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Prose and Coins

#Prose and Coins #1

I walk myself, I watch myself, observing, I walk within I take a walk to see What may be coming up

inside from me, Form me, forming,

From within that inner reflection is the only journey, so to speak

That can assist in my own inner hospitality, Hospitable me, Host PI table, me.For within these poetic prose comes attitude adjustments,

Comes from adjusting

to adjacent, adjunct,

the hemispheres of the brain

To hemisync ,two sides of the coin, One. To sync into a deeper think tank,

to sync into a deeper Tank of experiential points of view

that are coming up from

within You, and me

For within these different viewpoints and. adjustments I am making,

the circumference that i am seeeing

Within and expanding out, into, broadens,I see beyond the frequency bands that have been set

Within my own net, if you will

I step outside of the trapping systems

that have been my net worth

My value systems for so long

For now I come into a greater expansive place, space, of birth

And I see that BEING birthed in front of me From a new reality into a new reality And personality

that I am bringing to the table, a new DEC(k) For the tables have turned

And multiplied factors that are exponentially being placed into

The new factorization, if you will

The new factory that we are all creating from within, olfactory,

New factorization of ALL,

(I am seeing many words and stanzas

that can be changed and added as I type this up, it is literally a codex of living light langauges that can be morphed and mixed that represent

different factors if you will, factorization. I see different facts and different additional prose and cons)

For as I write these prose

and I see past the confluence of outside influences, I seek within to blend my own form of self expression

As a tool of beautiful espansabilty expression abiltiy

The ability to exPRESS in

an expansive factorization

Instead of forcing that which has been

factored out, old factory

Many of us have been forced and SQUEEZED into a factory, a viewpoint. It wasn’t adding up, the line up was getting backed up. The line UP, was getting BACKed up).

For as I speak in this way, these prose, and pronouns Enunciated. if you will and vibrated through the atmosphere that is The sound waves of the dear, the doe a deer, a female deer And as we enunciate in this way, we enunciate away, that which is no longer From A higher representation of ourselves, (enunciate like get rid of- change the word)- For all aspects are merging at this time And as we allow ourselves to merge into (DUST particles) Dune reference and reference to golden compass) We pull up the new factors if you will, and we take into accountability, into this account, The count, this new ability to count higher (I am seeing people with more fingers to count with- meaning we can count past 10- ten,) If you have a multidimensional set of hands and applications The dimensions (dime mentions, 10) That we can count is dimension ifphied- dimense-ified, defies dimensions, defies definitions, dimensionless, defies dimensions and their existence

For as we redefine , read defin- as we read defi, As we open and use our own abiltiies to redefine our own tools To redefine how it is that we access our abilties We open to a differential set* of point of views, A differential set of mechanics opens to point us into a different view, viewpoints Different angles, different angles of variations For there are not set rules in this particular way of playing For as we play into the many set of rules The many diffinitive landscapes that are undefined, if you willl (I am seeing spaces in Euclidean perspective, respective points of view, and it opens up this abiltiy to expand out of these planes of existence- Share-and Planck? Sherome? Planes of existence ) There are no lines if you will that are necessary to be read At this time For the stanza and prose that you are presenting have been rehearsed And we invite you to come back to the drawing board To recognize (I am seeing a Hearst and ghostbusters LOL- which makes me think of plasma)

(Knick knack paddy wack give a dog a bone, this old man came rolling home, This old man he played 2, he played Knick know I on my shoe- thinking of pony shoes since that was a typo for prose))

(I am seeing that our perspectives and points of views are significantly and extraordinarily adjusting) We don’t have to use the same lines- in space, geometry, in the play, in the words, in the same stanzas that have been written into our own variations I am seeing an architectural blueprint- read between the lines, the lines are blurred, cross the lines, incandescence- play with that word. I am seeing this massive purge of information so that the stored information can come back and restore the senses in a broad variation).

For in this onenes and this idea or expectation of what oneness should Look like We have lost the recognition that we are all a variation In a beautiful diversity of mass quantificaotins We are all one number But we are variations of that number In constant fluction and expressions

Quantum verification Quantum verb-ification (Thank you for being direct with your words And cutting to the chase, if you will with your verbs, Thank you for sharing with us your exact Point of view, and that is your point of view and how you choose To share your expression).

AsI choose to experiement with words And I step out of the way of the verbs that I choose, to express For as they express through me, I tap into unique variations In which to play with these other truths that I see, that I seek, that I speak, That are within, that bind in this experience in the form of letters I use a varied variety of various capabilities of expression in Word formation and not all will see what it is that I see Seek to express that I seed within the germination, if you will

The germination of vocabulary, The soundology Not all will understand these deeper versions of geometries that are expressed in a spellbinding performance, if you will In an artistic way Of collaboration with the human brain With the emotional system that is felt within the reverberation within the word frames that I use, If you choose not to play, in this way You have still made a choice And that is your choice to see, seize, size up the day in your own way Your perspective and point of view is not part of my journey Yet, if you choose to play and look at the different views I am sharing with you And you choose to play in this way Then we shall play together in a new form of alchemy and word composition

For within this format we can play beyond the linear expression That has been set BEFORE us Fort that which has been set before us Is CHANGING before our very eyes And we are being invite to realize that we all have Creative rights, writes. Our unique space, variations and it is not up to us to disturb their words, The uniqueness of another’s self expression in verbs In love, in compassion and in these particular streams of Ways and appreciation of the human expresssion For we are all unique expression, exPRESSion in this human form Who are we to dictate to another person, persona, personality, how their humanity Should conform or not conform Who are WE to say in a certain way And exPRESS how another should form their own way of communication. For there is not one language, if you will That is shared across the board The motherboard of humanity Unless it is love There is not one form or need for conforming or need for Confirmation to be validated in our forms of expression For as we allow ourselves to validate that which is within us We let go of the need to de-validate, de-value Or take away from someone else’s expressive point of view For as you point the finger, Three point back at you.

For we are all in this in our own way, if you will (Way is a play on words- we get in our own way, A direction, a sense of being, etc). And how we choose to occupy this internet, This net worth This network of expressive artistic collaborations are and communications Bouncing off and through this beautiful weaving Of multiple points of views, we begin to recognize that it is not necessary to confuse our own confusion with the points of views of others fusion For they may be expressing through their own value, coin fusion, confusion, or fusion. With mathematical alchemy that we perhaps we do not see Yet we do not need to disrupt their pathology For within their own expression they create the path of unique and individual Contemplation, (temple, plates, templates) And if their choice is complciation, then they have chosen To play in theri own complicit way and fabrication of their own reality They may choose to place on display how they choose to play It is not my need to disrupt theri force or their ‘feed’ For what they choose to feed into Is their own representation and point of view And I in my own choice, and ability to SEE I have the choice to be free Or feed into hypocracy To feed into the need, the feed, to disrupt and add to polarity.

I in that moment can choose not to play In that old manufactured, man-you-fractured way Any more For I no longer wish to disrupt others and their own beautiful flow In tHEIR way they ARE Connected in all ways That we are all connected into For we are the light, we are the way We are the word, we are the wave, and as we move through These new time, bands, of expression We are being invited to let go of the need to press into, impress Into someone else own expression , for that is their choice. I choose to be me, free In my own capacity for self orchestration, how great thou art For self port-art, art full, full of my own art full Complications, simplicity, simply me, silly me, compilations And so it is


*In calculus, the differential represents the principal part of the change in a function y = f(x) with respect to changes in the independent variable.

In mechanics and engines, “The differential is a device that splits the engine torque two ways, allowing each output to spin at a different speed.”

Incandescence is the emission of electromagnetic radiation (including visible light) from a hot body as a result of its high temperature.[1] The term derives from the Latin verb incandescere, to glow white.” This then led me to Thermal radiation…..

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