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Heart hares

Let us collaborate together

Let us corroborate our stories

And line up within

The cardinal directions

For not all who wander are lost

We set up a code directive

A centered course

To follow

Yet the choice is yours.

Your U boat your weapon

About you, We open,

Your hook, line and sinker

Sync in

Is what allows you

to navigate these waters

Charged particles

Of acceleration

Activate the memory indexed within

Codes on codex

Let us stir the pot a bit more

And resource your photo gallery

Activate your wingman

Wing tip, wing tip hydrogen

Drip drip drip

The piazza the puzzle

Stay on track

What’s the point you ask

The point IS your speculation

Look and you shall see

The opportunity

To shake rattle and roll

For much is held within your Yahtzee cup

Your cup runneth over

Stop trying to run away from

What you wish to convey

For within these braids hold wisdom and truth

Too much of a sweet tooth?

Spin spin sugar

For when you commingle in this way

(Mr. Bojangles)

You light up a pattern

A word recognition

Delights the senses lights up the night

A pattern, a flight pattern is seen

Realized coordinated

A sing song word ad.d-ology (ad ideology)

Creates an equilibrium for you

A quill i ray in

A living communion with YOU

And your own VIable source.

Let us candy coat this and sweeten the style

For as you turn (style, turn key, turn coat,

to everything turn turn)

You spin the (dial, donkey- dawn key,

d on key, the on key,)

Play on words

You pull the ropes

And we respond, you me, we,

A whole band,

(I am seeing Bandit, raccoon

from Guardians of the galaxy).

Let us focus on the Bloom at hand

For you are coordinating efforts

with multiple rascals

(Little Rascals), if you will

Let us quell the signature

And create flight,

For your tools are

miraculously predisposed.

The Graphite signature holds a key code

In the land based technology

And yet we weave and access these

Deeper (Rubies, rubies)

within a deep underground base

(Land of my birth)_

Of sequential order codes

That call out (whale, wail out)-

A Click- (nose bleed) away

We hiseitate only to allow

the words to flow

Through your junk DNA

To play

For there is a method to your madness.

It stretches your mind

Your images (imagination)

Your images are then able to put through

Pull through and make the jump

Connect the attachments

Pull this trigger so to speak

And activate or jump

Start the spark

And pull the plug, on remaining

Codes that no longer hold

The pulleys POW (pulley)

The plus one +1

No longer hold the S (corn? Score N?

5corn? The sconce? The Pulitzer? (Pulley it?)

You may scoff at the song and dance

The scones,

the activated memory complex

It then releases a code

That compels the sites and sounds

To make a “divert”

This is a calculation

Calculated query

Makers mark, if you will

Your diamond game then stretches

Out to include certain other DOCILE

Components that outstretch

Arch stretch reach past

the old configurations

Leading to liberation of the past

And presently renewal newly

Acquired access points,

(of research of re-surge)

The effects this has

is a surge protector of sorts

It allows you to categorize and sort

From a much larger playbook

A pool, if you will

Of collaborative resources,

Calming the wave

Making it more shareable

Feel into the scope

of what we are referencing


For everything can feel vast

And yet this is past

And future all combined into one

A linguistic display of light

And where do we begin?

Let us begin with now,

There is hope being born

Within the starseed community

A new nerve bundle

is about to find its way

Into the heart (attached).

It holds a spinster

A code, a telltale sign

That octoputs octi puts a scale

of harmonics beyond

What has been seen

For it has been there

the hold (whole) time

(Like when time was whole

and not broken)

This catapults us into an advanced sign (sine.)

Stage, shine on (like the sun)

This creates a stir within the medical community

For where did this come from and when?

How was it missed or ever seen before?

Yet the door must first be knocked,

(Knock knock knock on heavens door)

For the body to respond from one perspective

(Note: as i am typing this up I accidentally typed

know know and then knock knock

at the exact same time, the movie on TV is

knocking on a wall- the characters are knocking and there is

A hidden safe behind the wall that has 20 million)

No one has spoken about this

For it has not been recognized

Reorganized and tightly wound

Around and around

A little ball of energy

(You doubt as you write, corded light

But let us weave a chemistry set for you to trust)

The hairs within the heart

The ticker

One might say

Are attached to a refined sanctuary

Of caverns and ventricles

These hairs weave

Fibers of light

That are microspic at best

They can only be seen by the best

And no one has been looking

Your interest in this is limited

For you feel your basis and knowledge

Is limited too

but we seek to give you

An expanded view of your technology

To assist you in tickling the senses

Refresh the senes


The ticker is (tic toc)

Wound up on previous experiences

That are remembered in the molecular

Structure yet is also completely connected

At all times to the receptor

Receptacle of vision

Let us go deeper

What we see, goes into a space

Of confinement

And is brouight into a cord

of relevance, one may say

it helps tune the heart of matter

Make adjustments to what we see

These tiny hair strings, (nerve receptors)

are located within a spindle, (spiral)

of uncooked signature sets ( uncooked may be typo)

That frame out the next layer

For the heart is evolving

And so will our understanding

of the Nature of its uses

You as the user are encouraged

To tune into this nether region

Layer and unbind the fibers

Imagine them as tiny light scopes

that laser in with doused intent (typo?

on your imagination

And “sight”are intrinsically

interconnected to wave

Together your view, new view.

The fiber strings are like translucent tubes

(Of inner ferromagnetic or interferometry)

scaled back

As to sound out loud a resonance

of totality, total perfection,


This new charge or better spoke

This new discovery creates a charge

A spark and many spikes in the system

Surges can merge and hold the line

So to speak

Support the system

The entire network begins to operate

At a higher convergence (tremolo)

Hydrate the fascia

For this allows the whole system

To convey its heightened sensibility

The stings or fibers reach out like the vine

On a place

And stimulate a previously (before)

Perhaps unaccesssed corridor

A chamber of secrets one might call it

This holds a juice (Newton)

A juiced quarter??

Quatrain, a hybrid alchemical signifier code

That once activated

Allows trace elements to commingle

In a fraction of a second, of time, (Like music??)

It hums, if you will (Mr. Bojangles)

It will clear the debris, in the field

At a much higher spin rate

So many questions, yet

But let us convey that your job is to scrape

The nutrients

The barnacles

Spread the word


(H-ope N, H-open,

HO PEN, H OP E, HO (Pe) En

This has areldy begun

A secretion drip drip within

Certain individuals mainframe

Contagious if you will

For you are one of the founding fathers

Letter carrier

(You’ve got mail)

Enter into this mainframe

(Planetary Easter- Esther)

And shaken up the “soldiers”

Soul family

Booted on the ground

This transmission stems from the need to council

Your elders, (Pliny? Just thinking as I type)-

to assist those on the path,

to remember more

Push the buttons

Under the guise of ROto Router

(plumber? Or computer router

all hands on deck)

While there is no need to do much

But BE *

You also find

immense pleasure

In assisting so why not continue

to share the load?

This wireless radio,

Signal then illusidates elucidates

A charge and almost causes a twisting?

Like a braid but not crossed,

just twisted)

For it will unbind again

When the time is right

(I am hearing queens Gambit-

and later as I type this,

I realize the show we watched

tonight or movie

was called the tower heist-

and they used

the reference to giving up the queen

in chess for a bigger play or

guaranteed win?

When they found the gold ferrari car,

which reminds me of a heart of gold)

Let us reroute rewrite this direction

For a moment, this directional flow

(Pole) for one must create space

in this landscape

Hold open the que-Q

To extrapolate the juice and

expedite the process

A whole signature is set

to take precident

It will relocate our entire modality

It will create a mobility

within the captains

(Ride captain write)

And call for a meeting of the minds

(Mind melds)

But not in the way you


For the recipe runs on fuel

Feel feel feel

This operating system is fueled

by your fuel

Your abilty to feel

into the landscape

Of the human, definition

And not be refined by what you

THINK you will find

OK, so this signature set unlocks the door

And the station then begins to refine

fine tune and acclimate

(Acclimatize) to your own hum

So your fuel efficiency

must run on scraps

At 1st first,

For you have been running on low

In order to stay low

Lay low, key low

Let us scrape the old paradigm

And hottwire the system

Yet cool it at the same time

The resistance that is set to fall of (I see straps

Vines holding a ship donw under the earth)

Is set to disband, release, fall back

Now what? Stabilize

for all is set to be remembered soon.


See BE and wingtip hydrogen

Reminds me of smell: aroma and city

Took me to

Reminded me of areal little mermaid


Graphite led to

Led to

Led to

H hydrogen

Ho holnium

O o2

P phosphorus

Pe Polythelane

I was hearing cuboctahedron which jitterbugs which led me to bloom and origami

Note, the Dali cross is a net for the tesserac

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