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pondering Pons

Squish squish

As you allow these energies

to cascade through you

You open to a scene

See IN, a movie, seen in a moving flow

A diagram of precision

Precision perception,


Perceive vision

Seeing a scene before you

Essene, an essence

A scope of magnetism,

docking in

You perceive more

And in this Univision

You in vision

you access more

You see a square, root,

a point within a square

(2x, squared, double)

and then sum

And then some, soma

For as you add up

You create more

More what?

A scale, all hail,

The king and the queen

A divine reunion, arcing

To a space,

A point

A point in space

(Swing batter batter swing)

And HERE we play- for today

for today,

Earth has achieved a goal,

One might say

A RING up the ladder

A merger and acquisition,


A new concept is birthed

Actualized conception

Imagine THAT


Imaging that

For we create a space, acode a code

An access node

An ability to access, axes

(2 access, 2 axis, to access the axis)

A cross reference

2 scales merged as one

A harmonic, Cascade, a braid

That harmonizes a distinct pattern,

A cord- an unbreakable bond

2 of hearts

Sew two, so too, does this combine

to create one

An unstoppable force

An unstoppable dream

For many are dreaming in collaboration

And our thoughts spark a mark,

on the wheel

Unstoppable, palpable, unshakeable

For we reunify with the golden conjecture POW

A combination of patterns that create MORE…


Patterns never seen before

Never before seen, scene

We enhance the set and

move it back into review

Time signature

(I am seeing symbols like on a drum, golden symbols)

Drum roll please,

We know the ink has not set in

For in this particular set

It requires you not to (over)think

About HOW you connect the dots (about this writing)

For AS you connect, pen on paper

Your dots do the connecting FOR you

A written inscription transcribed onto lines

Lines of productivity

That produce a map

A production, an induction chamber of sorts

And we de-deuce,

deduce that you will knot,

We deduce that you will not deduce

The alchemical equivalent of written score

Sheet music

Sheet O’ music

Many different reference points

Requiem for a dream POW

Let us move over

And chase the graphics, change the graphics

For in this surge of written D-light

Energy signature transfusion

Transmission, written sound

Copies a holographic incantation

Ink-cantata on

A D-light of the senses

(Paragraph #1 number one, 1)

A holographic scribble, scribe bell

Scribble that creates a pattern

An incandescent diagram that splashes a score

Shall we say more?

For what we are saying is indescribable

In the descriptive way, you would say

Or ONE might say,

WE disagree, for in this filigree

There is a tune, a set, a beat

A beat of the drum-

FEEL it, the rhythm

Ba boom boom boom

As you light up this script

With this paper and pen

It enhances Your score, sore and you merge with MORE

(Lights out, Ali), float like a butterfly

Liquid courage

For this signature requires flight

Too heavy, and you will not see

Too far away to reach


Golden letter alchemy, drip drip drip

This does not allow access

to just anyONE

It is a unification,

fun incantations

That create a space of code

A codex

Too many, two many, (and)

there will be one

To many there will be one

This playful song, sound graph

Creates a pattern, a coil(slinky)

A coil that satisfies a part of the brain

Satiates soothes and enhances

a neural network of pathways

It highlights a sensation in the cerebral cortex

A humming, a purr, a whirl,

delicious (pearl-pur-url)

It livens up the stem

ONE might say

For all that is birthed is from within

It creates a flare, liven up

Lighten up, light it up, (and oh it lights up the night)

This alchemical switch

Juiced, juicy, loose C, lucy, Lieu germination

And as we access these seeds of consciousness

With this rhythm,

we spark a memory

A unification a woven exchange of light

Enhanced activation, letters of alchemy, phire letters

Chalk it up to a mathematical settee, soirée, sorbet, Caberet

For as we dance with this chemistry set,

It creates a prose, strikes a pose

Creates a cord, and the sound reverberates

Through the castle, (over the river and through the bridge)

Under the moat one might say

As we write, we quill,

we quell a craving

We harvest a line, bringing into bloom

A harvesting

A canonical antidote, anecdotal

A three course, chorus meal

An alchemical conduction point

Let us change the verbs for a moment

And create a different signal

As we access a dialect,

change a chord

We change the string

on which the chord is located

On the access, axis point

On which it was coiled,

birthed, penned, pined, cone

Pinned on the map

Penned inscription

We create a line of energy and


In the greater crater

The greater cavity

A tunnel of fluid motion

Charging down the lane

Penny lane, copper flow conduction

A whole new wave of configuration

For within this chamber is a cavern

That holds a crystal whale

That holds a crystal whale

A crystal screen

A shimmering coil

of concentrated haptic translucence

Translucency, a piece of eight, 8

Treasure map gold,

the bridge, is then created

(Hopping down the bunny trail)

A birdie, an open range shot

Right down the whole (hole in one)

How does it feel, (like a rolling stone)

Hold onto this liquid courage, cure-age,

For it harness a glue, gluon, impact zone

Clue on the game board of life

(Who dun it? POW)

The professor with the candlestick

Two of hearts (song I am hearing)

It activates a cavern

(To everything turn turn turn)

it creates a tipping point

(in-the bilge)

Don't’ rock the boat (song i am hearing)

But DO rock the boat,

For this crystal cavern chrysalis

Has been sedentary for too long

It unlaces unleashes a chain (see what I drew)

Of events that create an avenue, a venue POW

SEE, seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

A silicone suction cup

A sea of Vasquez, viscous

A harmonious composition, a flower

A beautiful chamber of secrets

The honey pot

A golden glaze of alchemical conduction

(I saw stars, falling all around her head)

For in this vision,

(Double vision)

She is unified, unified, phires up

Stairway to heaven of sorts, POW

Come with me to the sea, of love

A harmonious overture

A whole new region of space

Space age love song

Pole shift renewal, super flux



The breadth, depth or reach of a subject; a domain.

breadth (countable and uncountable, plural breadths)

The extent or measure of how broad or wide something is...

A piece of fabric of standard width.

Scope or range, especially of knowledge or skill.

expand one's breadth of marketing

haptic technology

Haptic perception - Wikipedia


Transparency and translucency - Wikipedia



Somatosensory cortex

Fasciculus cuatr


Sensory decusation

Gray's Anatomy, figure 759:

the sensory tract, showing

the pathway (blue) up the

spinal cord, through the

somatosensory thalamus, to

S1 (Brodmann areas 3, 1, and

2), S2, and BA7


Notice p: Penny lane, and the magnetite in the brain and it’s relationship to iron

A birdie in golf is a golf term to describe a score made on a golf hole where the golfer takes one stroke less than the designated par for the hole. This is often expressed as "one stroke under par" or more commonly, just "one under".

Not Shakespeare uses it

Like a rolling stone - bob Dillon

Turn turn turn- the birds

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