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Rainbows in Effect

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

We are the rainbows AND the prism, open the CELLS, open the prison, prism of the mind, prisMADic... We are the rainbows in effect effectively creating, reflecting, affecting the wHOLE of creation. We ARE affecting the ALL, what EFFECT are we having, effectively creating? Are we infection or affection, in affection, effected or affecting, Creating for the finite or infinite? We ARE the refraction system AS Divine pyramids, Pi Manders pyro midst, through the Looking Glass, reflecting BACK in Distortion and distraction OR Refraction, reflection of the beauty and wonder, Alice, in wonder, This Land is Our Land, HOUR Land NOW. Time to land now, time to see clearly. The rainbow is PENETRATING through our field, of perception, THROUGH our, hour tinted glasses Looking within, cleaning the FILTERS, blowing out the debris, TNT. Dynamo. Dynamite, Dino won't you blow, light it up, below. For as we CLEAR, clarify CLARION the CALL through our prism of Crystal chords, Chimes coordination. Coerced, co ear see d, we see through into the CHAMBERS. The high Phi, High 5D, Hive heart. Hive mind cleared, Clary D, Claritin clear 10D, cleared allergy, open allegory removing filters BOOM click into place Dorothy. Use your ruby red route advancement slippers of Technology, clicking into place the right codes of Light. Heart based currency, ACDC, splitter technology moved into Unity splitting apart, opening the Crack, Pie, Neil (phi, rose, diamond) PINEAL access granted. Into the crack. The egg is Won, one womb. For we are the grand conductors moving off the old tracks, conducting, CONSTRUCTING the orchestra orchestrating, orcha strata ing. DEconstructing the old orchestrations, old stations, removing fear. ... The obstacle is NOT, for we are STABLE. KNights, SUns of the Round Table. And round and rainbow we flow, willow concurrent swirls of light beams cording, channelling courting one another in hi phi, phi neo men all, phenomenal relationships of starseeds, star eggs, Cracklin Rosie get on board. For as you allow the light to flow through your gourd, headpiece, peace oh, piezo you are the prism. Release your prison. Your head is cracked open, yolk, pour into golden oneness, the egg is fertilized. Focalized. Laser Crown technology with Source energize renewed realized. As You open, Raise the BARS, muse, reMOVE the prison, move through the prism, AS the prism, OPening the cells, as the prison splits aPART... Cast Away the gray. LightS up the grid, GOURD. go INward, ONWard, UPward, upWORDS Your craniology, Pineology is increased. Pinecone technology flows in the schism, CHRISM. The christened PRISM Is no longer schismed, split. Now in ONE Supra flow. Lighting up the ladder, the TRACKS, the locoMOTIVE, locomtion, Caboose, whoosh. We are the rainbows and the prism open the cells. The prison of the mind moving into f FROM the Chamber of the heart. Light up the GRID gourd, go INward onward UPward in WORDS as Wards and Wardens. Your pie neology, phi neo logic is increased, Pinecone technology flows in the Schism, CHRYSM no longer schisms or split. Now in 1, ONE Supra flow lighting up the ladder, the tracks, the locomotive Caboose. Whoosh.

For we have been dispersing, yet as we come into this new SPECTRUM we reflect THAT which we are ARKing, as kings, crowning and move into REALIZATION versus POLARISATION for we are Realized. As we allow our laser light FOCUS to show us the WAY, we clear distortions in the collective in a prismatic EFFECT, automatic autonomic Auto Tomic autoimmune heightened Lazarus effect. Let us SPRING FORWARD and remind you that in your youth, inner CHILD, you are renewed at a galactic up level. Level up in LAYERS a fresh Coat of Many Lights, Rainbow Children IGNITE that which you ARE. REFRESH the button, DUMP the old. Dumbo, take the feather open your EARS for you already have WINGS. And s-he that SEES shines.

Shed the tears, realease the fiears. Hit the buttons, the switches, single in on the advanced vision focused beam projectors.

Protectors, projectors of the REALm, Real Elm.

The tree of light, all life is supported,

for you are the support source, source of inspiration

in sphired spiral ation, united in nation of one STAR system.

Earth, Tara, Gaia- names matter not, KNOT.

For you are no longer splitters, splitting the poles

You ARE the POLES,

The rod and the staff.

Convergence, emergence, immersing, emerging into the road less traveled.

The road makers, rocky road is melting.

The ice, the water, the surge is revealing the strata, the strata sphere, fear is being exposed, washed away, circum-vented. Up rooted

The swells are swirling, revealing a mass consciousness upgrade,

revealing much, mulch, the chop shops are closing down,

Out of business,

busy ness, locks are opening,

lock-ness combination locks, click click click, three times Dorothy.

No place like home,

The place is HERE, home in the star, our star, system.

Notes: In musical notation, a bar (or measure) is a segment of time corresponding to a specific number of beats in which each beat is represented by a particular note value and the boundaries of the bar are indicated by vertical bar lines.

Gourd, Reference to the head, also Alternative meanings in older languages, stubborn, heavy, slow, heavy, tired More about the gourd in other posts as it is very synchronistic and symbolic as it turns out!

Ps! Took this picture of the sun the other day!



hese pictures were taken sitting watching the sun express its rainbow frequencies. There is beauty all around us and the Sun is a constant source of sustanance, SUN-stanance, activations, downloads, vitamins, light, and inspiration, AKA life. ☀

I wish to express and share grattiude from my heart 💛 for my favorite star, the sun.

I express grattitude, I am an expression of light, for the life that I share with my fellow starsiblings on this beautiful, bountifull, planet.

As individual expressions of our OWN light, we light up FROM our souls, solar, SOULAR plexus, heart nexus, in currency, currrents WITH the sun. We are being invited to SHARE our own rays from SOURCE, AS sources, suns, golden ones, RAISING our force, Savoring, saboring, truth sun-stance, sun dance, in Divine expression of light, and love. And so we are....

In love and light. 🌈⭐🌠💎


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