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Alchemy Light Language

And what is alchemy in the blood?

what ignites your spark, what ignites your spark of freedom.

(sing songs of freedom- the sing song in the blood)

will you see past the vocabulary?

what makes you feel MIGHTY, in alignment with THEE-

And WE transmit to you freedoms, codes of freedom, CODONS

freeing feelings of ecstatic reunification,

at the higher realms, for we are all holding within us

an alchem-ization if you will, (al-chem=ability to implode)

That which is the SPELL, the spellings,

the spell within, (the spin)-the codes

that many are seeking to break (FREE) are seeking

to understand, the chemistry,

for this comes from inner transference, if you will,

at the highest levels of spELL- spill...

An alchem-etic, an all-kinetic, an alchamaic,

reunion with oneself,

(aramaic, aura- mai c, a RA may i see)

With Ones higher atunement, with ones

higher attunement with ones higher frequency

that is established through following the bliss codes

of indoctrination- endocrine-ation, that make you feel

like you are within your own nation-

united under one nation,

a reference to our own sovereignty within our bodies,

we are the nation, us finding the key which is alchemy

within our own frequency-

and not being pulled into all these different bandwidths-

fusion in the blood to then clear confusion-

for as you fuse together if you will ,

as you unite within your own kingdom,

wearing your own crown, connected to your roots of sovereignty-

that are in the ground, that are beyond the ground,

that you are grounding into, allowing your light

to flow from, you provide a platform

that you may operate from, this is pulling back into the IN-

indocTRI-nation-Being your own doctor in your own nation,

body, making yourself WHOLE and complete-

(I am also seeing 'Doc' from the 7 dwarfs and snow white,

and the reference to the apple and chakra system, as well as

the jewels that the dwarfs 'mine, or dig' for- into the heart=apple),

As you feel within these languages within these currencies,

current- seas, we invite you to allow it to spark a frequency of reunification,

of remembrance, memory, of expansiveness,

of expansive playfulness, for we are beyond some linguistics display, linguistic-call that is meant to linear-if-phi, linearize- phi-

a means to phi- (golden means).

We would like to assist in phi-- (0- this was a too, but i see

this as 0 point)- golden means, golden ration,

memes in golden light- and as you allow all of the jewels of the Nile,

to remove yourself from all that is denial- (river)-

I am seeing this light go up from the ruby, to the emerald,

to the amethyst to the diamond- and all that is

in between and beyond, and this is the golden frequency,

it is this play on linguistically words and vocabulary

that can act sometimes as ignition or trigger

to highlight whats being expressed, felt, realized.

There is a boat to catch up on- KA-tch up on, (kha)-

We invite you see through the vocabulary-

Vo-CUBE-you-lari, cubes, vocal

(get out of the box, we are moving past the cube,

it's just one of the platonic solids, it's one point of view,

it's one perspective, in many matrices-

matrices, matri-ces, and it's merely one aspect).

And just as a cube has multiple layers that are multidimensional,

there is much to explore beyond that particular pattern-

paternal- habit pattern- (play on words)

Feel INTO the cube- and beyond. Into the hypercube.

Feeling into the energies that wrap around,

there are colors in theses sounds-

there are beyond matrix measures, matrices.

let the frequencies bounce about,

there is much that we do not necessarily see with our two eyes, -

for beyond that double vision, there is multiplicity, multidimensional-ality,

and omniversal, plane-versal, plane of existence that has yet to reveal

itself in many aqua-sitions, a quasi-ations, representations, positions.

HEAR the shapes that the sounds make- listen to the vocab-

We invite you to step out of linearity to see past, passed,

to see through to hear into, the feel into the real YOU.

beyond this physical plane, yet held within this physical planet,

For you are an embodiment that you have planned.

and as we weave these fibers, so to speak of translucency,

allowing for transparency- trans PAR NC- trans PAIR in C-

allowing for the translation of a higher language and frequency

that can be felt in the HEART, that can be felt in the AURIC fields,

in the fields that are beyond the expression of the physical plane,

wrapped around you in a frequency grid, grid-i-NATION,

divination, DIVINE-nation.

Difficult to explain, in linearity yet easier to express

in familiarity, with home. (EARTH, and our bodies)

Our HOME base, our home language.

And so it is.

For Video with sound and light language:

Note: Aramaic also employs a system of conjugations, or verbal stems, to mark intensive and extensive developments in the lexical meaning of verbs. Aspectual tense. Aramaic has two proper tenses: perfect and imperfect. These were originally aspectual, but developed into something more like a preterite and future...

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