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Stepping into our own won now

and the languages in which we share are merely FORMS of communication- that have been formed, that ARE, have been, that Will be, that hath been, passed, have been felt and passed down, from, through the generations, through generational lines That we are all connected into.

The in between, the reading in between the lines, the lining, the line-age, the gap , the VOID, the SPACE, the energy BEHIND the sound- IN which, WITH the sound, communication, emanates FROM.... For there are many variations and versions of sound harmonics in which we are all harmonizing in, within, through, together- in a frequency combination that can be felt throughout the airWAVES, so to speak, reciprocated- that is sending ItSELf out, sounding ITself out through the atmosphere- at must sphere- Beyond atmoes fear, here- and many of us are improving our methods of communication, our modes of communication, our modes AND methods of transformation, of transmutation, of transference- inner ferrence, of creating FROM

a transfer of energy FROM source TO source, AS source, RE-source, Ray's source, being within our OWN SOURCE of frequency, of infinite possibility, of community- communication, in complete extraction points with energy- we invite you to find whatever frequency it IS that assists YOU in raising the frequency, in FEELING the frequencies, in moving from one frequency to another- with frequency, (often), with delight. THAT which delights the senses, what music? what harmony? what note is our body telling us to hone in to home IN on? to come home to, to recognize what is connecting to our home frequency- recognizing that which is OUT of harmony, harmonics, heartmonics with our heart based frequency- with our TRUE expression- stepping out of fear, for the Sounds that we hear are merely accessing deeper portals of consciousness, deeper de-POUR< pouring up from the depths- we combine these frequencies, we combine these patterns. For many that are LISTENING, that are feeling into the fabric of this communication are able to access another feeling- an Other- feeling, feel-in G revealing the many layers of comunication, the many layers of existential awareness, that we are standing within that IS our standing wave form, that we ARE standing within, that we are standing withIN as we WAVE, Weave into FORM recognizing that we have been many forms, For We carry wiithin us the Multidimensionality in form, (in this form)- the many different forms of information that is flowing through our own vision, our percepeciton, our own divination that we are in the process of bringing into creation, bringing into remembrance, if you WILL (Thy will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven).

For we each carry within us a combination of frequency patterns that PLAY off the new patterns that play off the old way-ve, The Way we weave, wave patterns and thought forms- forms of freedom, OF freedom expressing itself into form, yet we have often forgotten that we ARE free to express IN FORM Ation- (I am seeng, in form at the ion level, at the energy ionic exchange of computational expression, beyond the computation perhaps, compreshension of us in this form- beyond the wave, the way we can understand- the wave forms of communication that are flowing around us and through us at all times In our present state of awareness. In presence is where we feel and recognize these forms of communication, when we step outside of this need to stay in one form of frequency, one form, uniform, for we are multidimensional patterns that are accessing one other- one- in one, in one another, and other than one- and we have each chosen to come and express our SELVES in multiplicity- in our own, (won one, now) variations , in our own variance- var-re, RAY-ence as we step into these new modes of transportation- we allow ourselves to access the FEILD- FEEL- it, we allow ourselves to access that which IT is, that is BEYOND the field that it we are USED to comparing oursleves to, that is beyond the field that we are used to playing within- for this field has expanded, GROWN, (own, now)- exponentially , for we are units of packets of information in practice, in formation, in a wave formation of particle exchange and as we exchange the particles WITH the field, and WE as the HU man- pulling in the colors, the HUes, the sound, the song- PERCEIVING this, expressing this, THIS then changes in form- as we allow ourselves to inform in this form, to create this new information, (gathering our senses)- we allow oursleves to step past this conformity, this need to be overly sensitive, or undersensitive, or de-sensitized. We step out of this need to CON form- to a viewpoint, an expectation, an old field technology that has dispersed its quantitative, tale so to speak, (tail- we have gone into a new field, a new story so we are being invited to stop going back or behind to the old one).

Much has yet to be revealed, yet all is held within, and as we go within, as we REVEL within, as we reveal what is already within us, as we allow this to fold, unfold- (like folding into a recipe, and then seeing what unfolds from the completed creation)- it allows us to create this new beautiful soundology that then ripples out like beautiful music into the FIELD that is then attached to our universal consiousness so to speak, the heartbeat, the very heartbeat in which we were formed, if you will. OUr higher form of existence beyond the comparison to what it is we are in form with, as, today- (beyond our current physical form, and some of us may not comprehend it but we feel it because we are part of it)- as we allow ourselves to step out of these schematics that once held us bound, to a certain scheme if you will, a certain theme, a certain quanitfied expresssion, we allow ourselves to recalculate our own existence, stance, our own path of expression. (I am seeing a map calculating where we are going and our calculation points are well beyond that which we could have ever possiblly calclulated in an old framework of existence- similar to using an old paper map vs using a satellite map- Eagle eye view is our view now- Eagle is the satellite, spirit- we are the Eagle, spirit, we are the spirit allowing oursleves to see from a clairevoyant, clairecognicant, multilingual view and expression and when we allow ourselves to see this, the path laid out before us becomes very clear, it becomes very visible- and we recognize that as the path is lit before us, we are lighting our own path- we are lit form within- we allow others to follow their own path, and while our fields are held within the same FIELD, so to speak, we recognize that while our paths may cross, they are not necessarily meant to stay in unification in the same sense of merging to become the same course or path.

(I am seeing we do not have to do the same thing the person next to us is doing, yet we are all sharing within this field- if we can feel that ripple of frequency, it brings us into unification, but it doesn't mean we have to conform to what another neighbor, teacher, person is doing on their own journey. We are doing this in our own wave- way-so the waves cross, they CO mingle- but that does not mean just because we become ONE does not mean we conform to their wave form- we bring eachother up in our own uniquue individual expression).

In love and light!!

For the video that this is written from:

Transportation To carry across...I see this as connecting the ports....power ports

Quantative tale... relating to, measuring, or measured by the quantity of something rather than its quality. The old 'story' had number not value

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