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Truth Vs Disclosure

We seek to align you with a new spin, a back spin if you will, (1) a wind tunnel of alchemy, a new state of being with and IN all underlying presence, presentation of expansion. The excitement is in the AIR, Airborne, swimming through the veins, oxygen, Rebirthed, refueled. The fire’s capacity for expansion, has grown. We seek to EXPAND your EXPECTATIONS. Realize much MORE has developed than meets the EYES; even more than meets the mind. We seek to RELEASE the LINEAR oculat-ion, view that comes up that stirs the need to ‘lock down’ some sort of ‘occupation’. Rather, OPEN to the SINGING in the senses, the downward, or backswing, must be met to LINE UP for the heightening Upward, UP WORD, upward swing, follow through, WHOOSH.(3) Cognition has been enhanced, CO2gnition has been enhanced, for a clearer view. Allow the senses to ignite, to REWRITE and click into place, over and over again. Many clicks, Many adjustments need to be made, ARE being made, Man Made in God’s Image.

The squires have delivered the messages, mes-Sages. The initiation period is over. Now we are moving into full swing of the next swing, WHOOSH. You seek to know specifics; we seek to tickle the imagination in word and energy play, for the details in ‘man’s world’ are unimportant in the overall picture, SCHEME of things. The schematics have been laid out and are being ‘drawn’, over. The MAZE that many were lost in will be revealed in aAMAZEment, all will take on new meaning.

The TRUTH to, IN the dichotomy does not change the TRUTH.

Some knowledge will be presented, however the WISE do NOT become DISTRACTED by what is being presented in the ‘world STAGE’. (4). For they see their MISSION, their VISION, their inner knowing following the INNER compass, weaving their way, webbing their way, WEAVING through the muck and the mud, the mind, passing UP the 3D center stage, and moving into their OWN center, stage; the INNER CENTER. True North, and flow into their new realities, calibrating, interlocking with SOURCE, anchoring the timelines, that CLARION call, call to action, While others look AWAY in distraction, NOT action.

A SIGH will be felt after all is SAID and DONE, and many will know why. But the ones that do, me and you, will smile and offer solace to the ‘wounded’ souls, the fragmented pieces, people who wish to recognize themselves, seeking TRUTH of WHO and WHAT they are.

As some come unDONE, they reveal the solid stability, reality, of the heart, unraveling the bindings they were trapped in, under, before this MASSIVE QUANTUM SHIFT shook them from their reverie, dream. Their vulnerability IS their STRENGTH. For in silence, much is found. Much will no longer be able to be ignored as ALL pours to the surface, as ANCIENT ARCHITECTURE is revealed. MASS AWAKENINGS occur within the folds, as many are SHAKEN from their STUPER, and awaken to their ‘SUPER’ powers.

It cannot be stopped. It is building, many are feeling it. No stone will be left unturned, as much, or ALL is unraveled, revealed. The upwelling is a rise of energy to be felt across the miles. YOU will be NEEDED- clarions clear of vision, Clairvoyants, voyagers, travelers, clairaudients, for clear audience, clarity for hots newly UNCHAINED, unbound, naked, weightless.

For the LIGHT can be BLINDING to those who have lived in the DARK.

The air can be overwhelming for those who have NEVER TRULY BREATHED in freedom.

Where shall we go? What shall we do from here? IT IS up to you. Reveal to ALL the power of the HEART. Show the world how compassionate the new HUman can be. See ALL with compassion as the eyes of a NEWBORN babe. Some will cry with tears of joy, others will not know HOW. Teach them; welcome them into your fold. For they are your flock, and you are the MOTHERS and the FATHERS, the KEEPERS OF WISDOM, holding the ancient keys, turning the locks that release the shackles.

As the shackles fall, so too do the BINDERS, the BLINDERS, the keepers of the dark Gates, the blockers of freedom. The Rulers of OLD, old ways, old architecture, old anarchy, (5) hierarchy, now crumbling, rotted from the inside out. Some within this structure WILL ALSO SIGH that this is occurring, Tired of the old play, the old set, sects. The establishments built of, on shadows and shame, crumbles even with no one to blame. See PAST, seek LOVE, seek light SEE IN LIGHT. See AS Light, in light in MEN, enlightenment, all men, women, Women. For the enlightened ones, there is no blame shame or hate. They SEE the TRUTH in ALL. The truth IS ALL.

They see beneath, deep within, puppets on a stage, ruled and shaped by their ‘masters of the matrix’, the OLD matrix, one of many matrixes. Empty shells sucked dry of will. Sovereignty given away and emptiness offered in return.

Now WE RETURN to innocence. Wipe away all the hate. Allow grief to cleanse, to purge, with waters of light. For we have ALL experienced ALL. We are together in Earth-bound reality. We ARE inside of US- connected to SOURCE. As we see this, we integrate, digest, morph and build the NEW world. One based in LOVE and TRUTH above all.

Those that do not wish to SEE will leave, will be ESCORTED. And SO IT IS that we delight in this news, this NEW us, for in all the work the light workers have done, are doing, the Earth rejoices, renewed in all her splendor; Renewed from the ground up. New Earth has begun, always was, always IS, in the IS ness of the present moment. For all is NOW.

PS-I felt guided to add, in closing, disclosure, in this now moment, has arrived. We may not see it all in ONE fail swoop, per say- but somehow THIS is huge, what will be, is in the process of being revealed, and what is happening across the Earth plane, so to speak. The biggest message is that this is happening with OR without being able to point to ALL of the people behind the scenes, who HAVE been pulling the strings. (Past tense, ‘used’ to be pulling the strings, temporary, not permanent). Do we NEED to SEE these shadow puppet ‘masters’ for us to truly BE HAPPY? What if they just all disappeared with the help of our ‘friends’ and we no longer had them, or the story to focus on? What then?

The biggest question we are being invited to ask ourselves is, do we want love and light and change, OR do we want accountability? Of course many of us would like both! HOWEVER, When it comes right down to it, Which answer is more TRULY more important to us?

As much as many want accountability, because it is ‘important’ and it would be nice to be proven right, or to feel like, or see ‘justice’ at hand, is it really MORE important than focusing on CREATING NEW EARTH NOW?

My guides are saying as we stay in the heart, that as we love one another we help one another through the vast changes that are in the works, we help Earth and BEYOND what our Human eyes may see. THAT, is the work of a TRUE master. We are being invited to remember that our true happiness does not come from OUTSIDE of us, outside stimulus, or FROM other’s stories. The more we uplift ourselves, from within, BE the change, the more we uplift one another and Mother Earth WITH us.

The more we support the change, because we are creating the changes from within, creating a NEW story, and remembering who REALLY holds the strings, the power, the vibration, the harmonics, in beautiful symphony, as divine SOVEREIGN beings orchestrating the new waves, way of BEING.


(1)- I am seeing reference in back spin to golf, and to back to the future, the movie.

(3)- whoosh- the backswing of a club, the sound of fire igniting, and force, wind

(4) world stage, is a play, what is being played out, seen, presented, an act, and now moving into another act- it is a ‘set up’ for the next scene. And much more will be scene in this. SO, they are showing me that when we watch a play, we only see the presentation. Those that are awake, will see through it and see the cast members behind the scenes, putting on costumes, etc. they will start to see the whole SET- set up.

(5)- anarchy- like ants, in hierarchy that were creating havoc to the ‘law’ of oneness and a hive mind, Creating separation from the true hive of the heart.

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Lew Franich
Lew Franich
Sep 15, 2019

We got a lot of work to do, there'll be time for golf later *sigh* ;)


I just read Truth vs. Disclosure, and it was really cool, with the play of words and portraying a stage in which we are all actors. I watched the video first, but reading it brought it all together for me. Thank you Carrie, for taking the time to do this. I will be reading the others as well.

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