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K.I.S.S. Thoughts Affect Vibration

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Carrie Shares a Simple Reminder that thoughts and what we watch affects our vibration and some simple tools to raise the vibe!

How many of us watched a scary movie and images of that movie still stick with us today? How many of us watched a show last night or yesterday and thought about it today? What if you didn't even realize you were thinking about it?

Did you know? Approximately 90, 000 Thoughts go through our head everyday?How many thoughts are centered around what we watch on TV?

If we aren't controlling our thoughts- how much of that 'static' is controlling our frequency without us even REALizing it?

Create Relevant Content

I invite you next time you reach for that remote CONTROL- ask yourself a few questions.

❤Does this make me feel good? How will this make me feel if I watch it? If you KNOW it will not make you feel good, then why add these images into the subconscious 'mapping' system?

❤Am I controlling it or is IT controlling me?

❤Am I choosing to watch this because that is what I am USED to watching? (AKA- old energy). Does this reflect who I am NOW, or how I would like to FEEL now?

❤Will this make my body happy? If fear or stress is the result of watching this show, or listening to this program, then some of the 'after effects' can be detrimental to your health with the increase of cortisol in the body effecting, heart health, collagen and bone health, and of course, the immune system- and SO much more-(see my video on Hearthmath and cortisol!).

We may not always FEEL we can control our thoughts, (even though we can)- but we DO have complete control over the images we choose to allow into our thoughts that become 'maps'- linking our thoughts together, and creating a pathway, (think neurons firing), habit patterns, feelings, actions, reactions, 'programming'- all in all- these images often create or map out the road we follow in our daily lives. Where does this road lead us to? Where does it start? Sometimes it's as easy as following the trail of breadcrumbs back to what we have been focusing on, since- where attention goes, energy flows. It all boils down to the choices we make moment to momentum:

Take back your power and focus on what makes you feel good with positive choices that truly FEED the soul and the body, rather than produce fear and SUCK the energy right out of us!

In Love and Light!

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