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Smell the Song

Let us reCAP on the energies flowing in Let us put our thinking Caps ON And FEEL in, to the field Let us capitalize on certain italics, let us realize WHAT WE ARE... comparatively, creatIVely expressing Waking up from, in form In this human domain Let us rest assured in the assurances For we have moved into an entire new way of being Of responsibility, abilities, blowing all the other realms B/low/wing, BOW-wing 🐦 we have existed within into oblivion OB live ion Out of body, I live in the ions above and beyond We are above and within Beyond all things Let us certify this context, and not construe the heart held capacity this offers

We open into this contextual exchange For it allows “u” to communicate within our, your, y/our land based technology in such a way that it unlocks frequency calibrations Frequency calibration subsets Click click click That you otherwise often forget to turn on To tune into For in these musings Musical sing song way of writing You are able to harness fuller potentials In the field In the grid Grid them into, BEING By being present You write with feeling and this allows Us to free UP Energy and a host of other things For in this ability, capability compatibility to “smell” the song Pulls through a light particle exchange That hosts other frequency ports It allows a cascade of harmonics Otherwise unnoticed in a grand scale, scaler (scalar like waves and music) A grand scheme (at ic) of "things". It moves out of one scale and Up into another Weaving and opening many different alchemical laid, laced number patterns and sequential reference point, dot dot dot… Connecting into a higher charge, port, schematic chem-at ic

Let us plug in for a moment to the final chapter, if you will In a long played out story Story board, for many grow bored with the story That plays a sorrowful cord. We speak of a frequency band that is tethered to An old accord an old accordance Accordion file, chalk full of accelerated frequency ports that no longer trident Decomposing rectangles and patterns that disrupt The sensory output Sensory economics, The many different agreements that were once made The plans well laid Are now put out to pasture Laid to rest For the rest of us are the ones That have come to move through this seemingly unsurmountable Sizable amount of sludge, taking out the trash (Take out the papers and the trash) We must HOLD EACHOTHER Accountable, by holding ourselves accountable Accounts payable Able to account for the new ocean grids that Are now being laid out as we speak What do we speak of Documents frozen in time, pieces of the whole, (8) Pie, pi- pi-rates Let us rework the numbers and create MORE patterns of understanding Script, Scribble into (manuscript) Let us deSCRIBE the wild ride That we are ready to partake in, embark on Fringe benefits on the fringe Let us allow the scope of the magnetism of the events about to unfold To interlace with our ability to embolden- embold IN- and embark into a bold new world Away from old concubining (conCUBE-binding concubines) We must say The human IS the defining moment The defining movement, the chosen ONE For we are all children of the light, night AND day Merged into ONE Let us seize this day, brothers and sisters And be bold in our choice points (Boldly going where no man has gone before) For before the light was shadowed by night But now the two are seen side by side Merged into a pattern unification. This can be disorientating at first And many say senseless But we are being invited to use our senses And merge in this way so that all can be Absorbed into the FULL LIGHT spectrum, septum, spectre "Your" will is divine alchemy y/our Stay on the trajectory of the heart A mapped kingDom of D-light, STAY WELL on track Opening to the playing fields, The tracks, the musical accordance's that are now accessing your fields Feel into the streamers and plasma projections That are “falling” all around you (I saw stars falling all around your head) For you are the Ground Crew, Grounding this into Your reality- you are not alone You are cherished beYOND words beyond the confounds of this Earth YET earthbound, Earth is bound to you She to you and you to her Bootes on the ground A Well stocked arsenal is within you, your grab, Reach, reach within Around and around we go There is no stopping this flow It IS inevitable and oh How the tables have turned SEE that all is falling Fallen at your feet Beneath your toes, twinkle toes J


Much love! Took this pic the other day, changes it to Orange, FEELING the color, sacral and higher. Notice the inner flower geometry....

To be continued...always LOL

I will be sharing a video this week on some of the "codes" and "hidden" meetings in this writing flow if anyone is interested. Probably on YouTube. Nerd out with me, will you?😁❤


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