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And so we move

through this new view

With a new principle in mind

As the principalities of the mind

As we move out of the mind

And into the heart

We restart a new paradigm

We begin anu,

anew, refreshed,

We begin again and again

Fresh in this moment,

Fresh in this movement,

This heart centered center

As we center on

what IS love,

As we FEEL FROM the center

And we create the spin

that moves

The Earth and the stars,

or so it seems

As all seems to shift

based on this new directive

All seems to be moved,

changed, in this

Movement of ONE

Inner to outer, we reflect

BACK to us

what we are now

We see what we were, and

what we May have been,

moving toward,

And we see

that the direction is many

This new direction, directive,

this new view changes

The perspective

That we hold…

(We’ve got the whole

World, in our hands)…

So we are emBOLDened

IN This realization

That we have the power to shape

Our view, our reality,

For what is our reality?

For what What is our individual reality

But what we see? How we see?

How we view,, what it is that we see and how we see

What it is that we view?

For from our perspectives, all exists from

That point of reference

What we believe, what we believe we see

Our response, beckons to us

Moves us, pulls us forward, in certain directions

And so as we grow,

As we allow this directional flow

To move us, with grace,

We allow ourselves the space

To BE the flow, in the flow, as the flow

And with INN this, the home

Our heartfelt momentum shifts all

All potentials are then rearranged

At our beckon call, a beacon of light

Shines bright from our hearts

Our minds, our EYE, and we begin to SEE

More from a higher vantage point

More expansive views,

More colors and hues,

in this HUEman

Landscape of our reality

We become the light, house,

The shining beam across the see

For we ARE that which we see

And we begin to pulse this light

In creativity and move accordingly

According to, courting

What matters most

To us in the now movement,

Moving matter, for we are the moving

Matter, mad hatter, creating this wonderland

From our own projection, lense of perception

From one perspective,

Opening to the many perspectives

Potentials, colors, spectrum

Broadband, new bandwidth

As we band together

As the new HUeMan


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