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Updated: May 28, 2022

Let us emBOLDen our arc, ark, R-Key ology Our Key Orders of light Let us conduct from a higher codex A Higher CaDuceus, KA- Duceus Deuces, double the spin A higher grid of light For WE ARE emboldened Embedded within a golden spun, spin Now movement, now moment Now moving Movement to moment, now Yet be still and now And KNOW is the key The squeeze, Of heart combustion Implosion The combination The clarity The resonance of sound Sound resonance Sound advice Advice sought after For seen, eye SEE

for goodness sake Lets us elevate Our presence, presents Our table turns disc jockey, horse power Disc Joy Key to HIGHER sound 🌟 Let our frequency regenerate Generations Our generation, our genealogy We are the gene key holders The keys are ours, The keys are ours, The the kingDOM in our genes, Genie in a body Forever, in blue, green And all the color genes, The diamond within Diamond in the rough For you are enough We are MORE than, enough There is know more Than the now moment So let us take a breath Expand our breadth Take a bow, arc And blow out the smoke That gets in our eyes The lies and lower beliefs That give no relief That only create more grief For we have BEEN All things, so what? So what do we do? Now? What do we choose? What do we choose to create now? Now? Now?

Breath in breath out we are the cascade And the air, We are the heirs Heir to the kingdom, Hear the kingdom Within, Listen The hair is our crown is our own WE supply the light on, IN our throne To each their own 🌟 The space in which we sit Breathe and share Shareholders We hold our own world within Our hands inside, beneath, Deeper than skin Hand in hand, or not Yet beyond, the not In the knot, Is only ONE LEFT to our own devices, We have divided RIGHT or wrong, turn, PHInd our center And yet we come back, Go back, spin Again and again

Sharing the same stories Looped records, replayed Old sound schemes and schematics Scheme-antics

And so we move ON, UP and out Of the outplayed, outweighed, heavy Overlaid, over laced, dismay We tie our own shoes, laces Filling our own shoes Cups that run the over, No longer running old programs Old cheers, c-heirs, old bars That repeat the same game Fried day, and night lies Grasping, gasping for our ATtention.

The arena is bigger Look beyond that which fights For our attention For we are atTENtively holding on to the reigns The rights to BE, free Steering the ship, No more battle scores and players We play UP the score And those that have OUTplayed their hand Cannot keep up Cannot keep sCORE Hungry for more Hunger games, repEAT patterns RePETitive nature, we no longer nurture.

For the heart IS true nature, Nurturing THAT which feeds our soul Our joy, our expansION And we move into our kingDOm, DOmain, space within, Let us begin now.

I took this picture of the outer container of a beautiful trash can Notice, 8 petals in the wheel around the center😂


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