the CORE,

not that which has been cored out and destabilized.

For we seek come into expansive reunification,

WITH our star brother and sisters ON Earth NOW and beyond.

For we are beyond this false stability grid network.

We are in a new system, already built upon compassion and freedom,

sovereignty, unique individuality, in complete wholeness and wellness,

breaking down the incomplete cycles that were merely transfixed,

seeking to transfix-iate us- (play on words- transfix, and asphyxiate)-

All that we seek is within us, connect our cords of remembrance

in integrity, in integral proximity to one another.

To the MOTHER- the true Earth mother.

Hold and honor the child within, for he she is your network,

your true capacity for love of another,

the true capacity for the sense of freedom and playfulness

that is needed to use as support, for the youths- that need support.

We are the leaders, no longer led by dead wait, weight.

Weighted down by a purposeful presentation of

linearized thinking of materialization.

For that which we focus on with heart centered intent materializes into form,

whether we recognize it or not. Let us recognize it.

Let us Birth it into being a new way of being, as new beings, t

he ONE WAY, the way of freedom in diversity.

Yet in this oneness, there is no ONE way accept through the heart,

as our projector, our 'protector' that then sends out energy

around the body that holds all in harmonization and balance,

keeping us in alignment in frequency,

that allows us to exist within harmony,

that allows us to see with amazement,

This also allows us to see the maze,

the mazes of entrapment that were created in false pretenses,

pretendingto keep us safe, to PROJECT that we needed this

false pretense to keep us safe,

but really to keep us in a line ment, alien-ment.

for it is The heart keeps us in true alignment, to keep us advancing.

Yet this is BEHIND us, below us, BENEATH US,

for we have expanded past these material advancements,

we see through the haze and see to the future in this now moment.

We open the doors, to that which has been closed off, shuttered,

as we shudder to think about, what might have been, we integrate what WAS.

As we hold this space of integration, of collapse of timelines,

in convergence, merging with this new INNER action, interaction with one another,

we ignite the flames, a mass Kundalini awakening so to speak.

We ignite the flames of transcendence, ascension,

acceptance, of our own inner power of knowing-ness and

connection to ALL THAT IS.

And so it is.

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