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OPEN the Window

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

OPEN the window

to CHANGE , Leading TO,

the the way to change,

see through, the glass, pane

Look through, the looking glass,

glaze, haze, wipe away the pain,

ALLOW clarity of purpose,

of vision,

to seep through,

see through,

steep, soak up the light

that YOU are,

turn on the switch,

SELF powered,

self EMpowered,

light the charge,

light the WAY,

the higher capacitator

of change, enhanced vision,


lighten up.

Allow the loosening, lessen-ing,

Lesson In, lesson the burden,

SINE in, lisen IN, hear the song,

hear the roll of the new wave,

The LONG wave, knocking,

crashing at your door,

arriving, arising on your shore-

daybreak, sunRISE,

has risen and so it is, written.

for all old LAW mechanics fall away,

new RULES are ruling the roost-

the 'chicken' has left the coup,

flown away, for as we flow,

float into a new STAGE,

a new space, time rolls away,

row row row your boat,

merrily on your way,

There is a light, burrowing its way through, at the end of the tunnel,

the tunnel IS the train,

terrain, terra-in,

(time tunnel of course)- co-erse.

Ahh, and so here we PLAY,

welcome back from distract-ion,

At ONE once again FROM,

a ton- atun, tune of distractions,

a time of distration,

clearing the way, taking away

from yur true track, traction.


your motion is renewed

in this HEART, fluid, e-motion,

(For me continued ...)

for the pen flows like silk,

within your finger tIPs-

fingertrips, tripping, tryptophan -

trip to flame, flame letters,

flame in mind, flame d,

INflamed, PLAY

for the art of the word play

has been lost, fill the void,

lesson the gap, soul sparkled alchemy stands to reason.

This is your cup of tea-

reading of the leaves so to speak

So it is...


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