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System of a down

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

don't let the system, CYST stem, weigh you down, Hold you back

the brain seeks to re-align

with the side, both sides,

Align with the wisdom of the Divine.

No longer the great divide,

Conduit that you are,

can Do, candle- channel in the middle,

Uniting the two, halves,

to have and to hold, united in one

presenting in myriad of ways, mirror AD-

A multitude of channels, many roads

laid out before you in your mapPING system

A direct route,

or an in direct route, root, your choice,

your freedom of choice,

(Beastie boys, I put my root down)here harbors a will to live, a will to strive,

a will to know,

to BE,

so be IT,

so BE....IT

Live as you WILL

Thy will be done

Who do you choose to see,

To BE? express, know?

Know they SELF

A MATCH made in heaven, a spark of the Divine,

a flame of ALL flames

Flame letters, writeA candle in the dark-

Tiger Tiger burning bright

Year of the clown

Joy is yours if you CHOOSE it

If you build it they will come, Dream-

who? You!!! your helpers, your team,

your light from within

Calling out, calling UP the knowledge

Calling up the NOW, the KNOWledge,

Teaming with knowledge, overflowing,

with the where with all, We are with oil

where without doubt,

We are not without,

Where art THOUGH?

The DUST is settling, where will you land?

What will you see(K)

Your own perception is the judge

Judge not what you SEE

Open your eyes, see K -

See, seek the TRUTH

The truth lies withIN, not outside of your door

At your door,

dormant, door mat, is the now for many

Awaken thy hearts!!! See YOUR wisdom

SENIOR wisdom, Wise DOM, domAIM,




DO sing songs of glory, of grace,

of Divine acceptance, dance, remembrance,

laugh, play, for the Day is at hand

Our hand, we’ve got the whole world, in our hearts

Tell your stories of truth, tell your stored RAYS,

store RAISE stored within to be SHARED, Shone,

shine forth, Diamonds of light

Frequencies unknown to many will BECOME known

Bee coning- Beckoning, be coming, beacons now to all

Frequencies unknown to many

will become NOW to all.

A candid camera,

A shutter speed, a hologram surfacing,

shaking, showing, Freedom

Our candor, our candle is at present moment sharing gifts,


Open, unwrap, unbind,

surrender to surreal, so REAL,

Magic potential, a cavernous code

unlocking unbiased opulent potential

TRUE opulence, potential discoveries matrices,

revealed revel in the splendor, diamonds in the dust

Settle into the new you, the new youth

The inner joy that wishes to unravel the spell cast upon many

The manna, penny’s from heaven,

manager, in the manger, the child within

The innocent, the spell is broken ,the fog is lifted

The DUST is clearing

Ask for clarity, see THROUGH

the remnants of fiber OPTICS,

optical illusions, Cables that seek to reattach,

Brush them aside, artists, heart-IS-

Houdini magiciansCling to nothing

ALIGN with a broader spectrum, scale, heart strings

Pulling you in stride, ,in alignment

(Ain’t nothing gonna break my stride- strider)

In recoiling, recollect, recollection of your roots

where you came from,

Where you ARE

For YOU are truly splendid

See the light in each other’s eyes,

Be the lighthouse in the wind, the rain the sleet,

Deceit no more, sleep no more, no longer enabling

A lower realm to rule.

The house of cards has fallen

the ace of spades has spoken

The shore, the sure, rises to greet the sands of time

Washing away what once was

And ushers in change and renewal

Resourcing, new standards

RISE up, way-showers, greet the new sun,

the light the love harmonics with trumpets of your own.

Own it, know it,

know thyself.

For within you is the code of freedom,

of activation, of happiness, of joy

ONly yoU can choose to be free

Stop rolling the dice,

YOU are in control of the game, the internal game.

Bet on your SELF, for a change,

be THE change, revel in the thermodynamics,

The molecular soundscape, the Aloha, the alohashivatana

And as we speak in code

we access a kNOWing, a node,

a spark, a spARKle,

a cavern of crystALLine expression,

exPRESSion, press on,

diviNATION of the most

UPmost divINe expressION-

a portal, if you will

Divine Will in All Knowing,

BE still and know,

if you WILL you will SEE

the crystal WITHin the INNer Seed,

the deeper caverns

LIGHT, the cavernous

the cavern in US

the coal is accessed deep below

the cold is bought Into

plasma light unbound.

The cold pressed scales

of deep harmonics

electrolysis is occurring

at the highest place

of Inner space,

the inner WORD ship

castle of gray skull gray scale and merry Mac-Merrimack

Here is an interlocking of codons,

patterns assymetrical pairs powering up within the grid,

within the field of play these habitual patterns of consistency,

(constant consonant resounding resonance, re-science

resound wave, re sound dance-

(do RE me fa so la the do)

is heart at work- hard at work, co creating a new earth

a new way of being, B-in, Bee- in, humming, HUman vibrating.

Wayshowers, you knight- unite (diagonal, diamond)

shower the phi-ed, field with love,

numbers of resonance, creation, freeing, fielding,


See not the disharmony that lies dormant,

See not the disharmony that lies

That is dormant-slowing growth,

For we are the doors, the man(ts), the ground crew,

This is a temporary, temporal base or sounding board, sounding bored,

wipe away the doubt, dust the feet on the earth

and allow her to wipe, cleanse away the tears- the tiers.

Too much has come to PASS

to allow regrets to muddy the waters,

see instead The collaboration at hand,

the mello- dramatic spark of HOPE (melo-day) mellow day,

do it yourself, melo- DIY..

YOU making an impact, a revel-Union of the highest caliber

No more revel loosh-ins, we now reveal loose ends

Calibrate to the new, now nautical, voyage.

Hold fast to your sails, (i see a double diamond

in a circle hat at looks like sails, a Rodin coil perhaps)-

thinking of the southern cross lyrics-

and know that you ARE (R)- tied with silver chain,

chain of links, lynx- formation, (astrological) formation,

forming a duel alchemy, a cord of events-

chain- a cord, a note, an agreement

loading the dock of Excalibur, x callibrate.

So too are you now entering a new phase, a new spark,


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