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Messages in the fabric we are weaving: See through the dARK ages, put your readers on and read IN between, through the LINES. combine the old anyd the new, flip and reverse the inversion, the inverted table tactics, for they are falling apart, of the screened dome, kingdom begins to mELt away with the CURRENCY of the HIGHER heart, WITH the heart, the high heart, this is the CARD that you have chosen, for you are no longer PART of the (portmanteu) poor me too, poor me in two, poor me move out, on, up Upward movement, moment to moment No longer port into old ports, points of view, Instead, I am the PORT, the currency I WAVE the LONG goodbye The years gone by, behind, let go. Charge of particles and waves The conductor of energy Emerging, singing, Emmersed inam the gamma burst Radio actvated, new technology, WE

For as WE unfold, Gray folds in matter, g- RAY Matters of truth, HUE HUge insights OPEN as you show shower YOUR, True colors, shining your true unfolding of the FLOWER withIN, you show your true power and your cards are - (cards of the heart are displayed- the ace up the sleeve so to speak) Open the eyes, open the ears, for within the tears, within the weariness there are words

get in the flow for NEW words are pouring forth, release the old words of indoctrination, release the old words of catagrorically failing explanation, flailing, seeking to SPIN the energy and WHEELS of self destruction, deCONstruction, for we are listening to new instructions, instructions SETS set within, our architecture set within our DNA- D IN ALL- D N A first letter- alpha bets, of the alph bet- ALL bets are off- for the game is no longer THAT which has BEEN, old players old names, are being reframed- looking through new frames, new lenses, filtered out, being filtered, out, set aside- no longer on the same side, playing sides- jumpsides, jumped timelines to take a better ride. For those were tired of the same merry go round, roller coaster, in circles, encircled, that of the jokester, merrily merrily .

Yet, we may all SMILE, for rejuvenation is at hand. For we are ALL the heyokha- inner teachers- story tellers, we are ALL the trickster, the coyote, when we choose to be. So, let us LAUGH at our wisdom, let us laugh at our INNER wisdom, our inner knowing as we find, refine

Let us re-frame this message, let us go back within for a moment, let us go in a higher realm of efficiency, for we recognize that you are SEEING a higher realm of efficiency- there is much to be seen in a higher way, THE high WAY a higher realm of expression- as you allow yourself to create more in abundance, as you step OUT INTO the road less traveled- as you allow yourself to unfold FROM, Great Mystery AS the great mystery INTO great mystery, as you set your intentioION, set your sights on higher reading, READ into the SIGNS and signals that ARE all around, READ into the landscape in which You have placed yourself- inbound, abound.

Allow yourself to LIGHT UP the SCREEN in which YOU are projecting your sights- YOUR movie, YOUR feeling, FEEL into more of that which YOU are, for you ARE the STAR, starseed, Starflower, sunshower, HUE-man expressed Compressed into skin Showering light particle expression Photonic charge, spin activators Spinning the Web Portals to new port

You are set within a new SPIN, allow yourself to free-quent the miles, the s-mile high, the miles HIGH- more than high- up up and AWAY. Step BEYOND the mile markers you have set for yourself, the CHANNEL markers, the grooves that have been notched out from the tongue, Spokes and wheels, spokes move the words Move worlds, the spoken word the tongue and groove checks, the checks and balances, the tongue and groove neurological response network that you have morphed time and time again. Morphology- Allow the TRUTH to be pLACEDon FULL display, set within these NEW CODES, new nodes, these new frameworks ARE new codes, new extensions of your own SELF worth, self worthy-ology, Wordology SELF AWARE- (portmanteau)- for ever there has been over time, a separation of the wording that has been shifted into singularity. For if you choose to play with the wording in a more expansive framework it opens Envelopes, letters, and envelopes in New, neurological new-logical ways. 🌈carrieyvonne

Much love! 🙏 For more writing if you feel guided:

completed from recording

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