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Time Codes- Forest through the trees

This is Very Coded and I

was not sure I would post it, but then I thought, Why not?

There is a paradoxical equation being referenced, re ferenced -

reef far aniseed- re fair ended and a time stamp- ring re ink coded- re encoded- (I see a bar code)- there are words being spliced, sliced, together, diced together- to gather- to ascertain, a certain, ascertain, ascent Train-in a certain dialogue to create a knowing-

There is a time being unraveled, a tie know, a time knot, a time being undone, and as this looping opens up into a more straightforward time,

there is an open source unity code that is allowed,

able to spill through opening the hearts, heartland. IF and for those who allow themselves to unfold, UNIFLOW- you in flow, so to speak.

There is much to be played with here, Hear.

Let us enter our soul,

our soul, are- R soul, R solar system and all the remnants LEFT behind

from what one might call a mass propaganda , a cohesion.

This cohesion, WAS holding steadfast

for many illusory FIDUCIARY

ILLUSIONS worldwide.

This system seemed to

bend for no one and

the WILL is no longer, what WAS.

We seek to exploit, expose, certain exploits, exploitation, exclamations,

ex claims, x claymations, animation, hosting matrix.

For you spell into what WAS expressed

in a futile effort to lock down,

look into that which SEEMS to be and

realize that it screams to be realized.

SO much haze, so much laid to waste, teenage wasteland,

(Who- We find a song that matches our construct,

our construction garage, garage BAND, if you will).

In tics and tocs, ticks and talks- toking, talking TO the tie that binds-

we realize, we can be encased, ion cased, in caste, NO MORE,

for now we know more, evermore.

For the words reach Far and wide, and

the more you realize the words that bind, buried,

in tapes and measures- in tics and tocs....

Let us sink into the depths of harvest, that which has been harvested,

for in this harvest, Harvey st. street of harvest, Streetcar Named Desire.

We remind you that there was a bend in the rules-

and this construct was MEANT to, deconstruct.

Yet it is now in self destruct mode- Bittersweet Symphony.

This construct relied on human nature to be CLOUDED and re-consorted ,

CON, sorted, conned into an assortment

of ideologies that led to complacency and

absent mindedness in the congressional expectancy of the heart,

hardwired into a line of dictatorship, through dictation and

speeches that drove, led the ship.

(hearing- Red Rover Red Rover, send labels, L-ables, leybel les belles, les bulls_ Lizzie, Leslie? right over)-

Through shipping, shipping all pieces into hiding, Jekyll and Hyde,

Jekyll and Hide, distribution, and holding companies.

For those create an economic distribution, (tribute- disturbing tribute)-

that has a trickle down, trick or treat effect.

Treating the water, the wading, the waiting, Bruce Wayning-

technologies in stock display,

wolf in Sheep's Cattle, Caddle-

Cat calling codes of broken souls reflections in binding

torch- tort- torch sure.

Let us hone into the zone of departure.

The mechanisms that take

into account a new count-

(Seeing counting in math, numbers and 'the Count', as in nobility also count from Sesame Street)-

a letter of aperture- of binding mechanic that lights up the grid and spell it out,

for this skill set is being wired? wound? underground- underground crew. Stabilize the patterns. 

We do not find torture relishing,

and this principle must be deleted, confiscated relinquished,

this appetite for destruction must be deleted as it is diluted, Di-lluded- (delusion)- diabolical, and it creates a screaming, sound that is caught in a trap,

(and can't look back)- ELF....

ELv-IS0 Elves, 

This energy wishes to be released, realized- and relinquished

vanquishing the anguish,

so it may no longer be perpetuated, PERPitrated.

Once this is infiltrated, the traitors will be recognized,

The linebackers, boilermakers- law breakers,

code-inators- initiators of confusion- mass hysteria,

fusion will be sublime-

slimy- BLIMEY- subliminal eliminated, illuminated. 

For within this light, the chemicals are shaken and stirred.

Martini bound- Olive tapenade - tape in Aid- All LIVE, tap in Nod-

There becomes less constrictions,

the air is more open, open ended, all is ignited, to be reborn again- fresh, clean, hazel bound- (hazelhauff)

(your holding patterns ignite freedom codes, hone in on grace and you will see an underlying pattern- a fence,

offense being played).

There is a wonder hero among all of this that will be recognized,

the depletion patterns cannot be accounted for and this will line the pockets of those that seek change, CHANGE, (Lined pockets change).

This will allow for an up flow, outflow, inflow of currency exchange

that was otherwise locked in underground wherehouse resources,

in tools of anarchy- an archaic mentality reverted in on itself- inverted.

Rather, in this time scape we seed,

See, seek to escape, escape, - es ska p- es- SKA p-

The void of confusion in remembrance that energy must dance- Must move,

NO more confusion, binding principles that stagnate- STAGnate the water,

the ions, the coupling that must associate with dissasociaion,

in geographic alchemy, all KEY- ALKI- AMI-- ALcehmy in MAY-

Hone in on the disorganization,

for this will pull apart the taffy,

the sticky fingers, the Peaky Blinders, those binding, blinding by pecking order and status- those statutes will, must fall. (ring around the real rose)-

The world is shifting its true order.

Its lineages have seemed, seeded, qualms- burrowed in the sanctuary of establishment are crumbling at the roots- ITs archaic technology in

latitude conformity are no longer recognized. (yes- attitude and latitude) -

step down- stepped down, step aside, rollover, a new light is upon us

and the old ways of love are returning- radar love, golden earring Ring true. 

Establishments are being re-birthed and made anew in the glitter of the heart-

a fresh STAR re-birthed anew- 

Let go of the need to 'settle' -

for those have settled too long.

A stagnation of doctrinarian

has become your, our, hour downfall.

The falling down needs to be cleared, cleansed, let go.

Our descent is no more.

Our descent, de-sensitizing, no more.

We must find our decency and

take back what we own.

Our established frequency of freedom,

of love, IS the new norm.

Born in love.

So, we tun the page, and

ignite the throttle.

Pull back the bow, archers-

ignite your chains, change

your chains of freedom Hour.

Our chance of freedom is now.

Allow the ashes to fall-

the old fires of dictatorship-

are blowing in the wind,

scuttling to keep flames going

with old torches that hold no fuel-

false fuels- fossil fuel- futile- fuel fossilized,

falsified, falsei phi ed- the, glass class is shattered.

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