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Solar plexus light language anchoring video

This is an energy share, light language and toning video with multiple, muti-dimensional, ancestral languages that I felt very guided to break down the words and meaning of:

"As we come into focus, as we come into centripetal

(cent-tri-PI-call, centered in the petals- call to center, center pedal)-

FOCUS- as we come into our higher forces,

as we renew ourselves THROUGH the aspect of the HEART,

the Emerald stone- GEMstone- as we allow ourselves to reflect outwardly-

we connect IN with the Roads, the ROSE

Rows of our ancestors- (rose is fractal, phase conjugate)

our WILL becomes a DIVINE reflection, -

we become CENTERED in our own Divinity-

we break apart the rules of linearity-

we abandoneD that which has BEEN, malarkey,

(play on words and past present future).

We step out of conformity, we step into a higher reality-

a higher dimensional landscape or PLANE of existence-

(I am seeing a boat and when it 's nose or bow is too high

it has to plane off to balance and run more smoothly-

this also means finding the right speed)-

We plane off, to jump planes, so to speak-

driving in the fast lane- we must recognize

which pedal are we using-

(this is a play on words referenced back

to centripetal- and too fast or too slow, and charge)-

Some need to pedal faster, others need to stay in the slow lane-

for the true balance is somewhere in the middle,

and at different times we are in the process of CHANGING lanes-

we are sometimes caught up in misdirection-

a misinterpretation of directions,

for the map that truly guides us is within.

The heart flame intelligence that ignites

the map of our frequencies-

(fire and fusion in the blood allows us clarity

of purpose and direction- lights the way, so to speak)-

Lights up our BLUEprint of Grand design-

yet creates from a place, a plane of non-separation.

For as you process the information that is all around,

as you seek to synthesize the (left brain configurations-

and also seeing a music synthesizer that balances and

equalizes the sounds and the music itself)-

that synthesizes the tones and balances them out,

you will hear a sound- you will hear AH sound,

deep within that resonates

that is deep within that is resounding-

that is beyond the SCOPE of this transMISSION-

for you are IN a state of transFORMation-

you are moving into a new field of RESONANCE

a new vocabulary is at hand.

Yet you are also in the space of an old sound-ology-

an old sound that is seeking to remember itself,

to get us to view it- to get us to remember it,

for in this, memory influx- (meme-ory, memory in flux)

it keeps us in state of flux of PULL-

for it is always a STATE of fluctuation that WE ARE in-

yet there are certain flux patterns that do not

always create from a heightened state of awareness.

(those old fluctuations and sounds are from an old source,

grid, pattern, artificial, other un-creational reality, so to speak,

no longer 'real' so to speak for this reality, not wrong-

just no longer serving our new routes, speeds or our new creations).

You are unfolding and in doing this you may FOLD

the page on old concepts- you may TURN the page, (the planes, the rose)

you may create within you from a new molecular point of view,

for this reality, this ability, these options are much more

expansive than what you have been told-

much more expansive than what you have been emboldened with-

(people have not felt bold enough to step into this because

they are still plugging into the old system- I am also hearing embed)-

And one must be BOLD in their centeredness

in order to frame out their new existence,

(like building a new home, the foundational structure

and frame must be built first and be centered).

Breath into this new way of being

allow yourself to find space, to sit, within. (the space within)

Allow yourself to step out of the race

that does not win, (when)-

it isn't about when, winning.

Recognizing when IS now.

There is a hole inbound- whole in one- hole in one- M bound-

a whole new waves of frequency that is being offered

to delight the senses, that is being offered, (off-farad),

(Abiltiy of the body to store electrical charge)-

Offered to ignite the creative spark of something MORE than.

And as we cast away our doubts, as we cast away that which HAS BEEN creating 'clout' clouding of judgement, (discernment judgement)-

'puffing up the feathers', so to speak.

Go back within and harmonize,

for you are a walking harmony-

sound, light, symphony. vibration. Be the GEMS-

see through the layers, express from the heart

consistency and tones of inner collaboration- inner adoration,

(inner love of self), of life of this journey as it unFOLDS.

And you will see as more and more meets the eye,

in the coming months in the comings tides, for all IS now.

And so it is.

Below is some information about what I was REALLY communicating in flow style:

Of course, color sound, is creation and creative frequency. Emerald was coming up as it relates back to Sound- Color Rays, creative Rays and founder races of our origins which many of us are connected to. I have a very strong connection with this particular energy Ray.

Also, Emerald is associated with the heart. It can be connected with the blue flame- which also has to do with fusion in the blood. (Bliss- neutral point- balance, "planing off"- zero point, etc).

emerald is part of the hexagonal crystal family and I found this very symbollic:

The hexagonal crystal family consists of the 12 point groups such that at least one of their space groups has the hexagonal lattice as underlying lattice, and is the union of the hexagonal crystal system and the trigonal crystal system.

Trigonal- the trifold flame, the trinity, etc.

Union of the trinity and the

12 points- 12 dimensions- (though we know there are more of course)

12 grid true tree of life- etc.

I was curious why I was guided to used the word 'gemstone' . I was particularly fond of below, "to germinate or sprout" and also the reference to "eye"- which of course takes me to seeing through the heart in neutrality.

gem (n.)

"a precious stone" probably from Old French gemme (12c.), from Latin gemma "precious stone, jewel," originally "bud," from Proto-Italic *gebma- "bud, sprout," from PIE *geb-m- "sprout, bud" (source also of Lithuanian žembėti "to germinate, sprout," Old Church Slavonic prozebnoti "to germinate").

Of persons, "a rare or excellent example (of something)" from late 13c. Alternative forms iemme, gimme persisted into 14c. and might represent a survival of Old English gimm "precious stone, gem, jewel," also "eye," which was borrowed directly from Latin gemma.

FARAD- (offered, ofarad)-

Folds was having to do with folds in the planes of existence as well as in the brain- I was also seeing reference to the penrose triangle-

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