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No going back- Portal Opens

Updated: May 11, 2020

There is a hunger now being felt in the collective, and many are experiencing this as a hunger for truth, for knowledge, for the idea and concept that has long been thrown to the wayside. The whole truth and nothing but the truth- for are we not beings that desire to be real with one another, Pinocchio?

For as the truth BEAMS OUT from our HEART space, a sense of Justice, a sense of justification, a sense of overwhelming 'just as is', is no longer is holding a truth for us. For we find there is a grating, nails on the chalkboard, a grading, a grating, that is going on, a grading , a gradient, aggravating- an assault on the senses, and grading UP.

There is a certain uphill battle that seems to be aggravating, (gradient)- going up from the grade- graduation, an assault against our sensibility our sense of truth, our sense of dignity, our sense of integrity and many of us find it challenging to balance within this assault of the senses, salt in the senses, (salt is corrosive, burning, yet cleansing).

Yet many of us are recognizing that as we see within a new framework, within a new reference point, as we see within a new age, a nuance, there become many realities that expose themselves, that show up in our own reality, insert themselves in, so to speak- and during this insertion- we feel that there is an incursion, insurgence, insertion, a network, incoming spike. (spike in heart, killing vampires, our beverages have been spiked- yet at the same time and balancing this out- there is a spike in energy, in knowing-ness, hearing the song by Tom Petty, I won't back down).

There is no going back, there is no going back to where it was before, because before has already EXPIRED. IT has outdone itself, WE have outdone it, outgrown it, we have come undone. All that was done TO us from one perspective is now being revealed, recognized and all that WAS sealed, sealed up, is being UNsealed.

For as these REVELATIONS come into our reality, the complexity of how deep these caves are caving in, are going in, these caverns so to speak that are caverning, that we are traversing through right now are being intercepted, INNer Septed- recepted, we are receptive to them. Our intercept-ability, is lessened and our acceptability, our accessibility is heightened and Our ability to SEE deception.

For as we research, as we search within, as we search through all that is being laid out before us, we are able to expand into a higher concentration- (able to concentrate better, and stronger, concentration- more concentrated, a higher method of concentration.

For we are stronger now than we were before, for knowledge is power.

For when one is kept in the dark, or keeping that which holds back the knowledge in the dark, one is lessening their senses, their sensibility- their sense ability- their ability to sense THAT which is right in front of them.

(Right or wrong- this is a play on words, like our abilities to sense what is right or wrong right in front of us is dulled when we aren't accessing our higher senses to sense into what is being hidden, etc- or hidden knowledge- only a certain amount of truth has been exposed, and I keep hearing I smell a rat- and we are starting to use our senses and smell being one of them- to sense when something is not as it is being presented- also, this is year of the rat- very symbolic)-

So things has been ratatouille-d- things have been stirred up- cooked, so to speak. (Splinter, the rat- reference to Teenage mutant ninja turtles LOL, is coming,)- for as we play with these words and lingo to give you a visualization to show how silly this can seem sometimes, yet it is truth...

For much of the truth has been distilled- repackaged, re bottled and labeled as something else, which is about to be revealed. We invite you to stabilize your fields, for more is coming.

There are so many layers of realities that are in the process of converging, of collapsing, of merging, co-mingling. It becomes difficult to really express in a linear terminology what it is being accessed right now. For you are multidimensional beings accessing into a fuller perspective, a fuller field if you will, for you have graduated- and the gradient and the process in which you are traversing up, traversing through, out of is shining with radiant energy. For as you access this potential, you are the potentiality of the reality that you are projecting. For as you project into this and escape from linear-ality, linear reality, as you escape from Alcatraz (this is multidimensional also reference to the location)-

We invite you to recognize that as you escape, graduate- from the prison, the prism- that you have been harnessed within, recognize that you are now harnessing new ways of reality, moving into a new phase of development- (phase conjugate, long wave, implosion, heart coherence, the real golden frequency).

And as you allow yourself to POINT INTO this new joining of lineages, databases, truths, reality structures. Recognize the beauty in each persons development and people coming together, (linked up in science and other communities that may at one time been at odds with each other beginning to see the value in coming TOGETHER WITH the knowledge rather than holding back- rather than competition- (like for the Nobel prize).

Be more NOBLE, recognize that NOBLE gases work together not against each other in creation- there is a no bell pattern that has been rung out- we are in the process of ringing the real BELL- not blocking it from ringing true.

For as you step within this new exploratory field, as you start to recognize and FEEL your way INTO the exploration, elation, that is laid out in front of you. As you start to recognize the tracks that have been laid down, that you are truly atTRACTing to you what it is that you are creating, (seeing it as simultaneous).

We invite you to let go of speculations of, what if this does not work, or what if?

We invite you to take a step back and go within and ask yourself questions such as, what do I need to visualize, what do I need to BE in the coming, in the BEcoming, in the coming months in order to fully PROJECT that which I am, in order to fully activate that which I have the potential of becoming, that IS coming, that which IS ALREADY in the works, in the words, in a work in progress, for a processing of interstellar, inner cellular dynamics has taken place.

We invite you to play with these new energies, to step out of the matrix, to step out of the glue- goop, that holds together an OLD Information- information, CON-formation.

You don't need conFIRMation from an old energy that was 'forcing' you to CONFORM to that belief system and structure. We invite you to STEP OUT of conformity.
Your capacity for stepping outside of linearity is stronger than you realize. Let go of the concept that you must be within a certain time frame, a certain network of confusion, for that IS WHAT HAS BEEN- within your field, CONFUSION- CON- fusion- fusing with the CON.

Harness and anchor your higher frequency establishments that are in the process of becoming real, of blooming.

There was much that was mixed into your batter for your recipe, that was snuck in, so to speak, (this is literal, and energetic- as well in reference to food and water).

We are in the process of snuffing it out- sniffing it out, recognized that the old energy was damaging to the mitochondria- of your cellular knowingness- (food, electronics, cell structure- communication devices, satellites, etc. ). There must be a new mathematical system that allows us to collaborate that allows us to COMMEMORATE that which we ALREADY know, for within us. We already HAVE a deeper technology.

The old establishments are still reeling from the REAL ness of this- from the reality the existence in which all of their systems were mapped out, were, are no longer accessible in the same way. They are MATHED out- they have run out of room, the mathematics don't add up.

Yet there can be tools, there are parts that can be used from the JUNKyard, so to speak. For we are to recognize what is PERCEIVED as junk is merely placed within the trunk, the treasure trunk, a vehicle, placed in the back, but been there the whole time. Do not SCRAP that which can be utilized. (do not fight over the scraps, there is plenty to go around. Many of the old systems that we had put so much value in really are not the best for us, - satellites, math, geometry- teachings were incomplete, Newtonian vs, Einstein, history, etc.).

We have built so much on INCOMPLETE TRUTHS. So, rather than ignoring the fact that we have been using these incomplete truths to build something that in the end, cannot get us where we need to go, or are going- let them go. Salvage what can be used and move on from that which is NO LONGER TRUE, or never was. Scrap it.

We as a human species were meant to use that 'junk' DNA. We as a human species were meant to come into a higher methodology- a higher WAVE of being, a higher wave of BEINGS. For we are multidimensionally connected to ALL beings. May all beings be happy and free.

We can no longer hold back and play in the junk yard. For we are not scraps, we are not leftovers- WE ARE NOT LEFT BEHIND. We must however, leave behind THAT which no longer serves us as a collective, as a whole. We must come together in wholeness, in union, in HUMANITY. We can no longer place value in systems that are interacting, inner ACTING, in a physicality- that is not TRULY understood.

(We have built our reality system off of lineages that didn't know the whole story or weren't truthful about it, equations that didn't know the whole story, leaders that didn't know the whole story, equations that missed a few numbers- stapled together)-

For as a humanity we have grown and we continue to grow. We have outgrown our parents. Children, YOU are the parents

Teach YOUR children that which will nourish the INNER CHILD. We must support the children within. It is time to let go of these lineages of ancient ones that are only harnessing control, control-ogy, control ideology.

We must allow the natural flow and rhythm and cycles of life in an organic versus inorganic, we must come into our selves, our cells as an organism that is in a natural yet exponential, expansion field. For we have grown into- grown up. We can't play in the same sandbox anymore- we have graduated, and outgrown our sandbox, our old playground- and we are not in separate sandboxes- technology, everything. We cannot rely on the assumed truth that we have been taught from teachers who did not know the whole truth, or were not willing to go into the truth.

Our body is living architecture- we cannot continue to expand within dead technology- we must plug into open source- WE ARE the technology. (For example- lead paint doesn't work- isn't good for us, so don't use it- get the lead out, don't be led astray)-

We are being invited to not be led astray by the old orchestra that is playing old songs because they refuse to step out of the old system. This is no longer able to hold our attention once we tap into our higher attention span, higher expansiveness- higher ability to expand, INTO higher awareness- SPANNING out wider than what THEY are trying to CATCH our attention with- How broad can we expand out from within? This happens here on Earth, together, and we can connect everything we want and need to through our HUMAN potential.

We are starting to realize....many people are telepathic, this came from a higher knowing. Where did this information come from? We don't need to get it from a computer- we ARE the supercomputers, we DO have the ability to SELF HEAL, we do have enhancements that are natural, organic.

We invite you to tune into the new harmonics that Earth is offering, for she calls to you. She calls TO you, she calls through you, for you are part of her. You are always connected, for you are born of this lineage, so to speak. You are born as Earth beings, so for you carry within you the codes that are required to carry, that she is required to carry, that we are then utilizing as keys to activate.

Quit trying to run away from who we are! Feel into, allow yourselves to unfold like flowers. Allow your petals to open wide. As you steer your bicycle, push your pedals, you will move the wheels and all that can and will evolve, so to speak, and will then open up the portals that are necessary to anchor in the higher geomantics- geometrics- geometry- all of this is anchoring in and WE are activating this.

(I was being shown a HUGE stargate and portal- completely opening, and all of the humans on Earth, all of the girdworkers, gatekeepers, awakened ones, and even those that are in their heart- awakened in the heart, that focus intention of love, compassion, love, joy forgiveness, reaching up and holding the hands of those that can't quite find it, or need a little assistance, it looks like light bulbs lighting up- opening the stargate wider and wider allowing more of Earth, so to speak- can then squeeze through the stargate. I was being show that this energy resets everything- more vividly- brighter).

As we 'pass through', so to speak, this particular TONE that we are currently sitting within, the higher we harmonize as a collective, the more that tone must rise to harmonize with us. Like tuning instruments- all must tune, tone UP so to speak to COME WITH US- this assists in this light pouring over, through us, this PORTAL light, Taking us into a completely different space than what we have ever existed within before. This portal then 'locks in', links up and creates a different SPIN, allowing us to lock in with other places in space that we haven't been able to lock into before because the harmonic was too low.

Geomaticsi"disciplineconcerned with the collection, distribution, storage, analysis, processing, presentation of geographic data or geographic information".... and is related to geospatial science (also geospatial engineering and geospatial technology).

Dan Winters:

I also had been getting a reference to the titanic and ironically just found a video come up- you can find it on Ancient Aliens- and instagram. As I said the Titanic in my 'flow' I saw that it may not actually have happened the way we thought it did. Never thought that until this video LOL.

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