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LIT Holnium, helium, hole in one

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

IThere is a narrow minded gap,

(a big gap of narrow mindedness)

that is closing somewhat.

this expansive

created space

has set in for many, so to speak

and they can feel it tingling

at their fingertips-


pushing pulling

pulsating inviting

the great Divide to widen. POW-

look in between,

look within

see all angles-

and then ,BOING-

like a spring or coil bouncing- boom-er-rang, bounce back.

The frequency extends out

like a stage,

(plane and resting)

on top are sound waves.

These sound/lightwaves,

move along the platform and intermingle, interweave,

into, along, through

this platform-

(I see the ones that dip,

'dissolve' to so speak-

this balances out

the lower layers).

There is a mass

quantum scaling effect,

(like a scaler wave?)

A trebble bound infusion,

an unmasking.

(I see peeling back

the masking tape-

the duct tape)-

Sound layer of alchemy.

this landscape pools out ,

rippling into,

SURGING if you will,

in a layer, bandwidth,

bonding, banding with and

allowing for an unfolding

development in a new

'cradle of time'-


this (cradle of time)

holds the body,

the Earth body in a wrap-

a cocoon, if you will,

an insulating layer

of miraculous conception,-

inception point

to begin again, (hoop LA)-

this inner bound technologhy

sweeps out layers

of inorganic loosh,

so to speak, webbed

through the cobpipe,

(cobwebs, the shape of the cobpipe)- This elevates

the expectancy rate,

ratio- the ratios balance out and

the homeward bound, (SONG)

energies change gears,

switch directions,

are in a directional exchange ,

a sing song capacitor- (tremolo)


The archaeology concepts

that quantum computing

on a mass SCALE have been

Has been, built upon will shift

to convey the new news.

(nu nus- and birthing)

Remember to play

with these words,

for your vocabula(ray)


must include the portmanteau

the port and tea readings,

giving the opportunITIES

to LINK up multiple PORTS.

This will have a calming effect,

so to speak on the

capacitor switch-

the economic pull, pole

will find a counter balance,

counter swing,

a counter sway-

(tic toc clarice) let go

of the resistance and

need to figure out,

Arbitrary, a tributary,

a whole canoli,

there is an expression

tunneling through

offereing a new common

morality view, (play on words),

This existenital awareness

drips drips down,

feeding a collective

a higher arc key-

a higher feed- key,

allowing for a slower stream

of cannonized information-

(picture a cannon

as well, cannoli)-

there is clarity now

in the division,

for across the gap

is a pool

of missed information,

set within a new frame,

not previuosly

viewed or seen,

until the split occurs-

once this split happens,

this energy can move up

through the center and

create a merge-

(like it will split, then come

back 2gather, the spring)-

a trimerge if you will-


This then allows

for a greater capacity

of understanding

since the deeper layers


can be flushed out,

(royal flush)-

flushed out and exposed.

(for what it is, i am hearing

full metal jacket,

full mental jacket,

and I am seeing a straitjacket).

Get straight, dress sharp

C sharp, see sharp,

The harp, the heart chord

strap in,

for the expansiveness

quakes and rattles,

for the rolling

of the Di-

dice is quantum


(so as I am writing this,

I am realizing the

multi-dimensionality of this-

And I have been guided

to add a few things

as I go back in and type-

that pull through,

so to speak,

themes- from all 3

of these worlds or 2 world split-

or what I drew

with the bubbles.

Either way- I went back and

wrote at the top of the tablet,

Diane- and was wondering if it had anything to do with Di-

i wrote this based on

my friend looking

up 'shoe in',

after I said the horse

was held back- by the jockey-

my horse was number 9-

number 4 Swiss skydiver won,

my horse was authentic-

and it came in last -

Diane was the lady

handling the bets- also,

ARTEMIS has something to do

with diane, if you go back

and read this paragraph-

many similarities to the the roll

and the tunnel- and royalty)-


This action

at a distance, (spooky)-

at a glance MUST be seen,

felt, combo, comBOW

combining in

a sensory juxtaposition


The light creates a spell,

a cast,

(iron cast, ironic cast?)

ironic cast, a parady,

par-a-day, faraday,

comedy skit,

for the mechanics

of an iron throne

cannot hold up, it crumbles

in a long line, lineage of mis-representations,

of science of alchemy, -

Birth in the blood.

The Christ, cryst-all composer,

composure, composition,

is truly holding the key-

the key IS the code,

the knowing, the allowing,

the capability for compatibility, compassion, comprehension-

Compression, implosion

Let go of all apprehension,

for YOU hold the KEY

dear star seeds,

star light,

warriors of compression,


Expression in compassion

spread the WORD,

the word was ONE,

you are ALL the one

in the eyes of the LORD-

Lord of the Rings-

rings, ring, ring, and

the Ring of fire,


We are LIT

Writing codes

WRITten on the walls

(Of the SUBway walks)

Blocks of information

SPREAD out, rings, wings


the power of Cryst-

compells you-

comp-el's, soothsayer,


Let us keep playing

for this mechanism

of creation,

of communication

plants a seed,

(a sowing, sewing),

soulseed memory crystal-

crystalizes, opens,

a lotus flower opens

in the hearts of many

starflowers, who HEARt this.

For the hour is now, allow

the circuitry boards to refresh,

a dime a dozen,

(10 and 12, 10 to 12)

a diamond in 12-

the key is in

the strike past 12,

the que is the clock, tic toc-

homeward bound

for the time HAS come,

come to pass,

we have passed the MARK,

(of the beast), of the best,

we have bested ourselves,

many do not SEE and

that is their own dicotamy,

alchemy, (split)- their inability

to merge with ONESELF,

(so I am hearing don't dream

it's over, hey now).

Looking within

the battle, with sin is LOST,

for within

are the true answers

for all sinners have a center

and not all who wander are lost.

Look within and find the answers,

self respect, the will to live

in common morality,

the will to fogive, to love-

(as Jesus hath loved),

for we are the empowered ones, stepping forward

to take the Reins,

steer the coach,

work with the RAINS.

We are floating now

in an alchemical reunion

with no time, an inner recognition, memory, remembrance, dance

with the soul,

as the soul chards remember us, coming out of a trance,

many will cry, many will dance

for ALL is a dance.

Sing, Play the harp- if you will,

the chords of laughter, song,

develop a greater sense

of knowing, understanding

disbanding concepts

that no longer HOLD our belief.

Open to a renewed sense of wonder, Set up your own clock,

your own time zone.

recognize and hone in,

zone in on your Tara,

terratory, tera story,

your own Earth story.