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Lions Gate Portal and Beyond

Send your light, send all of YOU, that you hold onto, FEEL, share it with the Earth, Feel the Earth and her FIELD for SHE seeks to send you much too, Touching deep INTO you, your SOUL, from deep within her SOIL, Earth bound, blood, bones and, sand, boundless.

Energy comes from WITHin, Deeper than, thin skin deep,

THROUGH your touch, feet on the dirt, sinking in,

syncing UP.

She touches you, inspires

the REAL you, the fountain of YOUTH.

Together, WE, me, you, traverse the many FREE-quencies. Free to roam, express, create, SEE. For the journey is not seperate, yet IS unique. We dance WITH one anotHER, she I and we, through the particles, waves of the universe, spir-ALLing, arms wide OPEN, Letting GO of all that holds Keeps us FROM the spin- seeking within. Open our eyes, RISE and SHINE. Let out our cries of freedom, sound ON, begin NOW. Our lightstreams of consciousness, for in our sounding out LOUD in song, scion, A buzz is created, a vibration, moving through the chords, the vocal chords- voCALL, the call to harmony, symphony, sea of waves. Sympho many.

For we CALL BACK our soul chards, pieces of ourselves we have given away, knowingly, unknowingly,

lost in translation, forgotten, as we now remember our journey. As we MERGE as the MANY journeys we have had, at the helm, with Earth mother, in Her REALm, and beyond. The many pieces fall into place, place settings, sitting at the round table, click IN if you will, as we WELCOME home, as we all COME HOME, we ARE welcomed home, there is KNOW place like home.

Now is the time as we right, rewrite, override, let go of what HAS BEEN wronged, in perception, in another life, another time, another view. Move into this LIFE, in THIS time, in this NOW moment- we take back our rights and

REMEMBER, WE are the playwrights, writing our own programs, PLAYING out, acting OUT our ROLES that we CHOSE to play, as we create, choose to make choices, As we step back into the role of creators, casting our view, Crew, acrux, new mold, NO mold, throwing out the mold, letting go of stale and old, schools of thought, teachings, reaching to grasp our attention, attention span, energy. WE let go of the tension and act from a HIGHER STAGE of awareness, accord, Accountability. We take responsibility for our actions, setting the new stage, fresh concepts, adjusting, flowing,

accepting, knowing, taking action AS the presence of the I AM moment, I AM movement, inner stillness and we control our actions, We feel our emotions FLOW INTO, out of each next NOW moment, New scene, now seeing from, AS, behind, the screen, green screen, dreaming a new version of we, you.

All is unbound if we allow the unFOLDing, AS we unfold from The molds

we have bound ourselves with, in, within. As we free pour, outpour, outgroGROWing the stories we have been TOLD, that we tell, that we tell ourselves. Seeking MORE as the universal creators of new universes, you are IN the verses And we are telling, THE telling, the TALE, the neverending

infinIte story of US with Earth,

THIS time around, in no-time existance ,standing

withIN a present STATE of awareness, in our own presence, OWNING our presence.

WE Set aside our petty disputes that keep us LOCKED in imbalance, and disaray, dissing the rays of the rainbow bands we play in. Locked into the tale of he said she said bullshit. Letting go of the PERCEIVED need to be some-THING, our parents, apparently, grasping at a past that no longer suits us, no longer fits our ever expanding state of being, keeping us in a state of contraction, contracting with those that do NOT

nourish and grow.

As we find ourselves letting go

of mind, mine and yours- We MINE our own

POWER, heart of gold, WILL power, heart power. We Let go of the need of searching for, perceived perfection in an already perfect infinite light of reality. We must SEEk and find the light FROM WITHIN our own suits. Own THAT which suits our higher needs, NOT those perceived needs based on programs of others, habitual patterns we loop into wearing, wearing out, old loopholes, black holes.

Let go of the supPOSEd need to place our BEts on others, giving up on our own dreams Or giving our power to another. Let us place value IN ourselves

In our own expansive view, As we see through the dreamSCAPE of anothers presentation. All bets are off, in this we win, our truth then bursts through as our perceived BUBBLE of reality expands out and into a higher view, letting go

of a world stuck in one view,

rear view. Break bread with ALL whom we have been,

bred with, on Mother Earth

and beyond. For all IS connected, attached and we see as we detach from all that is Not

true LOVE, letting go of

attachments, THINGS we have assigned meaning TO,

as men, wo-men, hu-man,

humanity, age, youth. We let go of things that

Do not hold true to our truth.

Fear is the great ESCAPE, escapism, the escape hatch, as we scratch at the surface, searching for clues, CUES playing parts, parts of the Whole, scripted from old lines, Paying perceived dues, do-s and dont's from another's views, swimming in the loosh. We Shake loose old ideas and ideology, the shackles off, running away from ourselves escaping, creating scapegoats, running from our existence, scratching at our skin suits, jumping out of our own skin.

Let go of looking elsewhere, ANYwhere else for courage, Searching for the courageous. Feel the age of your, OUR mastery. For we ARE the answer,

WE are the answer. We ARE the escape, INTO freedom, Crosshatching as the dreamscape artists painting, scripting, speaking our reality. Jump into our OWN technology, our HOME technology, our skinsuits ARE our jumpsuits to launch us INTO this life NOW, the future, lighting up from within, from the launchpad of the HEART.

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