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Divine Aspects Of ourSELVES

Light languages, a little about the languages, .... I speak the languages, and So do Many, So too may we, speak the language, and dialects of lost languages, civilzations that WERE once part of this EARTH that ARE still part of this Earth within each of us.

For within each of our BODIES, within each of our chemistry SETS, if you will, holds the alCHEMy- ALL chem ME-, all key me, holds the key to you and me- we can call this the GENE keys the generation keys, filling the GAPS, of information that WAS lost in the CRACKS so to speak. Cracking the codes, For WITHIN the Earth HOLDS many different memory BANKS we ALL have access to these different keys if we have an INclination to twist open, TURNING the key, a strange Loop, a slipknot in the DNA...

finding the combINation to UNLOCK those codes. Civilization such as Lumeria, Atlantis and others that we THINK were LOST, they are not lost to us they are PART of our chemIStry they are part of our DNA sets. our story, our history, and HERS, Earth. As we allow ourselves and SET Our intention to CONNECT Sit, Go within in WITH these Divine aspects of ourselves, our CELLS, we recognize that these are STILL, history running parALLel or simultaneously, yet as ONE, yet at the same time As our current Dow trajectory, So to speak.🌈

Contiinued.. For Time does not exist, truly in the way that we suppose, supposedly, Supposed said-lei, and in the lei, lei winds Lei words, and ley lines all converage, A crisscraft of crosswords, Puzzles and such, search for words, forwards, preface, pre-'this' face, BEFORE. And even though those civilizations do not APPEAR, or exist in our reality, it does not mean they are not coexisting in SOME form of reality. Because we are still running alongside the past and the future, so to speak. Our tempLATES hold within them the KEY to some of these languages.

So these languages will come up and we take these languages THROUGH OUR Earth, For these languages allow us to play with these sounds of our previous, future realities. The ability of coming in with the memories of all of our past lives and some of us are remembering those, NOW and some of those memories are coming up in the FORM, in formation of language LINGUISTICS, information.

(This is from one perspective of course, it is also that we are tapping into the multi-dimensional version of ourselves. ... for myself and from my perspective this is more about integration versus going back into time to bring forward lost civilizations).

It is more about embodying ALL that I AM from the past present AND future NOW in this lifetTIME. This allows me to tap into and what past civilizations HAD, and HAVE to Tell us now. That is pertinENT and relevANT for what I am experiencing now in THIS lifetime, in THIS body. Many times LABELS are associated with certain languages and that is another REASON why it is important not to get HUNG up any labels. For EACH language has something to offer no MATTER where from, when coming from the HEART.

it is time to let go of the PAST and GRASP that which is in your HANDS, that which IS, in YOUR hands- now, for withIN your hands now IS the past. You have the ability and capability to UNIFY with yourselSELF In such a way that the past comes together and all conflicts are able to be resolved so to speak, in a LINE of resolution, that ripples BACK into the deepest CRATERS of civiliation, the deepest depths OF all the existences OF, AND IN, which you have BEEN existing in NOW, for WE are time travelers. We are ALL aspects of the DIVINE Mother, the DIvine FATHER. For we are all CHILDREN of the SUN. WE are the children of many SUNS, SONS, we are the children, the mothers and the fathers For within US, we have birthed many nations. We have birthed many civilizations and many civilizations are being birthed AROUND us. We are feeling into these aspects of ourselves for we are the DIAMOND, convergence- as we converge and merge and flow and morph, into these and through these barriers, these percieved barriers that again HAVE BEEN percived as SET up AGAINst us. We recognize that we have always been the diamond so to speak, in the rough. Some of us may have chosen, to have it rough, to rough and tumble, (being reminded of what happens when a rough stone is tumbled that is when the stone is the shiniest).

Rough and tumble, to be tumbled around in the cosmos- if you will,. Yet, as we come OUT in this particular quantum field POLISHED, As we allow ourselves to access into the higher RESONANCE, we recognize and realize that we ARE the many facets- (faucets)- we allow ourelves to FLOW, glow, SHINE, into the MANY versions of us, We allow ourselves to have the life reVIEW now, For when we look back in review of what we have experienced in this lifetime, we can ZOOM out and view AHEAD, to what our FUTURE holds for us NOW, We are being invited to step out of THIS TIME matrix of survival mode- for this is merely, mirrorly, merrily, a reflection of old chemisTRY- old habits dye hard, Rather old hobits dyard, dryad, And all that.

As you MAKE these changes withIN your chemIStry now, you bring yourself into a deeper ROUTE.

(I am seeing an evacuation route, like in a disaster area- seeing the storm symbol, being the eye of the storm and see and steer the torndao. This gives us the abiltiy to access more of our potential. (meditation about fascia tornado)

Leiwinds: In the LEI means NOT the windward, something is blocking the wind.

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