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Blockade, the blocks that Aid

And we communicate

We communicate

In many different ways,

in many different verb ages, if you will

We use many different verbs and linguistal

(musical, linguistic)

Applications in which we apply

frequencies to tone,

Frequencies to sound

and we go into multiple

variations of light codes

that Stream through sound,

that stream through shape, to shape

That stream from Source,

as we are all resourcing

multidimensional Aspects and components

of deeper attributes of the Source

The Well Spring of information

that springs UP

from our very EXISTENCE, if you will

And this is part of our existence,

we are not limited

From ONE perspective

our resources are not limited,

they are merely limited by the thoughts that we perceive,

the perception we hold,

the beliefs that we believe

The values that we believe in

That which we value

is intrinsically connected and

interwoven into our spacial recognition

And fabrication that fabricates

our belief system

That then fabricates our very beliefs about our very existence

That changes the fabrication,

the onleys, the insets

in which we recognize

that which we have been laid upon

The foundation

We change different Quests, if you will

(Quest diagnostic runs,

and shamans quest)

we go on a quest to find

the SOURCE, our True Source,

that which is resourced IN us

For we are tapping into

many different resources,

and the limitless perspective, if you will,

is our advantage.

When we find ourselves moving

into disadvantage

It is usually because we

are limiting our perspective

We are limiting that

which we are, viewing

Our point of view and directional flow

We are limiting directions

that we are pointing to,

and we find ourselves pointing to

one limiting direction, if you will,

tunnel vision, Not being able

to see the whole landscape

That many of us have access to,

That many are trying to escape

For there is a sense of escapism

that many of us have fallen pray, prey to

Many of us have fallen into

a space of feeling

that we are victims of prey, if you will

That we have been preyed upon,

and many of us have

been praying for

Certain realities

to to come our way,

zippity do da Zippity A-

and escapes, if you will.

Yet we are here to remind,

each and every one of us,

from ONE perspective

(Tiny TIm- god bless us

each and every one)

That many of the directives

that we have been following

are paths, That no longer expanse,

expand the expanse

Move out into the expansibility

that we are all creating

In this new node capacity, if you will.


there is a wave, a long wave we create

through our heart trajectory and dots connect on this wave,

and each in fluctuation of the waveband, there is a dot,

it may look as if we are in a valley-

during the peaks and valleys,

we may see a hill in front of us, but on the other side

of that hill is another dot, in the trough, the truth,

in the valley to connect point A to point B, and

there are many who are unable to see past the hill, if you will

And feel as if they are in an uphill battle,

an uphill trajectory POW

They continually- continuously look up asking for, help,

something that is beyond ‘things’

We recognize now as we create together

that our trajectory Is NOW

Hidden valley ranch

We are not limited to one set of language, if you will,

(light language, sound, pictures, words feelings, word association, etc)

One set of linguistic ling-guositc- gnostic,

linguistic logical, Linguistical inferential

We are not limited to one set of vocabulary, for we are many

Different tones and different voclaities,

(vocals, localities, realities, places)

Vocalities in our vocal spectrum, if you will.

And while some of us are Off the spectrum, ON the spectrum

We are all part of the rainbow

light frequency of spectrum

And many of us are in a place to let go

of our expectrum-ations,

Expectations and spectrum spectral thought processes-

Processes- sees, C’s

For many of us are procesSING,

Manny of us are seeing beyond

the color codes that we have been given in the past

For many of us are tuning into a deeper set of nodes,

Many of us are tuning into a deeper set of knowingness if you will

Locking us into, looking into

Lochness monster, snake- many of us seeing

what is held within the water, Under the water, under the earth

Many of us have been locked into a particular structure,

belief system, vocabulary

Of what sounds should sound like,

what colors should look like.

Yet, We are in a hole new world a whole new landscape,

and we are ebbing, being invited to expand our view,

pan out, expand out, Peter Pan

That which we are trying escape,

that which it is we feel like we need to run from,

we have already moved out of it.

And this is a multidimensional multi layered, viewed message, if you will

For the messages that we are sharing through this verbiage,

Through these verbs and these words

Linguistic all play set if you will, locks into, looks into,

different codes and frequencies Combinations

that unlock different codes and frequency geometries

Difference frequency set geometric code advantages, if you will.

Giving us an advantageous perspective

of the ability to advance

Beyond one logistic linguist logical access point

(where, how we access, what it points to and

where it points from- laser beam)

Reference to the wave and the nodes on a Wave

One dot may not realize they are able to connect

to the other dot On the same wave, But they are able to.

We have expanded how far in advance

we are able to project and preview Our energies,

project and product ability

We have increased our productivity,

how much energy we are producing

We have increased our ability to produce activity,

To actively produce and participate in that which is being provided.

That which we are providing for what is being provided

This interconnected infinite energy source and

band of energies all connected to Source

We are connecting to Source and Source is infinite,

infinitely intimately, ultimately, connecting with us.

And we are resourcing this source

We are the streams, we are the batteries,

we are the conductors and the connectors,

connecting the dots, the maestros, the creators, if you will

of this complex set of reality configurations.

For we are reconfiguring in the WAY in the waveforms,

in which the waves interact with one another, wave FRONTS

We are seeing past the front, we are confronting,

we are not conforming, We are the front-

we are the front runners- running font, not running from.

We are seeing, it we are moving past it and through it

We are IN a different STATE of BEING

We are moving through the boarders, we are moving

A CROSS the state, from one state into another, Cross the T

We are moving into that CRYST frequency,

we are coming to a crossroads,

We are passing through it

We are then crossing our roads together

(I am seeing hash marks).

Our abilities have increased, the frequencies have increased,

The ability we have to work with the frequencies have increased,

How frequently we interact with the frequencies- has increased

The range has increased.

We are getting in fluctuations and upgrades from the Earth

Downloads fro the Sun, and all planetary alignments

Everything is working together to harmonize,

So we can harmonize,

So we can harmonize and work together

So we can move out of the box-

the box of complacency

Many have become complacent

looking to escape, heir reality

Yet in this now moment we invite you to see

That you ARE creating your reality, hour reality,, Our reality

With a higher rate range, of conductivity and lucidity

A higher ability to conduct and see,

To recognize the activity

that has been birthed all around us.

For we have moved out of this conformity

and moved into a higher sea of Divinity

A higher C- SEE of Divinity, a high see note,

See the nodes, C curve,

weaving around and moving through

certain blockades that were put up to distract us, or fronts-

these weather fronts, these fronts

that were perhaps placed in front of our path,

to create a blockade.

These blocks have actually aided us

Unknowingly to those that would seek to black,

our ability to SEE.

For we are moving THROUGH this front,

AS a front, together.

And we are confronting the conformity,

we are decreasing that which was,


We have increased the expectancy rate

We were put into a category

and we were given an expectancy rate

These Beings are only going to make it this far

This group is only going to live so long

They are only going to be able to create this much

But we have BURST through that

Quasar star, gamma burst

We have outplayed the play

There was a play involved that was never expected, before

We are playing a game that we are creating now

Beyond the rules that were once created, that we once played within

That we were once bound to and by

Bye bye to the old game and the old rules,

for we are now in the way

On the way- we are the way,

we are the WAVE.

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