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Demo the crazy

Our view, our world view is changing, swirling, revealing, peel off the stickers, the band-aids covering up old wounds, unknown layers, hidden projects, projections, themes theme parks- parked in our mist, midst, shrouded by mist, missed- seen in plain site, sight, yet hidden from view.

Those that view, take into view, from ALL angles SEA and those that do not, lost at sea, searching for land right beneath their feet. Landing in the HEART is the only option, take stock, the only way out is in- go within, Listen to the displays being projected, stories protected, lines being exposed, elected and unelected representatives of life who seem to usually know, noun, now in, Know not, as more than meets our eye- ruled by the eye in sea, INC Democracy, demo the crazy and open the stage. Let all that has been acted out, played its part, played out be displayed in plain sight, displayed in the light so that all may SEE the grand illusion.

We are seeking those that hide to come out and END that which can no longer exist in the playing field of truth and UNION, union-SHIP, a light ship focused on less density.

Those that know not slip into the knot, tangled web- yet we ARE the kNOW- slipknot, slipping knot, shapeshifters, shaping our new reality foundation.

We are those that balance the framework, untangling the web of confusion, hearing CONFESSION, seeing PAST the delusion, IMPLOSION is the KEY. Heart guided consistency of currency. Seeing through the current state of affairs, a crowded house, of dreams, tipping back the scales. Let the voices be heard- the sounds that have been muffled- let the cries be heard.

We Hear the false words, the false flags, the false wards and wardens- step out revealed, in their missed steps, missed and taken in double meaning.

We only support THAT which is GRACE, offering compassionate embrace of those that are in need.

For we are a network of interconnected fibers, lightworkers, and uniters of the CODE, the code of RESPECT, honor our sisters and brothers, freedom and unity, for WITHOUT the code, coat of many colors There is only 'fight'.

Our coats are shining bright, more than enough light, for those to SEE, dive deep within deep INTO the sea of love, fishing out that which pollutes and poll loots, pulls loosh, clear the air, the waters the bodies, the earth, and realign- re-alight, read the light, realized that is shining from WITHIN.

Do not allow that light to dim. For the forecasting of shadows is moot, mute, transmute. The truth no longer lies mute.

Let us flip and reverse these inversions, these tables on which the games are played.

Shake loose the soil, the rocks, the foundation, the GERM in NATION in which this false display has been built upon, for that which is false idolizes itself.

Humanity is not at a crux, no longer feeds the upper crust, incrustation, germination, Xgerm in nations- For the tables have turned, the Earth has spoken, chosen. Her children have risen, and so it is written.

Reference to slipknot is NOT the band-

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