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crow magic

Crows represent shape-shifting, magic, Message Bringers and many more gifts. I have always had a strong connection with crows and ravens. I began using medicine cards and animal totem cards when I was young, and found that they reflected outwardly what I was experiencing inwardly, and brought me into a deeper awareness of synchroncity and magic all around me.

Today, crows onThe Wire by my home were trying to communicate something with me. (Symbolic in itself). Yet, I found myself in momentary resistence and doubt about this, asking are they really? I found myself downplaying, the magic that is all around and overriding it, as if my future chores and projections needed more of my attention. I found myself, sweeping the 'deeper me', and the magic all around me under the rug, so to speak, so I could get back to my 'tasks', forgetting in that un-moment that I can of course combine both the magic and the seemingly mundane, as they are never REALLY disconnected. I was creating the disconnect in my ability to SEE and consciously make the connection. So, as I allowed myself to be swept up in chores, In the back of my mind I found myself asking, was the crow my totem of the day? LOw and behold, I opened up my phone, and here was crow, staring back at me, as a pop up on my 'home screen' showing up as my synchronicity, as my medicine card, as the universe speaking to me through all material forms, and Beyond. Ask and you shall receive.

I share this because the universe is always sharing with us through us and all things, so perhaps this blurp will be synchronistic for someone else, or be offered as a gentle reminder for someone else too. Are we in resiatance today to the universe comunicating with us, sharing the magic, creating together, with all things, animals, nature, one another?

I see, I feel, I remember, I shapeshift in the moment of my reality now in full consciousness in the full magical alchemy of creation. I create my day in an unfoldment of movement and FLOW in my highest capacity. Thank you crow, AHO

Artist, Frederic Calendini from Spirit Animal cards app

#carrieyvonne #keepitsimplestarseeds #animaltotem#crow#shaman#medicinecards#poweranimal#rainbowtribe#aho

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