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as we settle in to these new energies, and have we settled in yet? have we prepared ourselves for the high rise, the ride that is yet to come, the ride that we are on? the ride that we are all creating together in this unification DRUM (I am seeing drum like the instrument, rythmn, heartbeat, and a holding drum)-

and as you beat a little louder on the drum, as you allow yourself to beat the drum from within, as you follow the beat to your own drum, as you counter balance those creations that have mis-created in the past, you allow yourself to counteract- those actions that are being used, being mis-appropriately,misappropriated.

This is happening at a multidimensional multi layered level, and those that are in antiquity, dealing in antiquities, so to speak-(this is literal, and figurative- those dealing in the old ways, old energies- but also perhaps some deep antiquities and old treasures that have literally been misappropriated!) Will find themselves at a loss, they will find themselves not understanding what quite happened- (I am seeing them knocked off their feet)- For the drumbeat has shifted, the harmonic cascade has increased and has overpowered, so to speak, has outpowered the wattage, the voltage that was being used to power the 'inner' power, (like underground)- the EMPIRE, for those within their own empowerment have risen up.

There is no battle to be won, there is no battle to be lost, for not all is lost, yet we invite you to regain your COMPOSURE (song, composition, strucutre, harmony, attitude, balance). We invite all those that SEE the trickle down effect, to see what is being highlighted, (shined on, spotlighted, but also like the highlights of the game or movie reel), that is being played out. YOU are being invited to OUTplay those who think they have won the game. Not REALIZING that there is no game to win and in ESSENCE the game has already been won- (from that perspective, of needing to win a game).

The sooner we realize that we are merely fighting ourselves, the cellular complex that makes up the cosmic scale, if you will, the harmonic that we are ALL connected into, the sooner we will become that which we are seeking to become-

(so much POW here, challenging to bring into linearity and break it down)-

This is why we play with vocabulary so much, the vocabularic equation is a quantitative operation, it is a quantitative explanation, of what is happening on a micro to macro if you will, a Molecular scale- POW, (mix up the word usage)- we blend the sound technology in with the wording if you will, the wording technology landscape that is falling upon the senses to help enliven that which has been forgotten, in this particular POW speaking style we offer, interlaced and interwoven, within this vocabulary mechanics lies an activation, lies within it a light grid, bridge structure, if you will- a vocabularic equation that plays out on the senses in the senses, in the sensations moving through the sensationalism that many of us have been guided or DIRECTED to look AT, to strengthen it so to speak- for the more we center our focused awareness and attention on something that is being highlighted, the more it strengthens its reality composure. A feeling must be attached with this, directive coordination, For in this way, wave that we view things, we are then eliciting (ill-iciting) a certain chemical response within our BODIES

Therefore, we are being invited to take a step back an in our own inner awareness, shift the landscape directive, shift what it is we are focusing on, for the landscapes we are being guided or directed TO, look into, to feel into, to give over our awareness and attention TO, are falling apart, they are merely a directional ploy, (a greenscreen)- to pull us out of the harmonic equation that brings us back to unity and oneness, even within ourselves. We may not think it possible to unify with our brothers and sisters, who do not identify with what it is we identify with, However, we must unify within our own structure before we can even begin to SEE what the truth is behind the green screen, if you will, for much is being played out in this times-cape if you will, in this dreams cape of reality- that we are all creating in this void.

We invite you to dial in to a higher vocabulary, we invite you to dial up, if you will into your own perfected thinking, (reference to problem solving, and not just believing what someone is pointing to over 'there' to really distract us to what is going on over 'here', and more importantly distracting from what is going on INSIDE of us - This also refers to not using self limiting words).

For this information is time stream awareness, it allows us to step out of time and get into a more fluid flow of beyond looking at our clock, or someone telling us it;s time to do 'this' or time to do 'that'. For those mechanics have already been shut down, yet we are not hearing the completion bell as of yet, for we are not all fully able, a bell, to access into our SUPRA consciousness, which we all have the ability, capability to access into, should we look past the confusion, the confused layerings, POW, conned out of true fusion, trying to con us into fusing into the old system that is finite, and we are infinite- many are shutting down, their internal resources relying on an outsourcing so to speak, to fill them up , to fuel up, ( I am being shown people lining up at the gas station, 'I need more of this, I need more of that' to feel more complete, and feeling that is what fuels their energy, inner needs- , inner engine, their chamber, heart chamber POW).

We invite you to see that the gas lighting that is occurring is coming from an obstacle course, meant to challenge, yet put to sleep at the same time, yet we are invited to challenge ourselves to step out of the cycle, (I am seeing that we are solar charged, sun charged, we don't need gasoline, and yet we ARE the sun, lit from within our heart chambers, our golden hearts, our golden ratios- we don't need other outer things to fuel our fire- it's the flame of least resistance- heart-fire, heart flame, heart fusion the flame of least r, heart flame, threefold flame, trifold flame. This is really fuel for our fire, we have an unlimited capacity as a capacitor to tune in to this neverending stream of energy of frequency that's really accessible to us right now, if we step outside of the need to distract ourselves with disharmonious occassions, and disharmonious, multiplication tables and conclusions, false evidence appearing real, fear, multiplies on itself and then creates a false spectrum, what's being projected onto the greenscreen, is this false spectrum and we are analyzing that, and that is what we are being directed to look at.

It doesen't matter, for what we bring into matter, what matters to us, what we make into matter, what we make manifest, should be what matters most to us, which is unequaled in callibration from what we are seeing being projected out at us, it is a matter of harmony, it is a matter of counter intuitive intelligence. So what we are being 'blasted' with is counter intuitive, it pulls us, pulls us out of our intuition, and makes us feel off balance, because it isn't intuitive, it's intuiting US- it's trying to figure us out and play back to us what it is we think or we've been directed to think (reference to movies, directors films, internet trackig, algarythims etc- like from our search engines, i can't think of the name, crawlers)? is important and matters most to us, (like advertisements- etc)- and it's all interwoven, we are feeding this artificial intelligence algarithm, by what we are choosing to click on, the words we are choosing to use, the interactions we're choosing to have with- not only with one anotehr but with these algarythms. rather than encouraging that we are being invited to encourage one another, to lift up the spirits of one another, reaching out, (diamond- the diamond is a huge clue right now, a trigger if you will, the diamond convergence, going from carbon to diamond frequency).

For many of us do not realize yet, or have yet to realize, that time has ran out, run its course for the antiquity, POW. This is not to say there are certain antiquities- that have not lost their potency, for some of those are honored and kept in the highest regard, however, many of the objects that we have worshipped so to speak, or that we have objectified, are coming into a new relevency, POW- some are stepping into irrelevency, for they are no longer something that exists within our dimensional frequency exchange, they cannot hold to the highest standards, for they cannot be held to the highest standards, for they are not truly solidified, POW, (false? false evidence appearing real- it looks like its real and its not)- And it cannot solidify in the diamond architecture, for the diamond based patternings are beginning to lose their potency, their consistency, for they are inconsistent- what it is we know to be, (what we think is inconceivable, that which has been incocieved- POW in all-that which has been conceived, Like we have stepped up, and all that other stuff is dissloveing, it is not going to hold space anymore), For we need the space, we are kneading the space, like dough, and we are interweaving it with the new recipe, the new recipe consists of higher standards, for we are no longer able to hold the capacity for knowing and not reflectiing our inner to outer- for we must see that which has been base, (like in a base frequency that was being projected, we couldn't get above it before, and now there has been some kind of bow, bow out, bow spiriacy, bowing out, this has to bow out so others can step forward, also a reference to physics- POW- bow technology? its not like a bowtie, hourglass, it looks like an arch- I have to look into this more later).

This all ties in together for we are accessing a new space that has been inaccessible before, yet we must tie up some loose strings so to speak in order for this conjunction to be rectified and perfect POW- phirfect. So as we return back to the original statements in this particular speel, we allow the nocturnal night of the soul POW- yet it is not of the soul, this nocturnal gathering that is essentially being flushed, also being rebirthed in its appropriate term in ology, in its appropriate representation, alot of things are being rectified that were not necessarily organic, they were an inversion, an aversion to REALITY. We are being invited to step away from the mess of the masses that we are perhaps not necessarily seeing the bigger picture, As we allow this to unfold, we are being invited to recognize the unfoldment from within, for if we are distracted by all of the mainstream propoganda POW, we are less able to focus on our own unfoldment, we are not figuring out, feeling into, working through our own capacity to feel, to feel self worth, to move out of self doubt, to move into a fuller capacity of knowing oneself, (I am seeing the reference to gas, looking for someone else to fuel their own fire because they dont recognize how to or what fuels their own flames, fire. They think it's this particular entitiy, person place or thing, and they don't know how to do it themselves, they dont know how to run their own solar sonar technology, and are used to being told 'you need this, in order to fuel that'. Its become such a habit pattern and a way, out not necessarily intentionally, but it became easy only beacuse it seemed less painful than actually changing).

So we are being invited to expand our capacity for knowing thyself, coming within and allowing ourselves to peel back the layers of our own onion if you will. What do we find within that fuels our fire, for withIN this capacity, we ignite, acknoweledge the capacitor switch, POW and we are then able to pass along this knoweledge to our family, our children our brothers and sisters, our lineage, therefore, working through this karmic density, perceived karmic density and recognizing that when we become the chain, change that we want to see in the world, we become that change we actually light up the chain lineage, linkage, linking up the chain system, it's literally a ripple effect, its DNA< it ripples out through our space, our heart torroidal field, its a divergence POW divulgence POW this verge, vurve, it ignites our technology, our technology line ups, it allows us to harvest our own energy and recognize what we have been, and are giving our energy to, we are meant to sew the seeds, reap the rewards of our own growth and feel what does that mean, what does that feel like, what does that look like, recognize that all of this is good, a deeper cognition an ignition switch switching off the old, on the new, merging what can be merged, and alllowing us to full our own suit, coat of many colors, suit of perfection, and once we come back into this whole and completeness within ourselves, we look out with a WHOLE new, complete perspective, all that is unraveling around us becomes uninspiring it becomes no longer fuel for our fire, it holds no charge for us and then we are able to create from THAT space. and that's empowerment.

Antiquitu, antiquate. Equatr

divergence (n.) "act or state of moving or pointing in opposite directions," 1650s, from Modern Latin divergentia, from divergens, present participle of divergere "go in different directions," from assimilated form of dis- "apart" (see dis-) + vergere "to bend, turn, tend toward" (from PIE root *wer- (2) "to turn, bend"). Figurative sense of "departure from a course or standard" is from 19c. Related: Divergency.

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