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Clear the old, allow the

And as we and as we the allow ourselves to expand into the infinite expansion that we are all in the process of expanding into, exponential freedom.

As We allow ourselves to activate to higher purpose, To a higher knowing

to a higher calling if you will,

calling out All Star seeds,

calling out all lightworkers,

calling out FROM within all songs, singing withIN

singing without Freedom codes,

letting go of all self-doubt

letting go of all fears,

letting go of all trauma,

Tremors, trembling.

For we are the new, renewed.

And all that we know, have known,

seems to be trembling beneath our feet, tumbling down,

the rabbit hole so to speak.

For we are the earthquakers, QUAKERS, the Pioneers, the KNEW now,

the New Frontier beginners.

Yet we are far from beginners.

We are far from sinners. For we are beginners of an expression,

a new expansion, a movement,

a new expansion,

a New Freedom NESTNG,

a New Freedom bill, BELL if you WILL. For we speak in code

we speak in knowing, we speak to, too.

Those who are in knowing,

Seeking and knowing, KNOW

for your knowing is boundless,

your knowing is infinite, full potential BLOOM, blooming.

As you ERASE the doubt,

skepticism, skept- ischism

Kept a schism,

Earse that which has schismed,

your frequency bandwidth in past,

Passed that which has left

much to be... imprisoned.

For you are newly-christened, chryst IN,

for you are REBORN,

Resurrected, if you will, born again.


if you CHOOSE to SEE that as such.

For in this renewal of your architecture, your are chi TECH sure,

your maturity, your maturation, match

Match your realization, light up, balance,

Match you are a t, cross, a T, IT,

inner technology

You are now in a new circus.

(I am seeing a circle, a pie chart, and a circus and we are all the ringleaders. This is all a play on words rings Starfire, I'm seeing smoke rings, toroidal Rings, rings of Harmony),

LayeRING, toroidal Rings, rings around the ROSE.

When we get into that space of creative frequency harmonization, by singing dancing, loving somebody else, ourselves included, it creates that moment-to-moment boom boom boom, toroidal trajectory lacing,

of interlacing, blazing, layering, lace are ring, lace z ring,

LASIK, lasering away the sickness through our own frequency patterns

of Perpetual Motion.

A Perpetual momentum moment in moment, Moment oming,

it's a sound it's a harmonic. That we are all creating in Integrity, Integratron, and take written p o w integraton, integration, integrating up Gow owning up, honing in, koning. We sing of past Rhymes and rhythms to tie into

tie it all in an interlacing

connection and patronymic, paternal, parenting, ancestors, Patterning,

For we are linking up to all of the song notes, song and notes if you will.

Recognize that you are constantly creating a harmonic pattern.

What you are choosing to BRING INTO your field, bring into your FEELd, offering fealty to.

What you are CHOOSING to bring into your vibration or VIBRATE TO,

Your value system is syncing UP,

Or sinking IN, or sinking DOWN, (I am seeing sinking down like a sinkhole if we choose).

Recognize that when you sink, sync within you, you create your own circular ring. Circular ring.

Like the ringing of a telephone, communication, Circus ing, raise sing, radius, radiance, circumference,

(I see this as a lace, if you look at patterns on lace, a doily).

Crystal lattice work.

Doe a deer a female deer...

An alliance has been created.

We are the singers

through our Dream lines,

through our Song, sonets, lines,

through the internet, enter net, innernet

through the LIGHT WEB so to speak,

That then lights up all that we have perceived as Darkness.

In addition, we are creating our own light web, WeBe, our own Rings,

our own SMOKE RINGS,

our own toroidal SPIN.

We are creating our own torroidal DOnut, If we are letting someone else dictate

to us what we do NOT or DO do,

doe a deer, behave, think, feel,

or what THAT sounds like,

and then we TuneIn, link up or sync up, with THEIR particular sound,

AKA words, Harmony, tune, SPIN,

chords of disharmony so to speak, Someone is singing a sad song and

we continue to sing along with them,

we are then creating a symphonic orchestra that has been PLAYED OUT

into the plasmatics FIELD that exist within us

and around us.

Imagine soup, or the ocean as soup, whales and dolphins send out sonar,

and harmonic frequencies then TRAVEL throughout the water as SOUND, psi-ound wave.

The water is also a carrier

of this sound wave.

Frequencies and all that live within that SOUP, feel, feed off

and RESPOND to this WAVE.

That is what we are doing with the air, the ethernet, the AIRWAVES,

airways that are around us.

If you picture what is around AND within us as a CARRIER

....of waves,

we start to recognize how much our SONG, SOUND HAS POWER.

How much our WORDS,

our MOVEMENTS hold power.

Therefore our thoughts are energy

that move the more we focus and set intention around them.

That's why the light codes that we produce are FELT, recognized.

They are carriers and energetic information, formation, movement...

A tributary, (river), An ecosystem, and Echo, sonar.

Is it feeding into the ecosystem, echo system, is it an echo of the past, what echoes are we sending out, or is it TAKING away from.

Are we FEEDING the ecosystem

or the ego system?

We are the web, we are the TRIBE

we ARE the tributary,

what are we PAYING tributary to?

What are we con- tributing to?

And the Word was One.

This all comes back into,

what are we telling each other,

what are we telling FEEDING eachother in our feeds, news feeds, echo feeds? What are we feeding INTO? What are we supporting?

We are on a new feed.

It is time to CUT OFF the old, frequency! Un- bilical cord the old frequency.

Tie it off, Tune, turn, it off ,

be the Slipknot.

Tune into our heart frequency, the shell, the Fibonacci spiral so to speak,

the golden spiral

Spiral into our own frequency,

OWN our frequency!

We hear the ocean in the seashell, see us as being the seashell,

the rose, the spin, the spiral,

the echo, sound.

We are THAT tribe,

we are sounding out our song.

We are the Clarion, harmonizing... literally holding this energy field, matter

Around us and in our bodies.

So as we allow ourselves to follow that which is which we are, valen cia (power of force).

I am seeing valence shells...

Valence Sia, victory, Valliant,

valence shell Hollow, hallowed,

All hallowed halI.

(I'm seeing valence electrons in a shell).

For we have triumphantly RECORDED,

we have TRIUMPHANTLY REORDERED. We are creating a new order of Harmony TuneIn. Tune In, for it is within you.

It is anchored, it is rooted,

allow ourselves to find the square ROOT, angle, to find,


Doubling up, tripling up triple layering up triple heat conductor.

And as we reorganize, let us, lettuce lattice ROSE communication,

Let us commute, move, reboot

Communicate Love frequencies.

And so it is.

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