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One Step UP

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

One step IN front of the other

One step UP

Other, worldly, order

Earther, New Earther order

OUR worldly order, order UP,

Do not buy into the inverted words,

That seek to TAKE your mind, 'there'

Down under, mind trick association

Instead, SEE PAST the glamour

Into the glimmer, shIMmer

of LIGHT that you SHINE, sine

That You birth INTO,

the newer Earth

The New earth,

the new True WORD order,

Do not fear the words,

YOU create

The worlds you create,

As creators of your world

WITH your words, Envisioned

Word association is not factual,

it is often fractional,


endured, as WE go the distance

Enduring, holding, weaving,

We take back the PHRASEs,

of dazed and confused,

End of days Rhetoric,

rhetorical references,


glass half empty Masquerades

Send in the clowns,

Let us refer to the light,

we are,

Light the CABLES,

come ONE come all, in all

We ARE bound in the BODY

of the Kyrsted frequency


That which is NOT truth

LIT up,

lighting up the passages,

The passAGE way

THE way, I am the way

and the light,

OF the light, AS the light

We are we are

Strike a pROSE,

Say your PEACE

Strike a pose, strike a match

We dispatch the call

To take back the prose

That were stolen, stalled-within

a boundary, That is now

at a cease fire, under Phire

Phire- seize the day, faraday,

et tu brute?

day O, Tao

The prose

and the CONS

are now revealed

For in your singularity

comes consequences

Sing you La RIT t

Con sequences,

hone in on the smoke signals

You are receiving, seeing,

For all the smoke and mirrors

are highlighting the Truth

For the true receivers,


are taking the high road

Taking back invaluable,

in value,

the replacements

are the team

For we have stepped into

the play mode,

the letters we throw,

throw backs,

of manny ages, layered within,

Dive deeper

Go into the expansion,

expedite the Prose-says,

the processes,

process this,

Let us linger no more

in old ways

that ended before

We know-

many of us know,

let us linger within

and know more.

Let us listen and

bend the ear

in a deeper resonance

and FLOW

With the resonance of

BEYOND the tube-

the tubes and cables,

The mixed letters-

mix these letters around

See what is hidden and

what LIES beneath.

See through the displays

and projections

so that WE may project

Our own frequency uninterrupted,

with no dependency

On the irrelevance

that is a malevolent level

of hypocrisy

For it is not part of the lace,

the higher race

that has already been,

won, one,

The torch

has been passed

For we are playing

in a whole new level,

and the lower levels

are merely, mirrorly


on how to win

a game that is no longer,

No longer interlaced

in the same way.

The SHOES are untied and

we are FILLING the space,

light streamers dancing,


Weaving interlacing

in new ways,

Using new words,

and the word was one,

For we are interacting,

Inner acting,

laced together

In time space, and beyond,

beneath, above, within

and time is now,

There is no REAL race,

For the reality

that we are

racing toward, to word,

has already been


Archived, received,

and we are in it now.


we are we are,


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