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The pure of heart

shall inherit the earth,

are in HERE it on the EArth-

Be pure of heart

with others and yourself.

Offer shelter to those in need,

seeking fire in your house,

for you grieve as they grieve,

and your shine is their shine.

For you are of the same cloth,

no amount of clothes

will cover the soul.

No amount of freedom

is too much.


no amount of love.

you are aspiring,

A spiral ring,

sphire, sapphire ring

to share the 'wealth'

and as you do, surely

you shall feed the youth

and find 'You'

your higher self-

your enlightened person,

personification, per SUN

Waiting in the shadows

to be revealed.

With Clear, clarity,

intentions of appreciation,

Light gratitude,

gratuity, gravity

manifested in the flesh.

Ashes to ashes and

dust to dust,

as we all ARE

at one time

OR another,


or Eventually have been,

WILL be at ONE time,

the circle,

all exists NOW

all exists as ONE

and as ONE another.

We have all played

in eachothers shoes,

we've played in each

others sandbox-

the sands of time are slipping,

slip sliding away

As you seek

shelter from the storm,

so too will others,

share the spoils.

spare the rod spoil the child-,

was it literal or LIT tear all,

litter, misprint of a letter,


we now shift direction,

we create molecules,

we create a turbine of energy

of crystallization of patterns

in the neuropathways,

a neuro-network

of science and behaviors.

There are catalysts at play,

a synchronization,

father chronos,

frequencies and catalysts

coming together to you

To you knight, unite,

a whole, tribe, kingdom if you will-

a united nations,

a reactivation,

out of sync, out of touch,

at one time- catacomb-

heal thyself and

you heal all others.




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