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Heart Fusion

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

When I tone, I TUNE into KNOW

Now, NO TIME, zone,

honing, homing into

a deeper reason, resonance,

sound frequency,

freedom WITHIN, to be ME,

for what else is there?

For all IS within, the fract-ALL

how to elequently express

what else is tHERE?

how to elequently express,

the FREEdom to speak, to sing,

to our own rythm, rhyME, zen

our own inner reCOGnition,

ignition, that lights our BLISS,

I would be remiss

to expect any less than

what lights the SOUL, stream,

a walking, wake-ing dream,

For as I create FROM the song withIN,

the DANCE, the bliss, a new chord

is struck, unstruck , anahAta, heart, ❤ harmony currents, light the FLAME, flames, the match, I match

with a higher resonance- intelligence, heart intelliGENE-ce, fusion in the blood-

a harmonious exCHANGE

WITH the elements, AS the elements, (elemental dear watson),

wattage, all than i am, I sing,

i see free, freedom in my kingdOM,

of the heart.

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