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Opening For Those With Eyes to See

Updated: Sep 20, 2018

The Light Exposes the Dark

Breathe! The breath is the flow, IS the cycle, outer to inner, FROM the Spirit that moves in all things.

there is now a leveling in the playing field afoot- some of our guidance systems are coming online in an intrainment- in-train-ment, - a train of supplies are on track and help coming in.

Movement, Momentum-

Movement is very important for all of us- especially when we feel 'stuck' or stagnant. The native American's call it the spirit of All that Is- the Spirit that moves in All things for a reason, (chi, ki, energy). It's good to go to a yoga class, its good to go for a walk because certain elements will be triggered, Higher self highlighted, a raising in awareness and vibration- through certain pictures, conversations, interactions (inner-action), and this IS a form of taking action- allowing yourself to reach out FROM yourself to FLOW, and this SEE-Ing things, and activations from your environment- INvoronment will trigger synchronicity, flow, communication from spirit-the Source that MOVES in all things- Breathe! The breath is the flow, IS the cycle, outer to inner, FROM the Spirit that moves in all things.

Equinoxical, paradoxical- cyclical- divergence from the matrix- a moving out of linearity into positron- positioning in a frequency divider- in triguing the senses, the sciences, the schismatic effect of paralleled spectrum frequency- allowing a convergence of the dimensions. A higher grid of trajectory is flown in from the field of the divine essence of light, wheel- wielding, welding and converging the essence of the whole spark of the personification of the clear torrid- toroidal representation of Creation. You may not understand some of these words, but you Stand in Knowing, (understand has also been defined as "among, between, before, in the presence of") - I once was lost, but now am found, was blind but now I see. See the jewels that have been laid out before you in the crowning achievements that stand unnoticed except for those who have eyes to see- eyes wide OPEN. Expand your awareness to the heart of the sea, SEE- exposing the tides of change, of expansion, of elation; for these tides bring many nutritious gifts for the land- the land of the forgotten- (reference to a song?)- Sining off (sine wave), from one circle, looping, catching INTO another. Giving the gift of resolution, (play on words)- resolving conflicts long since overdue- birthing a new creation of Just IS. clearer resolution on the home front.

No longer the lengthy tune that seeks to play over and over again in the same ballpark. the ball has dropped- it is a new year, a new precipice, a new sphere of alignment. for in this field there is no room for lack, no room for fear, no room for judgement in the house of the holy- the holy grail, the WHOLE picture is coming into focus- into an a-light-ment with the greatest show on earth. The HUman movement of ascension- expansion and extradition- and Aphrodite alignment with the stellar forces of starseeds- with in the Hu-you-man, there is no movement like that of the force of love light- no speed of Breath of life like that of the Divine source in the Heart- Hear all that you have been deaf to before, now the door is OPEN, the tunes are playing at a frequency many more can hear- INNer ear- the IN keeper has opened the doors withIN- and so we tune, turn to you- you lightkeepers, innkeepers, keepers of the gates- the Stargates- the seeds are planted and are alive-a light with in the dark, D-ark. The spark is a foot, spreading like a lattice- lighting up the field- phi-ield in such a way no branch will go un-turned- turning of the wheels, the wheels of time, chakras, march on light warriors of the rainbow fields. Strawberry fields forever. The lunar line UPS- a line Ups, a line ments collaborate with the September gateways. You are the wide receivers, the ball is in your hands- the ball of love light, the encouragement for those who are in need, the light for those that feel none- we have ONE- won the long journey although it may FEEL at times not so, IT IS SO.

And so it is time- time to come together and create the new worlds from the new YOU, the new perspective, new senses, new view, new tunes, with eyes and ears WIDE OPEN. Hearts, wide open- Arms wide open. Seek those who need you- who need US, who need our light and give with compassion, freeing the souls who THINK they are abandoned, THINK they need freeing, entrapped and entangled in a mass web of mass unconsciousness. Mother Spider of the highest light, divine feminine has re-awakened and the organic web is not deceit, defeat. YOU are the children of the stars, the light of the wave, you ARE the wave, the web weavers, the Weavers of the matrix. The organic latticework embraces you with crystal plasma light frequency, divine architecture of the cosmos, embodied in YOU, us, we.

for not only will this bring encouragement for those who seek justice, but it will bring enlightenment, IN-Light-enment for those who felt abandoned- in Trust, misguided in Faith.

Sidebar- Hu-man has several connections:

Adam-= Atom.

It is also used as a mantra and thought to be the highest vibratory sound- and the Universal name of God- also I see it as related to the Spirit that Moves in All Things. The mantra HU is also related to enlightenment, realization. I see this as Self realization since we are all ONE with Source Energy- the HIGHEST Self.

A site I enjoy to check out:

The theoretical element Hundium:

Reference to Aphrodite, is reference to the planetary alignment with Venus, and also, in-line-ament with Jupiter. Also, reference to all of the lunar and planetary alignments since the spring equinox, (Strawberry Fields)- coming together in collaboration for the fall and winter equinox/solstice.

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