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False Systems

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

what is it exactly

that we are running from,

where is it that we are running to?

is there a sense of escapsim

that we are seeking

in this neverending stream

of information, so to speak?

Yet the neverending source stream

of energy differs from that

which is the neverending

or seemingly neverending

stream of information.

As this stream of information

comes in flooding the senses,

creating a certain senseless

distribution of information,

we sometimes find ourselves

or may find ourselves latching

onto, latching into

this particular density stream.

When we do this,

(I am seeing it creates density

within our stream.-)

it does not allow us to fully embrace

the source stream or

get to the source so to speak-

it creates a subsource connection

that makes us think or feel

that we are

(like an adrenaline junky,

or the chemicals)

and it makes us see, sense or feel

that we are connecting into a truth

that is only merely an expression of truth of source

trying to get to know or understand itself.

(I am seeing that everything is Source,

but not everything is Source. LOL-

so for example a new story is a story,

yes the news reporter, even though they may be

completely 'asleep' so to speak, this partiular story

that is coming through a person that is still

connected to God, consciousness, Source, etc-

whatever label we wish to provide,

is really a form of disconnect because it is created

from that person who is not connected,

or does not realize that they are not connected to source.

you can never really disconnect from Source,

But you can create stories that are not necessarily-

they are so far away from what the truth is-

what is it we are avoiding,

what mechanisms are we using

to keep us distracted

what are we using to keep us

distracted to keep us off purpose?

what is it that is being filtered through our perception to pull us into

someone else's direction?

to pull us into

someone elses misinformation?

for the game of avoiddance is actually that which many

are playing at right now. avoiding the bigger course of action,

avoiding their own inner action by following misdirecction

that is not coming from within.

It is an 'outside' source

that is harnessing and syncing into

their own pattern recognition

creating a false reccognition pattern

outside of their normal archaelogy

or architecture.

this is creating an imbalance

in their own perspective about where

and what the information is that

is that they are receiving.

Wherre this information is going,

where this information is coming from

and what is really creating

their highest advantagious persuance...

for as we pursue these concepts,

as we pursue these ideologies

that are not supporting our inner fusion,

our inner transfusion,

our inner transemmersion (transcendence)-

(I am seeing, we are in the process of transmuting,

tranfering energy.

We are energetic beings that are either in creation,

or we are in death- rebirth or death, (living or dying-

moving to expansion or the opposite- moving into creation

or destruction so to speak)- we are all connected to source,

yet there are many that are so disconnected from it,

(not really but they don't make the connection)-

that the truths that they are creating around their own truth

are not true, yet they become true to them

which actually creates more seperation)-

For example, ‘gods’ deities that came down and said

you must follow my sets of direcetions because I am all knowing

all powerful and connected to source than you are-

and we believed the because we forgot that was not TRUE-

because we forgot our own power, this is the old representation

in all aspeccts of our reality- politics, news, relationships, work, etc-

so many are tuning into beings who aren't really gods creating

a story that is creating confusion and distortion, not oneness and expansion,

not birth or growth, but rather death and confusion. So to speak,

if we are not moving to creation, we are moving in the opposite direciton.

Finite vs infinite- misleading us into false systems,

false stores -

leading to a path of 'mediocrity' - and finite information

that eventually fizzles out, and then we have to plug into

the next stroy and the next story.

I am being shown people are plugging into

avoidance of responsibility for their own story,

so to speak. and then we have to plug into something else.

This is not intentional necessarily-

we may think that by ‘knowing’ all of this information,

it makes us stronger faster, smarter, more spiritual, etc.

This is false evidence appearing real

and is a false reality construct built from someone

or a group who is so far removed from the TRUTH-

(we are ALL gods, so to speak- and we are ALL ONE

in our unique individual expression of source, and there are many ways,

not just one in that unique individuality as a collective)-

that is finite- once the light shines on this snowball of information,

and the light- or truth is shown on it, or it loses its momentum, so to speak-

it melts and they are alreay trying to draw us into another snowball.)

These finite systems are merely ploys and tactics

to keep us from our own internal growth, our true inner spiral

that is always connecte d to source frequency,

This connection to source stream frequency is our true stream

of higher expression and expansivenes, not all of the mainstreams

that we have been syphoned or coralled to become addicted to.

(I am seeeing many people who think they are following the light-

but this is not the path to SELF illumination, since we then get distracted

out of doing the work)- Heart, meditation- etc.

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