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There are many TRUTHS

that are being exposed,

DISCLOSED so we can CLOSE the chapter in an OLD reality system.

We are IN Truth all ONE as creators.

Let us create a new BANDWIDTH.

What happens when certain truths are revealed? Then what?

We still need to come back to the HEART of the TRUTH which is to UNITE in the LOVE of ONEness.

Peace, joy, grattitude.

Let us be Yoda not the young Jedi,

We are the FORCE

and we have FORESEE N

that all of this has been to pass


for we are IN, the rising of a new ERA

a new energy HEIRa,

Letting go of heresy,

HARA- hare I see,

we are in the process of

SELF REFLECTION letting go of DOMINATION letting the dominoes FALL, the chips fall,

removing the chips off of our shoulders. And as we do this we are removing Boulders, Road blocks.

SMOLDERING, and we're being invited to recognize and clear THROUGH the SMOKE and the MIRRORS.

We are being invited to get back,

(back to the future)

to the TRUTH

of the force that WE ARE and

WHERE that force IS,

IS from as ONE

as a combiINation of forces

without Force, so to speak

for that is what has been, FORSEEN.

A coming of a new age,

a GOLDEN era

a frequency of Bliss

This Bliss does not necessarily mean only sunshine and rainbows,

Bliss is a state of balance

or better spoken, HARMONY.

Musical chords and scales

in balance, in flow.

So we are being invited to



For as these truths come to LIGHT

about the realities

that we have been existing in,

The parallels are made

about the parallels

we are existing within,

UNPARALELLED truth being

EXPOSED to light.

We are being invited to BRING to light

AS the light


the truth of the STORIES,

bring in, through the HIGHER chords

of Harmony that we are all capable of activating within one another,

the larger chords of SOUNDOLOGY,

sounding OFF

turning off , SHUTTING DOWN

that which has been

blaring in loud speakers

behind the SCENES.

Water holds memory but the

memories are not the water,

the truths that are being exposed

are not WHO we are at the core,

at the heart.

who we really are goes deeper,

goes deeper, goes deeper.

We are the Creators, the Elders

the welders, wielders of the truth

AS truth, as the forest through the trees, AS the trees, AS the Forest,

the force behind, IN the trees.

We are The breath.

Forces, Four sees, forsee, The 4 seasons, sea-sons, suns, directions, directors, phase conjugation,

We are ALL of these 'things'.

Embodied in this particular, particle, TECHNOLOGY

and we are being invited to SEE PAST.

See the past, Passed, the technology

WE are being invited to see THROUGH the systems being exposed

We are being invited to

set Our intention

to focus as YODA

than the young Skywalker,

through YODELING, 😂

sing songs of freedom.

For As we come together in this


there will be bumps on the road, scratches on the RECORD,

YET we are the SONG, the SOUND, the dreamers, the creators.

And we are being reminded


This is PAST the truth being shared,

and its wonderful that its coming up,

but we are being invited to STABILIZE

and to not get sucked into

the reality complexes that are creating more complex equations

that are merely mirror

but also mirrored, mere distractions. For while these are Fun, found, (exciting, sad, surprising), and important and EXPONENTIALLY RELEVENT,

important for a big part of this equation they are NOT


We are. Earth is.

They are the foundation of what one or multiple realities WERE built upon.

Yet those too were built upon deeper layers.

And we are coming back into the SPACE to be reminded to get back to the BASICS.

These messages that we are hearing

are NOT meant to spread fear,

we are meant connect right NOW

with Mother Earth Gaia, in whatever form version of Earth we resonate with..

We are being invited to HOLD

our Harmony as MANY.

FOR we are the waves,

we are the force BEHIND the force,

that IS the force,

AS the force that MOVES


We are NOT the STORIES yet we ARE breaking down OLD stories and creating new stories.

Where are we creating FROM?

Focus and hold strong to the knowing that there is MORE to this

than the tip of the iceberg,

that underneath all of this REVELATION, these PERIODS of time,


Time CAPSULES that are bursting

that are BURSTING our bubble,


our bubble of our reality SYSTEM,

We are the bubble bursters,

yet we are our own bubble,

THE bubble,

the rainbow.

We are the ones HOLDING SPACE

for each other

as gridworkers, lightworkers, starseeds flowers of creation.

So while all of this information flows in to our carnal knowledge.

To our carnal knowin9g.

To our, hour carnal RE-COGNITION

as a HUman on earth IN this period time through this DOCUMENTATION,


we are being invited to see

past this illusion for this is just yet another another illusion that is being personified right now,

ill use I ON - I loose psi on- I loosh in

heated up, per sauna f ID, sauna phi d.

True words, through documentation.

For this is beautiful,

it's INTEGRATE, Integrate. INTEGRATE. For We are GREATER than

the PIECE of the WHOLE

that we are TUNING into right now.

This too shall come to pass

for it is already BEGUN.

It has already been SUNG.

Yet NOW is the time to HEAR it

to recognize it and to SING...

continue to row the boat

AS the boat,

as the oars,

as the rower,

as the ocean,

the boats...KA.

KA, munity, community, come into unity, KA immunization,

MOVE OUT of mutiny, SELF MUTINY, move into muting the chords of disharmony.

For we are the CAPTAINS.

Integration. Creation. Breathe.

Set the intention to remember MORE , remember that WE ARE TRUTH

the layers of truth that we are hearing

are layers attached to an ALGORITHM attached to another dimensional shift, and a shift, and a shift.

We are the sound,

frequency beneath THAT,

we are The ocean

not just the waves and sound of the waves breaking.

We are ALL of that.

SO we are being invited to come back

Within that space of heart-held coherence frequency love,

appreciation for brothers and sisters appreciation for the Earth.

IN intention

we hold the space of love,


And so it is.

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