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Message from me to me

Allow the higher light

codes of activations

to come into your framework,

for as you set, sit within

these high vibrational external/

internal beams, all is exHIbiting, EXITing, EXCITing, a new potential.

A new time capsule, so to speak,

has been released and

as all of the ingredients break apart, break out, break out into freedom,

those codes that were contained

within the capsule- capitulate-

the cap school, the cap skull-

the skull cap,

come pLUMmeting out- pluming out-

and allow the rainbow effect

to transmute patterns

that have been left hanging in the fray- for as you allow these patterns

that are coming into,

that are coming within to you,

from you, for you are in a deep reflectionary period, looking withIN

and AT the reflection,

changing all of the alignments

refractring, reflecting, shifting-

and exhibiting all

that has been on display, in a new way, for there has been much to transmute,

in this last cycle- of rebirth.

There has been much that has been transmitting from this series, so to speak that you have been tapping into-

ceres- sirius, series. We remind you

that your chemical container, Suit

is in a process of upgrading and

as you go through these particular,

Particle accelerator,

particulating- transmission cycles,

there are many feelings

that are cycled, recycled and cleansed

in these stages and they are constantly in a space of repetition, if you will,

For in these repeating patterns

THAT which does not line up

with the new harmonics

are shaken about if you will,

shaken OUT, shake rattle and roll- allowed to either fall

into place or fall out, fallout.

(thinking of radioactivity)-

back into a space

where it can be juggled,

Balanced, fit together.

(I am seeing a jigsaw puzzle

and the jugular vein, and 3 spheres being juggled....all seen at the same time yet balanced with 2 hands ).


exhibit (v.)

"offer or present to view," mid-15c., from Latin exhibitus, past participle of exhibere "to hold out, display, show, present, deliver," from ex "out" (see ex-) + habere "to hold" (from PIE root *ghabh- "to give or receive").

The atonement period is over,

there has been a mourning

that you (I) have been in and

that many have yet to partake in,

many have yet to experience.

For you are in the process of downloading multidimensional recepticles, receptive, perspective-perpetual, perpetuating, perspectuating-- revealings-

they are within you,

they are within their vocabulary-

for you have harnessed these energies

in a new way, for these frequencies

have transmitted in you and

through you in a form of neutrality-

as you stay in this neutral zONE

new trial- neutrio- you recognize

there are so many zones

that are layered within patterns

within patterns

within patterns, (fractal)-

that there is a virtual world

of patterns to play within

depending on the systems

that we wish to extract from the old perpetuate, disentegrate,

activate and so on.

We invite you to zone in on

that which you are most like,

You like most, are most compatible with.

That which lights your spark, so to speak in a sense of compatibility neutraity.

For as you allow yourselves

to focus in on that which makes you feel slightly sparked yet-

(lights up the dark in such a way

that if feels balanced)-

for as you are the spark

that lights the dark,

that feels the dark,

that remains in the dark-

all of this is in you-r choosing-

for you are choosing on an individual basis the timeline that you most wish

to aquisition, aquire-

The most spacious timeline

would be most advised, yet we realize that for you to seek that

which is most spacious,

The most expansive behaviors

must be practiced.

The contraction period is over,

(binding, held down- contracts

are up-birth contractions)-

if you choose for them to be-

for we are no longer tied down

to a mediocrity- media cry- scarcity- media- ocrity-, media occur-

(media of scarcity, etc)-

this has been played out and

we are for TUNE enough

that as we allow all of us

to recombine in new combinations,

we interlock and interweave-

a spell bound triangulation,

pattern, a triangulation of

revelation, if you will.

However the revelation of old

is merely that- (old)-

an echo of the past decrees

that have since- sense- been mooted- muted, moved, transmuted

We sit within a new recyclclical period- that is merely, mirrorly

playing out in a wave pattern

that allows us to expand

in a sense that we have

never been, experienced before.

The understanding that you are

allowing yourself to expand into,

is directly related to that which you are allowing yourself to feel.

For if you are not allowing yourself

to feel from a neutral perspective,

we bring you into neutrality

for just a moment.

For neutrality does not mean NO feelings. Neutrality is understanding

your feelings from a neutral perspective-

neither the one nor the other.

It is allowing All that you Are

to be within a place of safety

and security without judgement.

For were you to judge yourself

too harshly, you may close off

to that which is being offered,

you may turn the button to recieve OFF so to speak, and as the switch turns off so does the relay activity-

the ability to relay back and forth

into a higher trajectory and

once again the person sits and spins

Or chooses to sit in 'sin' and regret-

there are many ways of looking at it.

(choice is centripedal force- or

spinning in a circle and not going anywhere, not realizing there is a choice).

We invite you to open up-

the way you have been receiving.

We invite you to recognize that

you are ALL recievers in transmission you are ALL recieving and transmitting , transmissioning, transmuting, and

those that were in the process of waylaying your circuitry board

are now being put out of

comission, transmission.

For their transmission signals

are no MATCH for yours, they are

not as strong as they think they are. These transmission signals cannot

keep up with, catapolt, caput-

cannot create from the bandwidth

they wish to acquire

if they cannot acquire you

with the band, (choir)- the bands

have been released around beliefs and therefore lightening the load,

lighting the load- lightning.

Therefore, when one has

lightenend the load, they expand.

They cannot be held back by a trajectory, by a course they are no longer on-

by a trajectory that was meant

to pull or take them off course-

For as you allow this discourse

to flow through your vocabulary

as you see the words

that we are projecting here,

you recognize that you have your own protection, projection,

your own sense of expansiveness,

of mobility that only you

have access to should you choose

to check your sovereignty,

should you choose to recognize

that which you are in FULL

expression of becoming-

you do not harness your full potential with one foot in doubt.

We ask you to clear all judgement of self, for in thesee moments of self doubt-

you allow yourself to fall victim

to victim

to victim, (fractal).

No one is a victim- the only person

we have to blame is thySELF-

the only person we have to blame

is no one, for we are ALL ThySELF.

Lets take it to a different level.

We invite you to check out of

the 3d- mainframe for a moment.

We invite you to straddle,

get on your horse- horsepower- giddy up. We invite you to strata up

out of fear.

Let all that has been digested, digest.

Let all hear, heres the truth,

Let all here, hear the truth.

For within the truth there is an expression, a dialogue so to speak-

that was once submerged in the muck that needs to be released, realized-recognized and in THAT

bringing into the harmonic,

letting go of the old harmonic-

Karmic, harm and

instead, do no harm,

harness the new harmony, be at ease. We invite you to uplevel, to level up and see from a broader perspective.

For when you are in the weeds

you do not recognize that there

is more past the muck and the mire.

We invite you to aim higher,

to let all that is transpiring- to melt away- trans fire-, peuter, pewter out.

Let the old fire burn out,

because it will, (the old fire- misfire) because there is not enough energy

to keep its composure.

For in all of this, you too

build your own flames,

you too build your own wings-

(Phoenix rising)- you too

build your own combustion chambers within that allow you to bust out

of reality systems and matrices

that were meant to keep you in lower bandwidths- in a less broad band frequency display so to speak.

We invite you to expand

your grid system in your own

personal artillery, artistry...

For as you allow yourself

to compose within your own architecture you feed your own matrix,

you feed your own bandwidth-

you become your own conductor

of energy, of charge,

You become the meistro,

conductor of frequency of harmonics,

no longer harmonizing with that

which does harm.

We invite you to see THROUGH

the display that is being put on

during this conspicous, conspicious time. We invite you to let go

of altering altercations,

words that are being said

words that are being read,

we invite you to read into

the harmonics BEHIND them,

for those that are their own conductor, (vs someone who is being conducted

by someone else)-

cannot be fed that which is not truth,

that which is incorrect.

You allow your self to make the corrections to yourself

within your biofield.

That which you hear,

that which RINGS true in your ears,

you will feel it in your bones,

(bones are crystal conductors).

Hone in on that which is being said,

that which is being told.

Recognize that which is truth and

that which is old,

that which is being played and

replayed in hopes of divergence.

There is a mass quantum entanglement at work here-and as we disentangle

from that which was holding us back,

And we reCOGnize that which we were entangled with was holding us back.

The Energy now allows us to entangle

with the higher quantum field

more then we ever have

activated into before, so to speak.

We invite you to see your own codes,

to recognize your own words of truth, recognize your own paterns,

that ignite the spark

that create a forward movement momentum mechanism,sweeping you into a higher realm of kowing.

For it is all there at our fingertips

should we chooose to compose

the musical cords and notes

letting go of that

which does not make music-

Muse- we are our own muse.

Your frequencies are igniting the fires that have been stoked, the fires within. All that burns around you

is merely a display, an aftermath, mathematical equations that did not fully calculate in order to line up with the highest trajectory of light.

Therefore the fight seems

to have been Won- yet there is no fight,

it is only a smoke and mirror distraction playing at the heartstrings of those

who are seeking ...

Let not the forces of distraction

play with your mind,

for your mind is on course

for greater deeds and actions.

Lessen the reaction and come back

into neutrality, neutral zone,

allowing yourself to hone in on your own vocabularic understanding

of freedom codes.

Words will harness an energy

and you will feel, you will know,

you will sit within your own superpower- your own superbowl, (the cup that runneth over, the grail)- your own field. And in this, you empower yourself,

you harness the ring- the trophy,

(the cup)- and the teams that WERE playing battles that were already 'lost' over time out of time,

will reveal themselves melting away

in the fires of your own CREATION, kundalini rising-the serpent of LIFE, primordial jeweled fire

rising from the DUST-

the inner life force- the SPARKLE dust. Inner to outer expansion of chi-

the cross in the T, the presence of BE,

As you allow this to birth within you, giving room, making space,

for a wide birth, berth-

allowing the spaciousness

to fill your very existence.

All else will melt away-

exposed in the light that YOU emit, omitting that wihich us unable to be, persuade any longer, integrate.

Opening the gate, walking through.

the light codes that are entering our atmosphere bring with them gifts-

codes, changes in angles-

changes in excitation of the cells-

there is much to be understood

in the language of codes-

in the language of knows-

the nodes- the opening of the light information that has been stored deep down in the depths of the body-

the memories, of the earth,

the HUman body and the Earth body- which is all connected-

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