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A short note

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

i am guided to write and

as I write I rewrite,

I remember a memory flow,

a memory complete, completion

a methematical concept,

compulation, comparing, contrasting,

in uniform, complexity,

handwriting in form, in formation

coming in, cycling, through movement, through recognition,

through memorizing, mesmorizing, metemorphesis, regenesis,

new beginnings, creations, and patterns, inkling, inking onto paper, ink IN flow, shapes given to vowels

given inklings, to consenents,

giving meaning, rebirthing in each letter, each whisp of ink,

each mark onto the paper,

lays down a pattern,

each combo nation,

combining new letters,

alpha byts of in-formation,

forming information,

tendrils of letters,

letting one know in the making,

making one known,

one took three four,

yes the math exists,

but how to reunite the score,

the music, the notes, the words,

graphs, much be played.

communicated, laid down

put into formation, graphically- patterning for eyes to see,

or senses to feel, brave new world,

brail placement.

Seeing within,

I was blind but now I see.

As the bindings are placed on the paper

a new old energy is formed,

a new pattern reveals,

from thought to form, energy,

emerging information,

wrapping itself into paper, and

all the ways of communication,

in physical form, physiology.

Much love!!

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