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New skin, suit UP

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

Epigenisis, epic genetics,

Epic Genesis, new beginnings

New generation,

New skin, suit UP,

new skinsuit technology

Rebirthed from beneath,

the underskirts, the underbelly,

snake shed, SHED the old

Slither-IN, slitheren😂

shed light on what is RIGHT

underneath, New sheath,

shed the old layers

Gold dust rebirth, radioactive decay

To live a new day, in anu day

144 thousand petals aglow,

a GOLD, a GUILD is forming

Purple Heart, purple rain,

a new REIGN from above,

Head to toes,

RAD-IO rad- IO, EO,

ELO- electric light orchestrated

from above AS below

And so ON and SW on, SEW on,


Epigenetic epic genesis,

In ALL directIONS

The beginning and the end

shifting from within

This is the new era, ergo dynamic

land of the milk and honey

Humming, hum,

so hum so HUman and BE-yond

Beyond the great yawn

outstretched through and frOM

The great VOID

Bee-yawned- stretch beyond Yahweh

the Way IS the spin,

The spindle, the pinecone opens

the spine-allcountdown-

The needle knows, true North

Compass ROSE, comPASSION

Heart to CROWN

ground control to major tom- T- ohm

TOM- tonal to nequal, negantropy,

Atrophy to fluid momentum

no trophy needed,

Other than the Trail of the HEART,

the holy GRAIL,


Purple IS the BLEND, The MERGE

The divine Shakti,

shock T- the cross roads,

merging, singing humming in the HU-man, from, form

in formation, singing, marching

forward, through the spring

Equal KNOCKS, open the door,

the woodpecker sings,

Rhythm nation and blues,

Reds ad hues unite, ultra violet light,

shining through the PRISM of the HEART,


Prymus, pyramid, in the midst

of ELECTRIC quantum data,

prismatic effects, effectively

shaking off the loose skin

The old cells

The old falls away and we all fall DOwn, the ring rings true

the rabbit WHOLE of ears to ear to ear

Circulation, the strange loop

of united hues,

rainbow serpent rebirthed,

Serpentine quara

In TIME, quota-an-team, core-ant- team

Prime, primes, prime Creator

sourcing UP the energy

E=MC squared triangulation-

tri undulation,

TRY elation, see the signs, feel the songline,

long wave signs,

Sine wave, spinal high-way

Move UP as it moveTHROUGH

the grid speak, godspeak, the VOICE

The the Word was ONE, MERge

Core undulation, core undone— corundum, core inner drum,

Hear the INNER ear drum, rythmn

Ears to hear, H-EAR-T beat


Let it all out, light it all out, fallout

We are the nuclear reactors, the RE-actors, Ray- ACT ors,

The stabilizers BOOM,

Ray-act-taurus, torus

Nuclear ray-act torus,

TRUST the new clear

(do RE me so fa le T do)

Door in me, Towards, us

riding the bull, bull writing, bull riding-

As I grab the bull by the horns

The bull horn, through the horn- inner ear, listen

The cornucopia Cup- IA

CORN, the cup that runner th, run with the bulls, the bull run

Crimson and clover

We are the clover, the silver seeds, let us spin

For we enter a new phase of the rays

A nuclear spectrum of spoken digestion POW

Spoke KIN, DI-gestation, let the jester speak,

the clown, Heyoka

A deeper path down the mountains leads up

Fire in the mountain

I have had many references in this to the great Pyramid

SPokane Washington, lilac city-

Riding the waves of the atrology Taurus and the torus

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