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Updated: Dec 25, 2022

As we sit within/bathe, these frequencies

In these frequencies

we create an access point in time

In and within our attention

Our awareness

We create a space of frequency conduction

That creates a field

Within the field

It offers newfound connection points And

We light this up together

As we connect the dots

We share more ports to connect into

Wave generators frequency conductors

Mainframe access points

Like a highWAY of information

(Shared information)

This creates grooves and

Signals (in the brain aqueducts)

The pass through carrier waves,

Carrier signals zing ping

Our potential strength

Our POTENTial, potent in the all

To harness this energy

Is directly related to our

openness to receive

Our ability to release and realize

(Real eyes, see, make real, AB agility)

Our sensations that we FEEL

that we are open to feeling

In the field within the field

Opens the file

The storage system one might say

And allows mapping in a highly interactive way

This sends signals out through the dialectic

Dial electric and harnesses the

(apparat’s? A[[aras? Apparatus?)

Appere ?

We then signal to the mainframe

We are ready to receive more

It creates a sound and an influx

That meets POW us where we are (R)

R codes R codons

This creates a course of

alchemized creation bands

One might say, no two codes are alike

They bounce and beam off one another

And allow for a pattern formation

To be born again and again

This creates a constant flow

And stream of information

This information “swirls” through he Gates

Of conductivity creating

a quantifiable energy exchange

And cellular communication

This creates an information ‘screen’

a readable visual display

This pattern is an ergonomic reduction system

(Reduction-action) no two codes are alike

Yet they synchronize in an adjunctification

The docile components are compassionately

Viewed as radio bands,

radio band receives POW

Then line up to create

an efficient sound of conductivity

The regions of space that host this

source of sound Is (an ice box??)

(It’s holding zone is spelled out)

it need not be accessed directly

For it is constantly pulsing

(At the speed of sound)

Yet it holds within it ques cues

That are ‘spit’ out

once the sound is activated

So it may be completed

in a creationary ‘line’ a sharing if you will

(Lines of code, cones of connectivity)

We create these patterns whether we realize ((whether, we ether)) them or not

They are own own vibrational sounds

And code arrangements

The mother one might say

holding, supporting

Our lightbands are then interwoven and Supra seeded (superseded)

Into the deeper layers (of space)

Signals are then reverberated POW

And ‘hold’ which direction to go

Our waveforms are not isolated

To one region of space

They are actually (protons)

Protonic generators

That produce a signal that affects FX the whole of creation.

We align with certain ‘forces’

That fit our mold, our shape

Our trajectory (self worth- value, POW)

This changes who we are

Or better spoken,

How we create who we are

Who we believe we are as we listen

To the sound we see

This is difficult to explain as the codes that are spelling out offer

A different approach

To symbolism symbology

We create a ‘click’ one might say

As these words are applied

We create an axis point

In the language and in this we play

We splice together a framework a bandwidth

Component of sound that comprises of linguistics

But also holds together components of physics

In code array


It is a frequency conductor of sorts

So let us allow us to sort this out just a byt

Allow us toe comprise many different meanings

Ratios in this particular pattern

The creationary patterns offers a a consortium of light

Signals ‘clicks if you will that trigger an understanding

Inertia in the ‘quill’ (q0will)

Let us convey that patterns in a linear

A way as we CAN through the pen

The multidimensional friend

The tool that blends

The physical (physics) with the woo woo

With the wu wu

This the patchwork quilt with the sequencing

Our code map ability is based on our song

Our ability to sing our ability to ring

(You can ring my bell- Zip it’s do dah)

All is song

All is sound

Therefore all is music (sound of music)

We are not bound to this framework (Earth Plane)

Yet we are bound to create from this framework

As we co create co exist co operate

Meaning our frequency code is SET

(Ready set go)

To create within the code we were coded into so to speak

We harness and ride these waves

As long as we can

The longer the wave, the farther the view

Our spin our spindles emit a tone

A tonic a tonal a superimposed tribunal PW

Low and behold

Lo and B HO LD?

HOld onto this flow, this spin because

it is taking you somewhere

(Zing- I’ll take. You there, I know a place,

I’ll take you there, Don’t steal my sunshine)

This place plane of existence is a fusion

of many different soul trajectories

All sparked, (spit)into this plane of existence

Rolling waves, sand flows, supinations (POW)

Sail away sail away

Heightened sensitivity supports this sound

This particular, board, plane, wave

An interwoven sensory signal births bathes us in

continued resonance for we all share this space

This creationary merge with one another with more

access points that any other field that we may have played in before

This sounds incomplete as if we what we are saying

Requires more and that is the beauty of it, the simplicity

There is no more.

It IS that simple.

The reduction of noise is helpful in tuning into the space is the /mother/

Board-It is a triangulation

A coordination to assist in sending out the TONES to the appropriate coordinates junctions meeting points

Distribution centers

Case in point???

These bandwidths encourage us to ‘light up’

More often, sending out SOUND (OW) signatures that are easily accessed

(Clear less distorted)

This cleans out the pipes so to speak

And leads to faster acuity

Faster and less lag time

(Clear smoke signals)

Moving the speed through in a clean sweep

(Chim chim chimney chim chim charro)

Your talking points (talking stick)

Moves you in many different speeds and directions

Let us apply this before your direction turns

Spins your signal into another field

Move out of synchronicity

And move into synchronization synchronized adjustments in

This synchronous application

(Counter clockwise swirl)

You speed up time one might say

In this clear view Clare voyant way

A voyager on a mission

Your crew and staff await your departure

Your crew cru? Staff- they rod and thy staff


Bath etymology

Birth death

Frequency conduction

Vibration waves through a medium

Frequency- how often

Also a property of a wave

Carrier waves


docile components

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