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Building Truss

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

there is an opening, a trust, a TRUSS* has been built,

seek to establish the linear way, wave of projection,

long wave, BEAM it out into your environment-

(I see beams of a truss)The wheel has SPOKEn

the "glass cage" has been lifted.

There are many words that we use

That have been used for other purposes, we seek to bend the rules,

of word usage to establish a new connection

WITH the seemingly linear,NOW beyond the ordinary,

linearity. (lights are low, moving in stereo)-

Let us expand perception for a moment.

There is a quasi calculation that is being rebirthed remembered,

remembered activation, (antificated* Opposites attract*, song)

the LINES have been CROSSED and HERE, hear we ARE (R),

Separate the tie, (Bow?) the NOTES have been buried,

the eclipse has left the building Bill ding Bill di ng

and is on Its way, (total eclipse of the heart, bonnie tyler).

We understand the mathematical concepts and keys you tap into

seem out of your understanding, your 'think tank', but we assure you ,

they are most conducive to your skillset-

For you never SAW, realized the numbers quite in the same way before-

filled, filed, quilled with quite the same fortitude.

For within your glossary, your equations, equate, quasi quantifications,

Hammer out certain diagrams, diaphragmatic presentations.

(risk taking statistics WORTH the risk)- Value nets, if you will

dot the i's and CROSS the t's- i's and t's, (ice tea)

Just one symbol can change the entire value system,

A whale of a a find, (sonar)Leave the concepts of the mind

at bay, for we are inlay- underscore interweave

a nubian (nu nu) based landscape, if you will, to intersect

to be extablished, to establish a wave potential of beingness

(I asked why me?)

Your scoreboard is free of the judgement game,

so this allows the freedom for you

to work out these rhythmic game sequences

with open ended fortitude, balanced, right on time.

Open the space that says we have arrived,

for in this you pick up on the charm,

a whole roll of information (film)- is at your fingertips-

Trip the wire, trip the switch, inner alchemy has spoken.

Let us change the line for a moment,

ring into another bandwidth, a whole new letter charge,

you in charge of the signature, the key is in the heart,

codes ignite the resource of inner alchemy,

you balance on a thin line if you will, (I am seeing a tightrope walker),

your chord streams, music streams, music caroling is allowing

you to chime in. Past the point of no return.

works like a charm, pendant, (pen dent)- dip in, pendulum,

(like music pendulum)- for this wave font, wave front

that you create spills through, courses, coerses through lays out

the course, sheet of musical chords, Chorus, core us, cones,

(I am hearing we all fall down, ring around the rose)-

Try, (tri) to pontificate a little deeper,

allow the pen to fall where it (may)-

allow the bright light to fill your busum, bust, writing or bust-

allow the dust to fall off the chalk- allow the game pieces

to settle the score , the scoreboard-for the finale (finial, pinecone finial)-

sweeps across the board, wipes the slate clean.

There is a mathematical composition, a balanced (sing song)

underscore, pattern that is being established beneath the tunes,

tone- loc, (the rapper?)

Establish the bullet points, (chop chop)- Establish the weigh lines,

the reference points, the inner dynamic word exchange flow.

Morph in to the (k)now, morpheology, open the can of worms,

roll the dice, (risk? game?)Your punctuality your spelling points,

point to many directions into deeper layers,

a layering of potentiality, increases the interactome

between brain and brawn- (Bringers of the dawn)-

the vocabulary you seek to convey is (hanging in the sky, the big apple,

the pi in the sky)- It seeks to link in, spelling secrets,

spilling secrets, long buried, (treasured long ago).

you access a sublingual subliminal

sublime view, requiasation*, (solar panel) window into the layer of vocab-ulik exhange , Harmony waves of elegance, danced in the linguistical display

of self realization of inner action wordplay. (chess, knight?)

Know the notes are not of confusion, they hold within them the keys,

(the kindness factor)- an equation that lies dormant in the hearts of many.

With this SURGEance surge of equation, a backdoor is accessed, opened

(a breath of fresh air, ahhhh)-

Hold on to this opening for it offers YOU a visual delight to the senses,

a sensory overload, that allows you to break through our walls.

Barriers, confines of the mind.

This is not just a tool to the secrets, (secretes, secretion, pineal)

that you keep- it is a DEVICE, scheme, schematic, allowing you to devise

the way of the future- Employ a new higher schematic

FOr this is NOT automatic writing, this is a different higher skillset

that requires and advanced cognition, ( Interaction, if you will)- charge a-head,

if you will. It Requires YOU to play with your own vocabulary, rubix cube-

use your own calculations and rules of deduction, (problem solving skillset- )

You laugh because you do not THINK this is your strength,

but we advise you to QUELL all doubt, for you are bound to arrive at this point,

the conjecture at sum time, sometime.For your counterparts move THROUGH you, (moving pictures), a quasi schematic that moves you across the board, (bored)-

Regroup and understand that you are interfacing phase locking,

phase conjugation, if you will at a higher plane of existence,

(looney tunes, woodpecker, knocking, )- woodpecker knocks and you listen,

do you knot? Crow caws and you HEAR- We ARE the energy BEHIND the guides,

and guideposts, advancing you to your next move, asking you TO move-

with GRACE, gracioUS advantage, for we are part of you.

TIME to step up, step up to the plate, the serpents mound- so tp speak.

They time is now. DIal in your calculations, play with the spin. The freedom you seek

is within, at your fingertips- click clicking, clicking into place Dorothy.

We wish to dispell the confusion, step back for a moment

and blend in, blend, meld mesh. There is an aquaistion, unfolding.

A time soup- a whole new ancarchy.

Remember your TRUE nature,

it calls to you sings in your blood.

A holding pattern has been let Loose, let loose of the binds

that keep you in time. For this is NOT your partner-

For you partner, dance with a higher spectacle, spectacular dance mate,

checkmate, a whole new equation (a real hummer, hum dinger)-

for as we roll back the tape, the sounds are omitted-

sequenced into split patterns that sift through the lower echelons,

these octaves sing a signature pattern

that counteracts the CURVE ball, curve bell (saved by the bell)-

that has been attempted (attempted, tempest, hostile takeover)

This cata strophic, at a tropic event cannot hold, sustain,

(at the price it will cost, across the board)

for too many checks and balances are at stake, (shake rattle roll)-

This alchemy quake is merely a last tactic that will follow suit,

(humpty dumpty, all the king's horses and...)and will not win.

We convey this to you, for it will set the scene of a much....(hoopla)-

it creates a frequency barrier that harmonizes and holds

an accessible field of consciousness that bends the rules, (of time)-

(I am hearing time after time, cindy lauper and interloper)-

We elude to the illusion of time, (I am hearing how about them pancakes)-

A depression may setee, set tee, settle into some, however

this is merely a trap- to keep those under clock, (clock and dagger)- hidden.

These mechanics will not work, as the shield, (technology)-

has been lifted and cannot be accessed to the same level, or

with as much ease as it once was. And so, they too will fall, fail,

be trapped by their own game. They cannot withstand the CHARGE,

that is building IN the LIGHT structure of the Earth,

For the Earthlings are LIFTING the GATES.

The tools and devices that were once used as directional points,

viewing centers and resources will be inaccessible to those wit-

in exhaustible resources, for those are merely infinite in a finite establishment, SEEMINGLY infinite, therefore they will find a leek in their funds

that cannot be regrown in a stable environment.

For in this seeming time of instability,

the tables have turned and the hostile takeover has spurned, been spurned,

and a grand reunion is in the cards. The master deck.

Vocabulary is merely one tool we use here that which has been bound

by time, to shake loose from it's structure of miscreation.

For those that in miscreation, in Mind have outplayed their shuffle,

their scoreboards are up- they have no more room within their deck,

the band has been lifted They are held within a time capsule of their own making.

Let us look further, allow us to look ahead.

Stabilize the field so to speak, for that has been what is accomplished,

checks and balances, correction score so to speak,

(score is also related to music)-

This may seemingly apply to social order, or the organization of disorder,

anarchy, yet their word too has been played out.

This is beyond a 'food' chain, so to speak, t

his moves beyond a physical (apprehension), hierarchy,

for this ripples through in a an energetic sound, song wave

that IS the KEY and a whole new world has come online,

in line, in the line up, as we light up.

Step out of the way, (of ourselves),

get lost in your higher senses, get out of the senseless

way of the old, lost way. For we are only lost

when we CHOOSE to be.

Our CHOICE IS the very nature of gravity, of our existence.

Step back into the freedom of CREATION, from our own choices,

points of view, higher perspectives that bring INTO

view, new points, arrows of truth,

laser accuracy, Beyond the shadow, the shadow of doubt,

step up INTO truth and out of fear, and anger.

For the time of retribution, is not, no longer,

retribution is at hand, redistribution

Center in on what MAKES sense, the extra sensory being

that you ARE, that YOU are capable of.

Step out of the pocketbook prison,

that many are swimming in,

the prism of manifestation.

For YOU ARE THE KEYS, you ARE the wealth,

the abundance, YOU are the VALUE system,

the human technology of manifestation.

The secret is out. The game has been outplayed,

step up as kings and queens of sovereignty

and RETRIBUTION for your tribe IS one nation,

one nation ON ENate ION

Let us hone in on more alchemical equations,

let the dust bunnies sort themselves,

for you are a key player in this expression- PORT in.

There are two waves of equal pressure harmonizing

within a phantom glitch system, created to create glitches.

This old system has worked for years

because of the low HUM humanity was held within,

Been held, (captive) within, not withstanding,

This is now creating it OWN glitch

so to speak, (it cannot keep the winds at bay),

This is a beautiful cause and effect,

for this creates a wind up effect,

that which has been tightly bound, wound coiled, curled up,

is now able to breath, creating space,

breathing, expanding into space, creating a dichotomy, if you will

that breaks free of taxation.

This was a lawless effect, The codes that were keyed in

were based on an algorithm, an allegory, a plain site (text)

that could not withstand the long wave alchemy

that has usurped, the usurped bandwidth,

wrapped into this stream of intelligence,

counter intelligence, (I'm out of touch, your out of time),

and within this scaler technology,

sine wave was released that counteracted its own rotational spin axis,

accessing a new spell, that uncreated the miscreation,

(it has cancelled itself out).


(antificated*) anticipated, pontificated, ?

Histone hyperacetylation disrupts core gene regulatory architecture in rhabdomyosarcoma.


Antifa, pontificate, anticipate, also used in computer science:

antification over compact-overt spaces.

(Paula Abdul opposites attract that video was done in reality and cartoon, feline and human)-

Building, Bill do ng

Angular module:

In Angular, a module is a mechanism to group components, directives, pipes and services that are related, in such a way that can be combined with other modules to create an application. An Angular application can be thought of as a puzzle where each piece (or each module) is needed to be able to see the full picture.

NgModules. NgModules are containers for a cohesive block of code dedicated to an application domain, a workflow, or a closely related set of capabilities. They can contain components, service providers, and other code files whose scope is defined by the containing NgModule. They can import functionality that is exported from other NgModules, and export selected functionality for use by other NgModules.

Equate - Wikipedia

Equate or equating may refer to: Equate, a brand name of Wal-Mart. ... Equating, statistical process of determining comparable scores (on different forms of an exam.)

equate (plural equates)

(programming) A statement in assembly language that defines a symbol having a particular value. quotations ▼

It is also a chemical company that does hydrocarbon exploration


See reference to drum also

A measure of constringence in lenses or prisms.

constringence (countable and uncountable, plural constringences)

(physics, optics) A measure of a material's dispersion (variation of refractive index with wavelength) in relation to the refractive index.

Thinking wind references are solar wind

requisition (n.)

the act of requiring; an authoritative request or demand, especially by a military or public authority that takes something over (usually temporarily) for military or public use;

requisition (n.)

an official form on which a request in made;

requisitionem (nominative requisitio) "a searching," from past participle stem of requirere (see require).

require (v.)

late 14c., "to ask a question, inquire," from Old French requerre "seek, procure; beg, ask, petition; demand," from Vulgar Latin *requaerere, from Latin requirere "seek to know, ask," from re-, here perhaps meaning "repeatedly" (see re-), + quaerere "ask, seek" (see query (v.)).

Nu Nu

The letter of the Greek alphabet Ν (N) and ν (n).· A measure of constringence in lenses or prisms.··(Jewish) An exclamation of surprise, emphasis, doubt, etc.

lawless- lucy lawless, lucy in the sky with diamonds, hustle.

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