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Changing Roles

Let us write, I spy, I see through the looking glass,

The main frame, many components coming together,

Harnessing angles, LIFTING

The FIELD of vision,

For we are seekers and we seek to know

Yet we invite you to bask in the glow

That all is one

All is won

Times they are a changeling,

(challenging, changing, we are changelings)

The tides have shifted

Peace is upon us,

Laid over, immersed, enmeshed through,

deeper, depending on our view

the pieces are coming together

Cyclical reunions are casting away all doubt, reroute

shadows of the pastMelting away merging with day

Out of the shadow in broad day-light

Bright brush strokes, stroke of magic

to stoke the fires of renewal

Rebirth the imagination, rebirth

and stroke your own fire so that YOU may create more

Step out of the role of follow and INTO the role of creator.

That which WAS followed, now hollowed out

A mere shell of an icon that was a label

A badge, misappropriated

Identify with MORE than some stick figure

meant to lead, led, heavy in the head

Not realizing that those who have led

were being led, Simon says

Do not repeat the sin(e) of the past, the signs of the past,

the SIMs of the past,

For their time has passed.

Just as gas-eons substances linger, this too is lingering

Smoke floating, SLOWLY disappearing at LONG last

Signals are many and who should we turn to?

Turn your own wheels,

Open the dial, dial UP, within

The numbers are yours

Take the number no more,

Standing in line, KNOW more

We have chosen, choosing and you have chosen

to create IN THIS new space, New age,

Space age love song

Erasing the hate, clearing and cleansing out, judgement,

recognizing old patterns and melting them away

So that you may stay in alignment

In the TRUE LINE, line UP

So that you were meant to STAND IN, stand for, stand true

Stand fast, steadfast, new you, new view

For our value system is in flux

and we are shaping through our own decisions

Definitive structures in infinite process,

Processing, remembering and becoming

who we always WERE before the fall,

Now the spring, spring forward to the reward,

Re-word, And the word was one.


I wrote this in the fall, but I am seeing many things in the works right now heading into the spring of next year that are going to shift what and how we perceive our reality, value systems, etc. This really refers to us remembering who we are at the CORE not all of the stories about who we were- ancestors, doom and gloom, etc.

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