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Crystal Carriers

There is an impromptu, impromtrue wave of kindness being acted out and initiated, through the throngs of people. Initiated by the prompting of the supply of disassociation from human compassion. For humans are BEYOND the desensitizing, tying, binding tactics that have been initiated through the masses. They, WE as human kind are tired of the LACK, of kind, tired of SICK, tired, old Vines, bindings, blind leading the blind tactics. Humanity is a special kind whether they, WE realize it or not. Our specialty, spacial reality, reality is played out withIN a higher scope and specialization, speQulation of condensation, codon senses, CODES ON in the senses, condensed, SENSED reality structure. Cons, sensible census censoring, Coined sensationalization has WARPED realization in the past. This caste system is called out, out to be heard, we call it out. For we are no longer reacting in a HERD mentality, cattle eyes d- catalyzed, catalyzed into CONflict. We are catalyzed to remove the confliction, conned affliction, flickering reality, WE CALL for NEUTRALITY. A new true reality. Conflicted stories raise our brows and we see through this Consortium of Mis-alignments. We DO NOT allow, ALLY with with those that choose LIES as their Consultants, consortments, as their way of leading those that follow, falling away from the TRUTH of the heart.

And where shall we start? When did this start? NOW. For all else is passed. PAST present and future bundled under ONE SUN, Sum, surmisable in circumventrucular, circumstance.

We take a stance in kindness and pay it forward in KIND. In new weights and measures, new measures of worth, self-worth, worthiness in value. Our capacity for kindness IS the invaluable mONEtary system, moment-to-moment NOW.

For WE are an INVALUABLE RESOURCE, compassion LIT in an upwelling, uprising of Consciousness, not to be swayed to forget, lest We All Fall Down, asleep at the wheel.

For we have stepped off, outside of the bus, the wheels, no one at the wheel but US, should we choose in freedom, choice of heart expression in tune, changing times into... love, kindness do unto others.

Do we CALL BACK to us what we have given away? Our gifts, power, inner power of GRACE. We Grace each other with our presents, our presence, our ability and Agility Accessibility to be present.

Presenting, Offering our state, statements of sovereignty, our state of Heart Centered awareness, at war with no one, no HUMAN. Presence in no time now.

For there is no time to play an old game of DECEPT, the deception and lies any longer. For we wash our hands of it, we wash our feet, for one another AS one in each other.

Our light will not be dimmed as our cup runneth over, for we KNOW. We are no longer running over and over in the same Perpetual time loop again and again.

Again WE say to YOU, We are you, your higher aspects, we are the youth arisen as our, azure, inner child breaks free from the prison of the golden cage, Society standards hold no space, for we have expanded our wings INTO the golden age.

THINGS do not hold the same glamour, value, NET worth any longer. They, we have been stretched PAST the MAXimum capacity. We are no longer interested. We HOLD NO interest in OLD stocks and bonds based in bondage, Sticks and Stones, bones, MIA. For those have bottomed out, hit rock bottom, cast their last Stone. ❤

We are the crystal carriers of Truth and Harmony and hold out our Golden Compass, Sound out our golden trumpets of sound outplaying the tunes of the dying Orchestra, orchestrated distraction played out.

Fold in the new bell, find your curves, ring your own bell. School is out and the students are now the teachers, Masters within, Expressing a new field, feel T of awareness. Feel into this new rythmn of percussion, PROCESSION, compression, expanding out.

We are the children, the wave of the future, ignited in compassion. We uproot the Fallen system, for it holds no roots, only Shoots and Ladders in a fallen Gameworks, the trilogy of the suppression. The glass has been cleaned, smudge-free we see and Seize the Day, sizing UP, upsizing, up psi sing, our SUN is ringing out, cleaning out those who cannot stand the heat, Spiraling up, sphiring up, the Golden Bears, golden birds, golden spheres, golden ones are returning, turn turn turn to every season, C's ohm, see SUN. All of the children return home now, for we are here IN the home, the one hOme to rule them all, the Ring Of Truth harmonizes in our blood, For we are the one with HER, earth, hearth and she with us, whom in the heart, in our heart and the Heart of the universe, Multiverse, Omniverse, cosmic body, cosmonauts in earthly suits, suit up for we have arrived, an orchestra, orcheSTRATA overture in divine Symphonic resonance.


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