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Share- holders

And as we move through these new components of

As we take new measures

As take through, as we step through this period of time

As we move into this new time mention- dimension

Diamond frequency Igor of interconnectedness

The underscores are brought up

That which we have kept score

Kept in store

Int he past is coming up

Some may feel the scorn, the burn if you will

The sludge that we are tromping

through in this now moment

In this new moment

For it is here, with us

For we are moving through this

in this new dance, if you will

For it is unavoidable

We are unable to avoid

That which we have stepped over before

That which we have stepped on

Is now coming up to be renewed

To be refreshed,

Reviewed seen in our view

We must allow ourselves to move into

these new flight patterns in such a way

That it allows us to move with greater movement

A greater visibility if you will

Allowing our selves to move out of


Moving out of divisibility

Moving into indivisibility

Moving out of that which has been

divisive before

In our complacency

That which has been divisively used

within our underscore, keeping score

That which has divided and conquered before

Is unable to hold the same pattern

That we once through it,

had the capability of holding

It is unable to hold the same recognition,

For we recognize what is happening behind the scenes

We really cognize that which is being stirred up

We recognize our own patterns,

We see within the patterns of the old schematic

Of the old play station if you will

That is being played out

on the mainframe game

From one perspective

We hold our hearts as currency

We hold our heads up, hour

We lift up one another we are no longer

Held under

By this old schematic

that once sets us in motion

For the wheels that have been

set in motion have out turned

If you will

We have turned over a new field

We are the plow shares,

For we share in the burden in the load

We have come into a new place in time

Moving through this new placement

Moving out of the placement system that

Keep us held in place

That kept us in the space of

Lack of

Recognition,(play on words)

We are the grid system,

These fields are being turned up,

is being churned, up, bones,

skeletons in the closet- plow share recognition,

we are seeing what the old share holders

from one perspective were creating

in order to hold down this new schematic

from being birthed and born

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