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Out of the Loop

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

We are set within a boundless field in formation, of information, yet the perceived boundaries we are subject to, have subjected ourselves to, Are subjects that we have created subjectifying our reality layers and beings that exist with us and Within These layers. As we unlock our boundless potential, our subject and knowledge of such expands, and we open our boundaries of knowledge allowing for a broader bandwidth to recognize, Re-cog-nize and to recognize US. For ALL is a living, breathing and moving Network, that once accessed wishes to play more WITH us, AS us.

Our speech limits, our capacity for growth and this has been PLAYED out, laid out before us in Humanities CAPTIVITY, so to speak, captivating us. Whimsical games capturing our eyes, our ears, our attention SPAN, SPAMming, spanning out over time pulling us in and pooling, pulling our Resources corralling Us in, so to speak, so that the Pool is easily controlled and distributed. Yet, We now open TO our INNER play time, our true time, time of truth now, higher speech pathology, neurology, re-new all higher PATH, now.💚

A timepiece has been worn, to keep us on track, on one track, hive mind, have, halves have not. Yet, This IN, influx, FLOW IN that is occurring has blown off the cages of our Caravan. For The wrist longs to be free of the shackle of time, for time LONGS to be used, or the concept of time longs to be used more CONSTRUCTIVEly.💛

The senses are escaping the BARS, barcodeCODES, bars in coated, encodedwith graphically streaming merchandise and propaganda. LERCH and dice.

We are no longer children waiting, longing to be led, ushered, LED astray to a time-space Continuum of continuity and slain resources. The trees will weep no more. Animals must not suffer, our lineage must NOT PROPOGATE the PROPOGANDA.

And so here we are. We do not dawdle, Time's a Wastin. We show you a linear time Loop that you, we must escape. Play free, That we are escaping so to speak. We do not run away. We embrace our new role, renewed role remembered roll with Bountiful Grace. For we ARE the SHAREholders. We are the stock BROKERS, breaking the bonds that have been stacked up against us. We hold the capacitor switch, We switch off THAT which some wish to turn on. We do not accept the CON, concept of LACK, of FUTILE fertility, when our Earth LONGS to be free. We ARE free of a con-munity, conned mutiny that reduces our ability to come together in United freedom and love, choosing to bond with our divine feminine Mother, true masuline motherfather in ALL forms. EARTH, Divine Mother, feminine care and compassion. Yet we choose to harness WITH this stability and Grace, strength IN knowledge, knowing we are capable of SO much MORE than we have been LED to believe. Dumb it down Illusions, delusions of grandeur in a material plane of existence. Wings clipped, Flights of Fancy, do not hold our attention anymore. Nor do the delusions of War. For we have established a hold, a whole new concept and whole new line of thought -heart -space, Coupled, married together in heart spaced fractality. Skipping the void of avoidance, skipping the void, the scratch on the record, the loop meant to pull in the resources of the human potential.

For we boil and bubble in alchemical response to the thread being pulled, the web being spun, spun out. We spin the threads of Hearts string accordance, lining up new coordinating coordinates beyond the expression of Earth plane dimensional existence, beyond the diameter once thought.

(Think about it, bring me a Higher Love). The activation cues, Qs are creating a wedge. A surfable community of characters coming together and combining the resources and inner knowing technology, tech know ledge y. A Divine reunion of the accordances, dancing together in what will be true friendship. A lining, aligning of the coffers,so to speak. Cha-ching, a value system that is unrecognizable to the masses. A golden Arrangement established long ago, long before now, A long wave standing, understanding. For we are playing out of song that needs No Chorus, for we are the strings in Quantum Arrangement particles en Masse. Constrictions meant to bind, bend merely ignite our Perpetual Clockwork. We Are honing in on home. There's no place like home, now click snap. We are the re uni fires, reunify-ers.

We are the school of Masters and commanders sent from long ago. There are no bounds. We come to create the winds of self esteem, building steam to welcome to higher self, To create the ship that lies within, KA, boat, frequency emitters committed to transitioning, transferring, transference, transforming an old system that has lost its heart, it's way. We come to lead the way, wave out of poverty and perverted systems, perversions of truth, Lost in diabolical illusion. Fantasy produced in constructs of unrealistic UN real, established fraudulently. For fraudulent Creations are an Abomination. They are no longer acceptable, permissible, time is up. The clock is ticking. The Talking Stick has been confiscated and those must step forward to renew the trust in Humanity, to express with non-hostile views. Hosting all who play in this new Kingdom as a true HOST should behave, with dignity and compassion.

Let go of the restraints. The self-induced shackles to some belief system construct that has nothing to do with the REAL you, nothing to do with the growth of the Soul. Let go of the mirror. The old vanity complex that has been drilled into the psyche, hume-vanity vs humanity. The soul is expanding always, in all ways, The physical form is a beautiful tool and aspect for soul expression.

The time to play Small is over for many. Step out and renew yourself in the SUN, Mother Nature, the TRUE sandBox that COMPLIMENTS your Souls freedom, freedom to express in HIGHer ways, leaving behind, so to speak highWAYS of concrete and metal boxes. While these are useful they can be use fool, foolishly used. They are not the only highways, routes of travel, routes of expression. You may tell your own story. Your own tell a vision. The visions that go beyond the highways and metal, mental boxes to concrete boxes to electronic boxes. PLAY, step out of the box, the field has expanded. We are pushing the barriers, the boundaries at this time, of this time. How big can your energy field, auric field, Heartfield, feel-d expand? Imagine THAT, FEEL that. Get into the freedom of the land, the MOTHERland. This new rebirth is at HAND and Your Mother Earth celebrates WITH you. Hold out your hand and TOUCH the grasses, the waters, the animals. FEEL the Bounty, the Oneness, the gifts in your hands passing through your fingertips. Lighting up your imagination. BREATHE freely. Air is not OWNed by anyone. It is part OF you and Beyond some construct of mental material, some foundaMENTAL social Foundation, founded in fraught, fretting, fighting, fraud to the senses. You ARE the sense, cents, census, sense US, sense ability. Use your senses, open as there is much more at HAND, in our hands, together.

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