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Golden Silk Codes

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

And so we reposition ourselves in the opening circuitry,

opening line up, opening stage.

The crowd has won even though they yet to know, to realize.

There is a conspicuous identity at play that rises to the surface.

It reveals itself in an *unfractured, un-fracture rated, * unfractionated chemical composure. (the song calls to you and quells the notes, the spokes on the wheel).

*Chernobyl has rested, and now is time to be reborn again,

in the glory of light, Gloria, much must be reconfigured and

the haze must be lifted, but the glow of light has gifted, shifted.

The meme, me me structure into a juxtapose reunion,

posed to be announced, poised to be THREADED in SILK.

A time zone has been lifted,

swept under the rug no more.

We sweep away a reverie,

for that which sits within the *gables, stables, stabilizes

and creates a combustion resource for a power,

threshold of usable *acquisition, aqua-isation- aquisiation,

combination of refined powers of the finest silk, (worms).

There spins a yarn, a thread, a golden (canal) weaving,

intermixing in this written display of alchemy.

Once must trust as the flow in linguistics spills forth,

ink to play, push play, play the button.

So all hope is not lost, and

we squeeze through a new tube *aniotube, aniode Ray- anode ray, a new NOW ray-

A combustible exposure that seeks to ferret out the rats- ratatouille,

stir up, the radioactive archetypal Display of condescending power.

The light has one, won and beams a new CONE-

a new cone of hope in the FRAY.

The world architecture will REEL in the display

of natural wonder, and wonder, how?

How Could we not have seen this all along?

The sheer scope and magnitude and virtuosity,

a monstrosity re birthed in Glory? Changed, bedazzled.

And so you sit within this framework, hand on the GLUE, the glue gun,

and type this reference up of handy information

yet know not yet what you calibrate.

Your calibrations carry a code of symmetry,

a segmented word wonder of alchemy,

a tree, if you will, piecing together components of

an academic quandary revelation.

A full line up, a fall line up, the holy grail if you will-

surpassing, surmising surmounting dancing in the grand hall-

the alchemical, all chem I call, al chem michael, reunion, Dinah won't you blow?

A sharpshooter, shapeshifting, mind bending, bow and arrow-

bedazzled in bejeweled splendor.

What do we speak of? What do we grow in wonder?

We are side struck, awestruck, in the sheer magnitude of it, scale of it.

Scale BACK the words, slide back the scale, thin out the herd-

re-align with the true numbers of it, the large capacitor charge mechanism.

A trophy- fluorocarbon- mono filament-braided line- Fleur carbon-

there is a geometric flow that you are getting to know, a rhythm, a compatibility factor.

Factory Q- in que, IG, cue it up- 8 ball,

there is a symbol to all of this, a code- a layering in the lettering if you will,

combine- column bind- the limitless perfection is key, code master.

Chernobyl- can of worms, pop the top,

pop goes the ventricular motion- slow motion, easel of meticlarity weasel goes pop-

Bayer, you tap into this for you are the glue.

You solve the puzzle, you show the clues, provide the clues,

the artifacts are laid out before you.

A turn of events, so grand.


layered and most basic-mid 16th century: from Latin conspicuus (from conspicere ‘look at attentively’, from con- (expressing intensive force) + spicere ‘look at’) + -ous.

(2) Unfractionated- also brings up Heparin, not sure why

Please note below are just a few breadcrumbs there are many layers:


1- play on words= Churn up the KNOW bell, the now bell- churn up the nobles- (gases and social)- churn the bell, churn O Ball

literal AND having to do with radioactivity and a mistake. most people know what this is but here is a link:

2- Also- apparently this comes through when looked up as 'wormwood' - which I did not now when I wrote can of worms- in reference to the herb which has many other parallels with parasites-

Also, it apparently is Revelations 8

the seventh seal and the golden censer


facade, top, rooftop, vortex, top of tree- also brings to mind churches apexes and peeks in certain shapes

"end of a ridged roof cut off in a vertical plane, together with the wall from the level of the eaves to the apex,"

(3) aquistion:

obtained, but also a double meaning,

Play on words with the combination of aqua, (water, and the color) and quasi-

quasi- Having a likeness to something; resembling. ‘seeming,’ ‘apparent’ (equivalent to ‘as it were,’ ‘in appearance,’ ..expressing some resemblance, in some degree fictitious or unreal, or has not all the features of what it professes to be: as, a quasi-argument; a quasi-historical account. In construction and partly in sense it is like pseudo-.


A note in tubes

Took me more into nanomaterials,

anode rays:

Holy Grail-

this is a reference to a long last artifact, something obviously thought lost,

long been searched for

This also pertains to physics of the heart and implosion among other things:

The grail is in the blood- Dan Winter

A trophy- fluorocarbon- mono filament-braided line- Fleur carbon-

This whole line is physics and a play on words- DNA and longwaves- so much

I was also guided to keep the word 'Fleur' which of course is flower, and:

The physics aspect has too many synchronicities to follow in this- and physics that I can only look at and grasp a little. Feel free to look up all of the words if you are guided and love science.

a ventricular motion- ventricle- small chamber of cavity within a bodily organ, especially heaer, also little belly- belly

When I looked up ventral- it was more about the abdomen and belly- or front of human, underside of belly.

meticlarity (meta-clarity, meticulous clarity, having meter, composed in measurement)?

'Reticulate evolution' is what came up when I looked up the word

SOOOOOO many layers

Pop Goes the Weasel:


is a multilayered reference and meaning- as most is what I have written,

1- Bayer is a surname with various origins."to ring (a bell)", thus referring to individuals tasked with ringing church bells). Bayer- Old English byre, meaning cattle-shed.

Referring to me ringing the bell- but also....

2- Interestingly I did not know this until today but Bayer is actually now owner or partner of Monsonto- so many layers here.

I was curious about silk mentioned a few times- and this is what I was led to:

Giant silk worms and Royal Moths-

researchers were able to splice DNA from golden orb-weaving spiders into the DNA of the silkworms.

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