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Super-hero ONE Shockwave

Updated: Sep 21, 2018

Welcome to this free flow about being the truth of who you are, igniting a shock wave of change, truth, and sovereignty. Enjoy the flow...of You.

Stars, see

...SEE who you truly are in liberty, sovereignty. Matching-firing-flaming=fueling, igniting your, OUR, HOUR core strength, in LOVE. OUR hour is at Hand, starseeds.

in the heat of the moment , we are being offered passageway, a passage, a way-a cooling in the jungle, HaKuNaMaTaTa. You are see-ding a Wave of response-ability in the darkness of the night, of the Light-a shock wave if you will, a reverberation to-of the Highest accord, a-Chord! Seek deeper and you shall find more of the Vibration to shield you and others, to open the cover hole that leads to tunnels under ground, grounding, earthing, inside. We are all Divine aspects of the Creator, the Creative Source. The choices we make are the Creation of OUR world, your world. You live in a frequency expressing Itself. Realizing-making real, whether you REAL-ize it or not. The more you REALize your creations, what you are consciously co-creating, the more impact you can and will have. As a conscious Creator, You BE-come into your power in such a way that it be-comes a collaboration of sorts, on a completely different level- Seek and you shall find. Your thought patterns repress often, the TRUTH of your power. The free-dom in your thoughts through sovereignty and prayer, introspection, enter-spection, Inception. Change your 'Grid'-your creative 'net', the direction of wave, the view, your view, worldview, HOW you view Your view AND the world. Expand it out, fFow it out, build it out- Master builder- Master Beta-Alpha and Omega, aspect of the Divine Speck-trum, tunneling though the void from the Void, accessing the Void, expressing the Void- All that IS.

Your power ignites the flame-the flame from within lights your power. Empower, Empath, Empathic-ONE another. A shock wave to the core, from the core-rocking the very foundation you hold so dear, POW! Dear ones- Rock your foundation, the cradle of Love. Embrace who you truly are! Build yourself AND others UP, from heart waves-create/creating a new FOUNDation, a NEW core, consistency- CON, Sis-ten SEE, consistent with your new FOUND truth. Discovering, it was there all along, within.

Discovering, it was there all along, withIN.

And from your new core structure BEliefs, if you will, a beautiful sunrise is at hand. the hand of GOODness, lays before you, an unfolding of events, triggers, opporTUNE-ities to choose in FREEdom, frequency, tuning INto-a new vibration match. -matching who you

wish to be, SEE who you truly are in liberty, sovereignty. Matching-firing-flaming=fueling, igniting your, OUR, HOUR core strength, in LOVE. OUR hour is at Hand, starseeds. the hand that leads, holds, supports, creates- the meistro of the orchestra, AS the orchestra, with the orchestra, instruments, tools, TUlles of gold, and wood- Earth and sound-notes, Nodes, de-calibrating, winding down the old clocks, with a BANG, an implosion spreading through the masses, Stars lighting up the night. A wave of completeness, ending one cycle, starting ANEW. A whole in ONe- like clockwork, the gears moving, fluid forming In forming-a world has been born-IN love and light. In totality in freedom-fanning out-spread the Word, the Word was ONE, WON LOVE-fanning the flame, tri-fold flame-trifecta, trinity gate, Star Gate.

In Love and Light

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