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Supporting our Truths

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

If not now, when?

When IS the right time time to shine

to support THE SHINE,

shining ones rising up within

as we combine our light?

When is it the RIGHT time,

moment, MOVEMENT to support

those that are on their chosen path

of self discovery and expression

in alignment with lovelight,

Who merely wish to express

their own do no harm, bliss, peace, creativity frequency expression.

When do we start?

For my starting points,

my points, point of view

May be different than yours,

yet we all end

and begin

at the same point, zero point,

Bend, blend, Point back within.

WHO ARE WE to cast stones,

shadows, pointing fingers,

frequency arrows,

of lower harmonics and disharmony

Harming, army of judgement

at those who are merely, merrily

charting their own course?

When is the RIGHT time, light time

Time to light up, rise up in support

Of our lightworker, starseed,

human, hybrid, galactic, infinite

brothers and sisters in no time

Who are we then? Now?

Beginning now, What are we creating? What are we supporting?

I do not discourage my fellow

beings from their own path, path of courage because I SEE

I feel, perceive, KNOW my path,

healing modality, teacher, messages,

Holds many TRUTHS,

Yet My sight is not the ONLY RIGHT,

path, angle, message, TRUTH,

in a SEA, see, of infinite Grand Design.

As the ocean, do we deem that the waves are wrong in their course or direction toward the shore?

in the way they BREAK on the shore?

are they wrong in their form, shape, size?

For How Great Thou Art?

For my art is no greater than thou art.

My words and combinations

of letter frequencies

hold my own frequency, yet,

Are no better than another

frequently expressing, expression of love.

I do not, I choose not to trample

on the frequencies of others.

Then who are we? Who am I?

to CRITICIZE, cut down in size,

to cut, to break down, break in two,

someONE who is Riding their own wave,

finding their own way.

WHO are WE? Who are we really,

in this reality, or another...

let us RALLY behind ALL brothers and sisters who hold the light,

the heart, the crown jewel, the fool,

who have the right

to seek, to speak of their own journey

in their OWN wave of Freedom.

For IN criticism there is SCISM,

Only when we can appreciate

the uniqueness of ALL

can we truly come together as one,

in kindness, in KIND

Man, woman, child, manKIND.

HUman, Earth beings,

If only for the moment, NOW.

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