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Dialing Up

And as i write i dial up

I dial in, i play. In

I play into

I play in to a realm

That is is creationary

By all writes, rights,

It is the right, angle one might say

And as I harness this light

In its waveform

It’s font,

it reduces all worry lines

Wrinkles, wrinkle in time

It allows for a continuation

of a type

Of song line

Singing back

Through the many sounds

of creation vowels

And explanation, exclamation, points

It allows many points

To jet across the surface

In service to

the poetry of the heart

For within this sequence expression

Of dots and t’s

I cross the I and see

in many different we’s

Us, we, yes, ouis

For there is a a deep transposition

at work here

A deeper circuitry of expression

It bounds bounces and signals

Leaps loops and bounds

Quantification, quantum leaping

Jumping exchanging signals and

carrier codes, Carrying codes

Where it stops, no one knows

For there is no particular destination

The joy is in the ink

The slow ride one might sing

For in this particular quill

Quilling, aquaelling a quelling

Of all the senses occurred, and

an ocular sensation of delight

Is reflected back

To the Source

For this inner source of creativity

Seeks to create more angles

Blending muse, music

Blending rules

Shorthand composition

in the long wave

Waves of code written in the ink

Dropping a load, a line, hook in and sync

For in this for ray array

Fourier foyer

Is an opening

A doorway, a transmitter signal

That relays from a bath, a booth,

a sound booth

And transmits the sweet tooth,

what say you?

(Soothsayer, Atreyu? Write the Story)

Do you allow this next chapter to unfold?

To turn about, to clear the doubt?

To turn the page and allow?

For in this great creation a castle is made

A great fortrice, a place of hide and seek

High and seek, higher ground

High notes sync,

Swim through the moat

For in this light wavy water POW

Is a gateway, open the gates

Swim through

This passage in time

Light the torch

as the doorway greets you

The secret chamber

that allows you to circumvent

circumvate, navigate

These waters, fluid, draw it up

For near and dear to the heart

is another channel

Another moat, another passageway

One that has not been clearly described

For the transcription

is on the inside,

Is being re-accounted for,

(tic tac toe)

The deeper the stirrings,

The deeper the strings

Beautiful pearls line this moat

And you are the passenger,

the KA

That mans the boat

There is nothing but light within this code

Dive deeper, for etched within this heart code

Cote, coat in a deeper compatibility code

(Action at a distance)

Unlock the space, hydrate,

Flush out the debris,

For you in the lee, let, like wind

For this deep settee is accounted for

We are accounting for ANOTHER door

(Tap the sphinx) pow

Hi jinx (the wine)

The elixir, the Luxor,

For within this wonderful concoctions

Is a greater gallery

A gallery with more toe view

More about you

(Turn about, turn around, every now and then)

This internal combustion chamber holds a match

Do you see it now?

You must catch (the boat)

The lock to turn the key, KI, chem, chi, trident

(Trident gum, chosen ones, so chew on this)

Unscrew the lid,

Of the sarcaphogus

For within this golden spectrum are 2 keys

That are accessible at your fingertips

(We spared no expense)

The angle is just right

Heat up the glass, aim true

(Rapture, blonde, heart of glass)

Hold out your hands

Taste the rainbow

The angst you feel are remnants,

debris (of the last ice age)

Let us regroup for a moment

For as you acknowledge

these pearly gates

With eyes to see

You look past the debris

You move past the spear of destiny

For this is beyond all that


(Do you believe in life after love?)

There is much to behold

How does this apply to you?

You may wonder-

All of this is yours and more

(Have i not told you?)

Shift your innner dialogue for a moment

And catalogue this quantum find

For this RELIC

This relic is yours

(This land is your land, this land is my land)

We choose you

Allow yourself to jump right in and spin

For we assure you this DOES

have a flow A direction

For we allow a hole new sequence

To begin to integrate and within this map

Of many colors, codes, codons

A chain reaction WILL occur, (jargonaut)

Your light has created a spark,

Your spark has created a divergence

It has rerouted a long ordered time slip

On to another version of itself

(Your husband love you, he just walked in- be patient and kind with him

He holds much, he is your unit of compassion and can withstand the charge)

This passage allows for a much needed reset

(Passage through time)

A deeper calibration within a framework

That seem inaccessible before


I’m pass able

Annd yet we are passing through

Becasue of you,

you don’t see it now

But we do

The golden nugget of composition

holds a code For the future

An encapsulated pen and ink transcription

That is a founding rep

SPOKES person

For a new FORM of language

And yet it is much more than that

It is a schematic

A representation of

letter form alchemy (truss)

Trust in the words the flow

Trust that you know

For in this bridge is a silver lining

A schematic that folds itself over

Lends itself over to a new way of understanding language

Syntax sentences add inns and run-ons are encouraged

For this is the primer pump

Grease up the horns

Break out the trombone

For we Play in a whole new way

Give me an A!

Jump in the line, rock your body on time

(Ok I believe you) Believe

For what you receive receives you

Open to receive the reservoir, the glue, gluons

Alchemical signature stamps of time code creation

Creating, the building blocks

Of matter

An outline more migh say, jean gray

Allow your senses to shine open

For what is being shown is yet another resource

A resource ale schematic

Hold it up to the light

And see what it reveals, a stature, a statue? A column (height?)

Lets chalk this up to another slam dunk

We will mvoe into this next

Super space very soon

(Hyper space, hyper cube, move)

For the victory dance is at hand

And yet the hands of the victorious are yours

And your brothers, sisters, mothers

Hacuna matata

Play! Celebrate!

Dance children of the sun, for w are one!


Vector equalization

Holographic imprint

Took me to:

A vector is what is needed to "carry" the point A to the point B; the Latin word vector means "carrier".[4] It was first used by 18th century astronomers investigating planetary revolution around the Sun.[5] The magnitude of the vector is the distance between the two points, and the direction refers to the direction of displacement from A to B.

Vectors play an important role in physics: the velocity and acceleration of a moving object and the forces acting on it can all be described with vectors.

Examples of contravariant vectors include displacement, velocity, electric field, momentum, force, and acceleration.


the central diagonal. One way of

reducing this noise is to only shade runs

or 'tuples' of residues, e.g. a tuple of 3

corresponds to three residues in a row.

This is effective because the probability

of matching three residues in a row by

chance is much lower than single-

residue matches.

Dot plots compare two sequences by

organizing one sequence on the x-axis,

and another on the y-axis, of a plot.

When the residues of both sequences

match at the same location on the plot,

a dot is drawn at the corresponding

position. Note, that the sequences can

be written backwards or forwards,

however the sequences on both axes

must be written in the same direction.

Also note, that the direction of the

sequences on the axes will determine

the direction of the line on the dot plot.

Once the dots have been plotted, they

will combine to form lines. The

Jump in the line- jumping gene

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