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Notice of Sovereignty

We are bold, emboldened, in bolt in- lit up,

lightning rods, no longer told we are too bold,

the old souls have spoken, the indigo, rainbow, crystal,

crystalline all in unity, rays of life.

No longer told We are not to know,

how to behave, who should we be,

what we should have, what we should have not,

for we are the forerunners, forefront,

ONE, forty four and then sum,

suns and daughters of the sun.

We are the front, in the front, inner to outer

confronting with all senses, of the new view.

SEEN through, the Old Soul Eyes,

seeing through old sold lies, new sol realize-

open to all, heeding the call, see through the disguise, masks worn in paltry review.

See-through, those that are NOT part of the living network,

the TRUE net-worth, of life.

Those who do not value life in the same light we do.

We see past the parts and parcels, parceling up,

carving up, parts of the pie- pi.

Perfection broken into pieces, handed out by the sect few.

For we are many, our life review is now, born anew.

We see all in the rear-view, windows down,

pains blown out as we speed UP and INTO view,

the one the all, come one come all- open the halls,

deck the halls in the now, show, showered in light.

We play ball to our own rules, swish, into the basket,

switch into that which is BEYOND the old game-

we do not play ball, bye the old rules, out-ruled,

Televised, ill advised, tele-vice, vice grip on the control, remote control-

regulated by discord, old courts, tarnished and torn.

The remote viewers have come on line- and SEE.

Gamers playing a new wave, way of seeing.

Open to new avenues and all that WAS in the old system is fading out.

Fuzzy, exposed, expelled, expired. Sour milk.

There are those that wish to stay,

laying the fieldwork with half empty promised enterprises,

seeking to bind, blitz with false prizes, atmach too high a price,

accosting the soul with gadgetry, wizardry, and such.

Those that hold the cup HALF full,

seeking to GET somewhere, ignoring the lower half,

merely tread water, waiting, wading for the spell to break,

the damned, the dam to burst open and

reveal the land of milk and honey.

We do not wait, waste away, waste no more,

for we ARE all the chosen ones, choice as one- choose to be one,

won, done, all making choices, hear now. moment to moment

We choose what we do, what we CHEW on,

turn on, tune into, tune our channels to.

We do not review the old playbook, for it is out of key,

it hits a sour note- a sour cord, it has turned and so have we.

Our cup is have FULL, floweth over, home sweet home.

The nectar of the flower true expression of light, life, force,

lighting up the globe, globetrotters in all directions,

directional force, force of movement in this now moment.

No longer the court jester, for all is just, adjust men,

all is now, adjusting to the flow.

For we SEE and light the way, the path, shining out

those that seek to sequester, allowing wounds to fester,

creating wounds that seek to wind, bind, the heart,

the old bindings from old books, broken,

books that hold spells that cast

doubts on those who know not the shadow within, below and all around.

We sound out the sonar bubbles that bounce back our renewed fervor-

forever quenching the fever of false fires.

For we drinketh from the cup of the Eternal Fountain

from the depths of our own BEING, our own crystal river,

rivers run deep, filling all that seek- within.

Speak truth, step away from the charade of villain.

For the villain has played its part,

torn apart much in the landscape of HOME.

Yet we see into the mystery school, the education of some, a select few,

and no longer accept a one world inverted view, version of truth.

We see into AS Great Mystery, the mysteries of life, light,

lit to perfection, life IS perfection, perfect,

we are ALL made in the image of love.

And you have been made.

We see through the looking glass that has been unplugged.

For we unplug from your concept of reality,

Conned into deception no more.

For what lies beneath is US, we stand on our own two feet

united in freedom, Walking hand in hand

with Mother Earth, birthed from her womb.

No room can hold us- for we ARE the ones HOLDING SPACE.

Holding THE space. ONE HUMAN race

in expansive expressive diversity, UNIVERSE-ity,

merging into unification WITH, AS the vastness WE ARE.

Unplugged from the cast of re-runs, reruns and spell chains.

We spell it out, sovereign, now.

We break the chains, that hold bondage codes.

For knowing comes now, from within we clear and

delete the false sin, false signs, false idols,

idle techniques implanted in our frequency,

apparatus sent to trapeze, traps set, hang,swing, back and fourth,

performing tricks for false masters, puppet masters,

charading, posing, imposing as gods, neon and harsh,

impostors- we see through the farce.

The dangling charms and circus, circumstance performance,

staged for those who dance in chains of their own doing.

For we are undoing, changed, and all may play in freedom

should they choose, if they only knew.

The people are willing and now KNOW, say no,

to false energy that feeds on the unknowing.

Knowledge is key is power and we say know more.

For We know, and in this we SING, swing free of the constraints,

contracts, shackles being shaken off as we step forward,

for word, as the word, wardens of love and truth.

The chemicals that bind hold no power over the light.

The spells and chain-makers hold no lock key any longer,

for we have slipped in and through the net worth barriers,

working together behind the scenes. a movement of change,

changing, unchained melody, changing the scenes.

A CHARGE has burst, turn the key, the locks and

all it takes is to look and see a little deeper.

We look deeper into the eyes of the shadow and see the wounded child,

we offer a hand- the RIGHT hand for balance and stability,

for we all have the right, the ability, to be the peace.

All pieces fit the code of activation, the code of harmony equalization,

equality, the equivalent of love.

And so it is

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