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NO Time, like the Present

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

The energies have peaks and valleys and while you may ask, will this continue in flow, will we continue to receive these activations in this way- AFTER the Lion’s Gate Portal Influx? And we respond, answer- of course! Where do you choose to chart your course? (I see galaxies and astrological line ups that are always working with us if we are open to them). Will you stay present and attuned with your internal resources? Your up-welling of information and knowledge from Inside of the very essence of you? Will you allow your PRESENCE, your presents to reveal themselves? Presenting to you a floral, flow-ALL bouquet, flowing forth from the never ending... story, never never land, wellspring of knowing-ness, flowering in all of life. THE true flower of life-In truth, tooth- sweet tooth- Unwrap the sweet awareness, taste the essence of offerings spilling forth, (I am seeing Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory LOL).

Will you allow your presents to reveal themselves? unwrap in sweet awareness, follow in flow, in REAL no time the sweetness of life. ALLOW the strife, so to speak, to fall away and allow and allow you MIND, to take a recess, to take a breath, to take a break. For within this breath, breadth, width, within this time-OUT, out of time, you ALLOW the connectivity to FLOW, stabilize, remove the kinks from the hose, so to speak.

Realize, see in a sea of sweet senses, Sense IS, sense this, TRUE sense, abilities, extra sensibility, sen-SEE-bilities. For within this RECESS, this breath, this break from chatter, clanging loudness of scatter, you enter the stillness, the presence, OPEN the presents, the recesses of the imagination, the inner workings, the inner gears, ears of the CLOCK. Shifting, turning, clicking into place-arriving in the NOW, diving into the clear waters, the clarity, clairaudient, clairvoyant, time travel creators, creating NOW time.

For as you see PAST the illusion, THROUGH delusion, check INTO the seemingly elusive present moment, you unwrap the present, the gift, the bundle (1), wifi, Hifi- high five, bee hive, vibration, elation, 5D… and so ON, so HUM. The bundles unwravel, unwrap, OPEN, and ALL lies WITHIN.

For within your future self, future presentation, if you will, lies the knowingness to what you are asking NOW, for you already KNOW the answer to what is beCOMING, has beCOME, and what beCAME the NOW moment. THIS is the now moment as you ask THE question, ANY question.

See past the grammar, SEE, with eyes to see, the writing on the wall, that HAS been written IN real time. HEAR the voice of reason, (2) Your galactic, astrological alignments, portals, have already, NOW, all ready set the wheels in motion. They ARE, they have already clicked into place. Where? The NOW place in time, the new place in time, all ARE ready, all IS ready. All is already, All is all ready NOW. Now is the moment withIN which all unfolds.

Recognize, requinox, that your linear concepts conceptualization, no longer fits in the time box. All is immaculate, clean, perfect, conception, conceptualization, coming together, realization of your completeness, your unity, your beauty, your ALL of creation, creating NOW that which you wish to conceptualize, develop, bring together, materialize, into this construct, construction, sandbox of time. For as the sands of time, shift, shape, move in dynamic play with the direction of the flow of___________ magnetics, what we magnetize, what we CHOOSE to magnetize- fill in the blanks.

So yes, as you beam this IN-FORMation through your cells, BE in, Bee IN this Information, this honey hive of hexagonal, transcriptions, hexagon hive, 5D. Helix of information encapsulated into a moment, a movement, a hymn, a sound, a hum, intent, intention, intent HUM, so hum.

SO, We see you as Creators of time, seeding, as starseeds, for you play with the architecture of your reality, as you orchestrated certain activities, certain waves, certain ways of being, waves of connectivity that strand string together moments momentum, swing you from one moment to the next, metronome, pendulum. Architecture takes on angles, and expression that sit within a space in your minds eye, your belief structuring, hanging by a thread, threading through a thought, thinking up a MOMENT, a mechanism, a reel, A movie of moving parts that are frozen in moments, slowing down momentum, (metronome, keeping time), allowing you to grasp the meaning, swing from branch to branch, monkey mind- STOP.

The flow has been ignited, the rhythm WAS repressed, pressed upon, and now the wheels are in flow. in moment to moment movement creative expression of bandwidths, conforming together in a co creative spin, spindle, dynamic moving through the great void. we no longer avoid the e movie, moving, we direct, co create, maestro the movement, orchestrate within the strata, the layers of our own calibration, calculation, confirmation, re-calculating the tick tock of the clock, tic talk, a new talk has emerged, and it ripples through the masses, en masse, immersing the masses in creative expression of harmony.

NO time, Rip Van Winkle Awaken, awaken honey bears, in caring co creation in currency- current SEE NOW. Your play, scene, seen, is on center stage, on center, Center IN, your field is in play, YOU are the field. FEEL the field, the fluidity of motion, IN motion.

Center yourself into the now, NEW field, and play. In this JOY, emotion of play, enjoyment you real-eyes, see, make real, feel your KNOWING that all is now, new Reality structure, we invite you to see from your new vantage point, Dora the explorers, children of the light, we adore you, in adoration we implore you FEEL your light withIN. Feel your light, your inner child of exploration. In humble admiration we assist you, we SEE YOU, ALL of you.

As you feel your joy, cherishing and nourishing your inner child and one another, you line yourself UP, align yourSELF , all of YOU, in this NOW movement, WITH the ALL, planets, portal, arrangements, you , ALL. All is up to you, (I am seeing balloons and the movie UP). Let you desire of heartfelt delight run its course, course through you, for as love course through your body, your bones, your blood, so too does it chart your course and the course of ALL in essence.

We linger in light and soul spark appreciation, Sent to you , we NOW send you, sending, signing, sounding off signals of lovelight. And so it is.

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