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Organic origami

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Welcome to the new energies,

Welcome to FEELING into

the quantum field , feel-d

that we are all

MERGING in, emerging from,

immersed in

Can we LET GO

of the entanglements

that have kept us in tangles

In other versions, visions

Landscapes and realities

Of LAYERED realities

Can we find our own

ship to sail

Rather than worSHIP

that which HAS BEEN

Altered, Altherfications,

Placed up on a pedastool

for that ship has sailed.

Yet there is much

that is still flailing

That SEEMS to be

cutting out the smooth sailing

that many of us were hoping for,

From one perspective.

We are BEING invited

to feel into these cords,


outer to innner attachments,

based on false attachments,

Yet still energetically bound,

binding, blinding,

then move deeper into

the strings and cords

of the heart.

Allowing all that is not

heart felt, and allow all

of the thought processes

to Dissolve

And allow them To be

Through, DONE.

Due, Do process


To see into the the heart.

Allow the vision from

the heart felt currencies

To come up through that

which we have in vision ED

Changing how we see things,

allowing us to see through


The inner WE, the inner WEAVE

And allow us to EACH find


Our own WAVE

Of conDUITitiviviity, conductIVity

As we FLOW into

this connectivity,


connect WITH a deeper LAYER

Of that which WE ARE

connected with at all times

Yet may of us have been

unable to sink into

to SYNC up with

For we have fallen into

what we may lovingly call

a sinkhole, if you will

it's As if we have fallen,

we FIND ourselves seemingly

unable to SEE through

that which has been

Sunk- to see that which has

already been sunk.

But as we do this

as we sink,sync deeper,

SEEK deeper into our

heart chords, strings,

SPEAK from this space,

We deepen into

a different category

We allow ourselves to

SYnc up and INto

That which is Laced

out before us, that

which WE ARE


That which we are

connected with, the tissue

A deeper STIRRING for the strings,

a deeper RING

Rings of the TREE, smoke rings.

There are those that THINK

they are in a black HOLE

Yet when we go back

Into the heart,

we feel more WHOLE

We are more COMPLETE,

Able to move into cOMpletion,

We come into this toroidal SPIN

And come out the other end,

Alternate end, new beginning

from one perspective

We are catapulted back UP

out of this place,

That we feel we have sunk into,

Once we sync into the SPACE

Of the heart.

For as we allow ourselves

to COMPASSionately

CHARGE from within

We let go of the need

to be charged by the OUTER

passion, (other's passion)

That is flaming the fire, so to speak

that is not the true PHI-re


As we allow our innner child

to set the new true standards

Golden standards

We invite you

to invite those SOUNDS and

different FREQUENCIES to move through, to move through the ‘ideas’

And concepts of languAGE

For many of us

have BOXED ourselves into

a certain COMPUTATIONAL language

If you will, a linguistical academy

That which tells us

what we can and 'cannot' say

That which we are allowed,

a-loud to ALOUD

That which we CAN

and cannot SPEAK

WHO it is and WHAT it is

that we are speaking with.

For we we are always connected to

the DEEPER tunes

of Mother Nature

We are always connected to

the deeper TUNES

of that which nurtures,

N-a-t-u-r-e…. R—e-t—u-n-e,

re-tune, reTURN to nature

That which nurtures

our very GROWTH,

Our very expansion,

our very expression

Our every communication,

that which has been

'thrown out' if you will

With the bathwater,


That which we have ignored commmunication with

for so long

Is coming back into

our AWAREness beyond


CAPacity for understanding.


that the MENTAL capacity

is attached to

Is no longer working

in the same way.

The same memechanical division,

that has divided

That is divisible,

that has been decided

That has decided

what is visible and

that which is not.

For those who have made

those decisions, imPROMptu

Those that have been prompted to

EnFORCE those decisions

on me and you,

Those that have made

those decisions

based on certain world

perspectives, WORLD, wr-old views,

prompts and POINTS of view,

Are NO LONGER the ones

that see clearly.

Let us clari-phi

Clear the air, waves

For those that are

holding the NEW VIEW

Are the ones holding the CHARGE,

they, WE are the ones

that are charging FORWARD,

if you will.

As we move forward

we MOVE UP and

through the RANKS

We let go of that

which is rank, if you will,

That which is decaying,

that which is decrepit

Tales front, font the crypt,

Tales from the crypt, and

we open that which is decrypted

that which was in held in crypts,


We break the code,

writing new codes

‘That’ which has spoken to us

to ignore our EXTRA senses

And only tune into ‘that’

which we have been taught

and TOLD to tune into,

tell- a VISION

But all that is around us,

through the layers,

the strings,

The string communication

is stirring our SENSES, census

Write, right now

It is stirRING within us

a deeper desire, if you will.

A deeper FIRE

that is not man MADE,

or inorganic, from one persepctivve,

yet it IS made by man, many

For We are the ONES

that are making

IN the making, as the HUman


AS the rainBOW color

frequency man, woman,

as HUman

Expressing through SOUND and

the many LAYERS

of feelings, thoughts,

emotIONs, ripples, exceteRA

We then, are the ONEs

that are the FORERUNNERS, if you will

For we are now running ahead and looking back, Beckoning

And Seeing US, seeing withIN us

from our inner sight, inner vision

that which IS,

Has been.

Letting go of competition,

'That' which has been

COMPETING for our attention

'That' which has been,

competing against, us,

We look back and see from

the OTHER SIDE of the fence,

there never really was

a FENCE or defense.

Yet this is THE FUTURE,

for, FOUR, in the in now moment,

many are in a place, dimension,

Dimentia, where

they are on the fence

not sure where they are

located, Loki-ated

Because they have not found

their deeper location

LOCALITY, reality, local reality

from within their body,

or Earth's body

From within

their inner heart CURRENCY

Electricity, inner circuitry,


For as many find themselves,

go within, they recognize the tune, allowing them to TURN INTO,

towards, the direction and spin

Uplifting them


Recognizing the song

that is playing

Not only from within our Hear-t,

but also from within

the inner Presentations

of EARTH Mother

For within her comes through

the frequencies of Her

own heartfelt sounds

Can we tune into and FEEL

the sounds that are all around

that are being offered from

the animals, the birds, the water

The plants, The elemental kingdom

being offered in ALL DIRECTIONS