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Tune in YOU, You are the SUPRA computer, Birth IN the NOW

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

As we allow ourselves to ACCESS that which we are in the process of reunifying with, although We were NEVER TRULY SEPARATE-

We remember what we came here to do:

Create, live, love Earth, love one another,

yet also experience that there is nothing to DO,

so to speak. Much ado about nothing, NO THING.

birTHING is important in this NOW moment,

THIS now moment, THIS now moment-

In experiencing, experienSING, singing,

as we come through this experience together,

as we come through this unification with ourSELVES,

with one another.

For we share with you these codes,

we share with you these NODES, knowdes, notes.

these access points, ACCESS, axis CONVERGENCES if you will.

For we are all assisting one another on a cellular, Earth, Galactic Frequency.

We are ALL CONNECTED to higher aspects,

we are all connected within this HIGHER aspect RATIO, RAT- io,

We talk about PERCEPTION,

for IF we do not perceive that there is MORE going on than meets the I, EYE,

then we are shutting down most of our extrasensory perception,

(by not being OPEN),

For many, this extra sensory perception has been offline,

and we are coming back in alignment with this knowing,

this perceptive HEIGHTened perception.

However this is still much NOise going on outside of us,

and if we continue to CHOOSE to link in, to link up to the NOISE,

to the ARTIFICIAL SOUND WAVES, (inorganic),

that are being PUMPED into our reality system,

then we are attuning to, tuning ourselves, our cells,

tuning our symphony to

this UNorchestrated- (meaning it is orchestrated, but it does not have harmony, it is unorganized- scattered, creates scattered),

his disharmony creates a dis-association within ourselves, our cells,

we dis-associate from the truth of who we are.

We do not need to rely on these OUTside distractions and sources

for KNOWING or healing,

when we can tune into our hearts and higher connection-

connect with our truth and know.

We have more intelligence than what we have 'given our power over to', OVERTURE

We ARE the super, SUPRA computer, we are the super technology-

yet when we PUMP our information with ARTIFICIAL-

we know that too much of any artificial creates disharmony in our system.

Micro to macro.

We are being invited to recognize that WE are constantly feeding ourselves.


We are constantly being fed information-

it can come in the form of food, sound, light, pictures,

everything holds information.

The languages that we are USED to hearing also hold a certain frequency base within them.
The WORDS CREATE A SPIN- so to speak, or LITERALLY to speak in our torroidal field. We are being invited to get back to FEELING into our field. FEEL into the words we are SPEAKING. Feeling into the words that we are LISTENING to. WE are the tuning fork- what are we ALLOWING, to tune us? a loud ing?

Tune out The old NOISE, old way of disharmony -

All of this may have had a time and a place-

but now IT is OUT of time, it is out of rhythm, it holds no unity for us.

It is out of time and is trying to get us to tune back in-

but we are waking up to the noise.

IT tries to RE- MIND us by triggering certain feelings,

such as fear to get us to plug back in. (IT- media, etc).

We are being invited to REMEMBER and know...our DNA- ROOTS,

connection to SOURCE.

As we allow ourselves to CHIME in with that which FEELS good,

we allow ourselves to GROW INTO THIS NEW SPACE of feeling good.

We allow ourselves to truly BIRTH this new potential,

FROM this new potent- ALL.

Letting go, even of the OLD POTENTIAL-

for all the old potentials have been REACHED so to speak.

We are in a new gate of awakening,

a new GAIT, GAIAt - rhythm.

Come back into the harmony that we feel WITH Mother Earth,

come back into the harmony that we have been CRAVING.


For all that HAS happened IS happening NOW.

And as we rewrite this history AS the future,

As the future of the history BEHIND us,

we RECOGNIZE that many things have been rewritten.

Many things have been rewritten to FIT a certain architecture, puzzle PIECE.

From one aspect, there WAS a certain PROGRAM

that was written into our understanding, or in a matrix presentation, but we are now understanding this was not the WHOLE truth, (artificial so to speak)-

There is a DEEPER truth that underlies, under lays all of that.

That was merely a force field- a FORCED field that was forced,

yet also agreed on to a certain degree.

We are being invited to SEE this, FEEL this, and not make agreements

based on FALSE IDentities, IDENT, deities.

What we identify and make a dent in with our own force field,

what we identi PHI with, what we create our ratios around,

our GOALden ratios aROUND.

Are we in the torroidal spin of harmony and coherence?

In a space of cohesion- or are we spinning OUT? Spun out?

We ARE the cohesiveness- as everything holds a sequential pattern.

We are fractal, we are not fractured anymore,

so stop plugging into fractured systems.

AS we unify and come back into gratitude,

this gratification- gravitational spin- pull of- POLE of,

let us pull into our field of referential- arcade, arcade-ology- archaeology, we have no old games to compare THIS to.

We are being invited to stop comparing things to something new that we don't have a reference point for-

relax into it.


The old triggers are not holding the same power over us,

unless we choose to FALL back into that feedback LOOP.

We have been FREEd of that,

if we PERCEIVE that we have been FREEd of that.

Open to the NEW points of reference, Natural ARCHeaology-

In love and light!

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