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Real time creators

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

(Note, POW is play on words, and I am still editing 🙏)

There is an ELEMENT of surprise in the works in the elementals, if you will,

an unmaking in the making. That which has been tightly bound, wound together has been completely uplifted,

unraveled if you will, and much sketchy wisdom

is being righted. There is a gathering, a coming together . This gathering and coming together of witty personalities matching wits so to speak,

is allowing a higher frequency. A storm, a storm front is brewing. A strong front. A strong storm

is brewing. As the energies converge,

as they build up upon each other, there are many gathering forces

to create a domination, dominion. (Letting go of judgement about this message and words)- As I lead myself into this

space of higher knowing, I allow that which is NOT within my own free flowing adventerraining, adventure- radium- Radiant personality complex to pick through different geometries to pick through which one is most congruent with the messages

that need to come through, as this all is micro to macro,

social physical, etc. (I am seeing a gathering of great

minds and great leaders, I am seeing a push back happening

of shadow adversity But this is overwhelmed by the UNIVERSity in adversity). That which has been

adversarily pressing against this unified matrix of starseeds is coming apart at the seams. We have said this many times before, yet time is tricky in some cases. So, while this has already happened time and time again, there have been rebuttals in

other time mechanics that have pulled through and

somehow managed to keep the time intruders, away from the time crusaders,

so to speak.

Yet the PLAY for power is over

The play for power over time, is over

the POWER PLAY is over

It is time for the PLAY

that once HELD power

over the unassuming,

to be over

it is coming to an end,

it is coming to a close.

Power is in the PLAY

let us PLAY

And there are many, or certain DRAWBACKS, drawing BACK

that have created this hierarchical order

but WE DRAW back to a previous time-

in which NONE of this

was ever a consistency.

It was never a consistent drawing pattern, if you will.

It was merely a scribble,

a scribble in the dark.

And we have grown,

we grow forces,

we have grown forces and

we SEE, we FOREsee.

We share in this sea of adversity,

for in adversity and diversity

we convulse- pulse, converge,

bulge and divulge.

We are bringing through

this information

in this bulge- we are pushing

against THAT bubble of reality,


(This is like when you have friends who get together and cause problems, but they have been separated so they can't cause problems anymore because they can’t organize and there is no ring leader.) This force of energy pushes out,

and because of that, more is revealed,

more is divulged more is converged, more is created.

For those patterns are frequenting, are frequently patterning-

pat turning- pa turning, - (Paternal?)-

and by definition there is a new defining matrix.

The definitive patterns are confusing,

the stabilization of the old matrices the new, hierarchies together, matriarchies.

To higher ark keys, marriage,

union, in the matrices, ma tri seas,

And for those who were born in it,

this aristocracy, Heir is toc ra see

Those that were born into this ‘relevance,

are no longer becoming relevant.

They have not birthed their own relevancy,

They have only been told what to birth and how to birth it.

They have never experienced a true flame of freedom.

And while this flame of freedom requests an audience

in order to capsize and capitalize,

in order to capsize the whole ship, so to speak.

Those that were hidden below the surface,

those that dipped below the ship, (the good ship lollipop)-

(I keep seeing wood planks on a ship, which reminds me of the KA,

but also seeing this Viking ship and royalty).

These ships , time bandits, time bands.

(I am seeing a separation of beings. there was a collaboration

of beings who were time bandits and they robbed people

of their ability to see clearly, (btw- clergy was just a typo as I type this out).

These time bandits have been pulled apart and have been separated.

This is like when you have friends who get together and cause problems,

but they have been separated so they cant’ cause problems anymore

because they can’t organize and there is no ring leader.

They can’t collaborate which means their ability to see clearly

because they needed the collaboration of combined power,

coalition, jointing forces etc.

This has been pulled apart and a separation has occurred

and this is part of the natural process.

This needed to happen in order to birth or rebirth the creative process,

for the creative process was being hindered

and held back by this coalition, collaboration of BULLIES.

So we are RIDING time, righting,

WRITING time. We are REwriting that

which HAS BEEN written. We are riding, writing TIME WAVES. We are riding, writing over this particular PROGRAM that was created TO mis-create,

to create continuity, in the screen

Movie screen,

to make reel, The unreal continuity, gravitational pull,

a false gravity system, This false gravity system created this false system in general, or they were intricately interwoven in the same story, (board)- We all fall down, ring around the ROSIE. This inverted system has been corrected, it is correcting itself, For that which has fallen

has yet to be reborn again. For all is, impermanent.

All is infinite in it impermeations- everything is changing and fluxing

and that is the way it is. This hard, mechanical system

could not sustain itself. And in an unsustainable reality system, it then creates a false trapping system, this has been pulled apart in part because many of the beings that were holding it together

that were stuck like glue are no longer together anymore, they are no longer keeping it together, they are no longer staying together, etc. They are really confused. They are trying to band together in a network of disinformation. This is a false sense of continuity- and is countenance POW (This also has to do with continents)— This is also a reflection

of false security. This Was saying this is the way

things have to be, this is the way things are,

this is the structure. But all was not true.

So this false sense of continuity has continued to degrade

the human species. It was a degradation of force

that was mechanically woven in the chain,

(DNA and protein chains) We move into this form of communication because this is something that will be coming up

in future transmissions. For the changes that are upon us

will be difficult for some to bear, will be difficult for some

to bare witness to. Many have already come to PASS, yet there are many who are

being overlooked currently. For the chain of events that are about to ROCK THIS WORLD, are yet to be deciphered, POW

so to speak. (I am seeing 3rd rock from the Son, sun,

I am seeing the rock Eater from Neverending story and a rocking motion)-

and so we use this mechanic, mechanics and frameworks, frame words to play with the words

to line up to certain efficiencies, meanings, efficient meanings,

for the words and the codes that are hidden behind the depths

of the knowingness are used at this point to access

a deeper expansive range of motion. So, as we work through this means,

so to speak, (golden means, a way to a means, meaning-

way of accessing, etc)-

We now are entering into a new hypothacary , POW,

stage of events. The turning of tides,

the turning of events,

the changing of tides, the changeover, involves a mass consciousness

propaganda awakening and for those that are destabilizing

the current grid system, There is a transmission of thought,

there is a transition of thought. There is a deeper layer of meaning,

a deeper layer of knowing, a deeper layer of knowing AND meaning,

is giving birth right now, and those that would change union ship

of the DIvine Higher ark key, (not to be confused with hierarchy)- The Divine order of how things

should be vs the inorganic order, that was created for mass

propaganda, propagation. There is a higher calling

that is coming up and rippling through the bedrock.

Rock a bye- (90s song)

This may be confusing for some, for some have put their chips

all into one basket so to speak. And as the chips fall, those

that were- the recall. This is about remembering,

recalling, people AND products are going to be recalled-

the great recall. (This may have something to do

with the companies and ticking

time bombs POW). This all sounds worrisome,

yet this is nothing that cannot

be handled. This is nothing that cannot

be accepted. For as people come to accept this

as part of the reality that has been overlooked, by many,

there will be a mass understanding.

(Many will say no wonder why....

the rippling of ahas that will ripple out after the shock is permeated

will be so massive that no one, no stone is left unturned. (This is a common theme). The diamond in the rock This is difficult subject,

in part because there is a linearization in part of the framework in which we are communicating within, there are timeline aspects

that are being tapped into, there are political and social aspects,

yet on a bigger scale this is quantum. It is a quantum, hole in one. There is a force field in on all this, so the forced field has been let down. And that which has been

forced upon the masses is lightening its load.

People have been pushing

against this pressure carrying the weight of this

force field on them, forced into certain actions

and participations and this has been lifted so some are left going,

what do I do now. Why am I feeling this way? And this is part of the awakening process

for this group of people. There is a code of arms

that has been lifted so to speak. There is a cote-de arms, that is

playing out in a critical display. There are many factions

to be pieced together. We invite you to play with the words, the word tribes, if you will trining, twinning, together in certain interlocking patterns, that create a referential, referee,

a referencing, re fencing, a referral system in which you can

band together in certain similar

word patterns. As you band together

these synchronistic word patterns , you will see a synchronistic patterning coming up. And beneath this layer is a deep

deep deep understanding of the physics of things,

of the quantum ness of it all.

For if there is a program that ALL is written from, so to speak. Then there would be a baseline frequency

in which all of the attachments and connections

that are plugged into this baseline creative aspect would tap into,

This deeper hum, so to speak,

this deeper communication is where this information is coming humming FROM.

Yet this is merely the deepest layer

of this particular matrix, there are deeper layers ,

more so of course than this particular communication. For we are in a space of communicating about or

FROM a particular matrix theory. For in this DOMINION there is a deep underlying reference of the mechanics of reality.

This is the mechanics of the reality that is in the process of re emerging, yet also reinventing itself. So, the other realities

no longer were accessible . ( I am seeing that these other realities no longer

WERE accessible- reference to time and we were

not in the long wave, we were not in the spectrum- divots,

we were not in the cohesive space to tap into it. I am tapping into something that was created in the beginning to assist in countering the inverted matrix, from one perspective And it was WRITTEN

based off of the inverted matrix, so tp space). So one might say that this other program, modality, methodology is not necessarily as deep as we could go, for it was also a false reality system

to counter the false reality system.

(Like when a bug is in a computer

and a program iOS created

to overwrite it- (IOS was a spell error)- We are now beginning to share

with you so you many begin

to understand all of the false

evidence appearing real. This has been created in order to stabilize a particular grid length. Like a football field, This grid length that we speak of is now opening into a portal of reality that by definition has no definitive purpose, for you are repurposing the older playing FIELDS and scrambling the technologies

in such a way that those that

created the false system to begin with are scrambling to regain

their technological assertiveness.

Yet you have cracked the code. You as lightworkers so to speak,

have cracked the code and gone into a deeper space,

a deeper space of configuration that is essentially plucking out

the nests, so tp speak, The time bandits vs the time warriors like Neo in the matrix. He jumps in to undo the matrix,

but recognizing both that one was written,

but it all comes from the same place, So that is also a matrix,

and it was written.

It could not have come from anything less than something that was a Creator. This is one way of looking at it.

From a linear aspect, The false program was created

to trap beings into believing it was real. And another false system was created to weave into and infiltrate in order to break it down and it has taken this LONG for it to truly merge and converge because it was meant to be played in a living way.

Meaning there are many

who have come onto this Earth to Crack the code so to speak. The Egg has been cracked,

the reunion has been made. For the false system has been united with the truth of its false system. It’s like sister and brother, yin and yang, dark and light, from a linear perspective- the light system was created to counter the dark system. They have been weaving together and

the dark has been trying to scramble so that the light could not weave.

But it’s taken anchor, the light. So now the light has penetrated their matrix and it is remapping, this system. The programmers are struggling

to keep control, because once that program is descrambled, so to speak, you SEE it. All the ones and zeroes become available to all. Everyone sees the glitches.

There is a very linear presentation here of one version of one of the realities, that we are all connecting into from one perspective,

should we choose to. There are many versions

of these realities. This is merely one of the illusions that was created to source a particular energy and WOMBAT*

For this has allowed a greater SOURCE of playing, if you will.

And while the fear and destruction

has been created with this particular time band,

and all the time bandits

that 'robbed' particular entities

and beings from their freedoms, (this is not true either but it is a representation,) that is also

all being cleaned out.

(I am seeing orthoscopically cleaned).

So while we delve into

this false illusion, we also recognize it is real to many and the reality

that they have been illusarily playing in, is remapping itself.

So with patience and foresight, with the ability to see past

the fog so to speak, with the ability to see past the expression of temporary magnification of this system, (seeing spider and with the holographic robots, etc. and I am also seeing false wars- much has been used to propagate propaganda). So much disorderly conduct

will be seen by many. for what it is to such a level

that many will reach into their ambient nature in order to check out and clock out, or go into shock.

Yet that will be their survival mechanism and in actuality it could help them to process things when they are ready to process them. We invite you not to feed into

ANY mass Propoganda , in any way shape of form,

in any wave shape or form. For it is an attempt at a hostile takeover to diffuse what has already been

a ticking time bomb. They are trying to diffuse the time- but in reality we have already

blown it out of the water and it has already been diffused. It is not going to work,

although they can extend it,

so to speak, but they only have a certain number of extensions left on the clock, for their time is up, (football)-

there clock has ticked its last tic

too so to speak. Their dance card is full.

They have too many things to focus on, time is on OUR side now,

because we have taken it BACK

POW We invite you not to be taken aback

by what you are about to witness. For as you allow yourself to unfold from this false sense of security, and fold back into

your own higher capacity for higher wisdom truth and knowledge, this will then bring up your own

sense of security not based on the projections of others. Not based on the false assumptions and false sense of power that has been held over you

time and time again. This freedom comes

with a sense of security as a human being now

with a purpose; mission fulfilled

if you will for you have already filled

all of the cracks with the light

therefore cracking apart that which MIGHt be used to dissuade, to dismay,, to create dismay and falsities. And the light IS One

with the dusk the dawn, the light- recognizing that the deeper layer behind with and in all of this is deeper than the false matrix. There is a bigger

ALL encompassing energy that is essentially

celebrating this adventure

that is now coming to a close. And this sense of adventure

many have felt disillusioned by will be coming to a close, and we are taking our last BOW so to speak.

As we reform, as we wrap things up,

we allow ourselves to step away from the false illusions of ideocracies, and false synchronicities

and we step back into

our higher advancements, meaning, higher spaciousness, love. 🌈carrieyvonne Aristocracy: from wiktionary Borrowed from Middle French aristocratie, from Medieval Latin *aristocratia, from Ancient Greek ἀριστοκρατίᾱ(aristokratíā, “the rule of the best“, that is, “the best-born”, “nobility”), from ἄριστος (áristos, “best, noblest”) + -κρατίᾱ (-kratíā), from κράτος (krátos, “power, rule”). According to is a reason why noble gas atoms tend not to combine: one of the defining characteristics of the noble gas "family" is their lack of chemical reactivity. Rather than reacting to, or bonding with, other elements, the noble gases tend to remain apart—hence the name "noble," implying someone or something that is set apart from the crowd, as it were. Due to their apparent lack of reactivity, the noble gases—also known as the rare gases—were once known as the inert gases. Indeed, helium, neon, and argon have not been found to combine with other elements to form compounds the maintenance of continuous action and self-consistent detail in the various scenes of a movie or broadcast.

"a continuity error"

countenance (n.)

mid-13c., contenaunce, "behavior, bearing, conduct, manners;" early 14c., "outward appearance, looks," from Old French contenance "demeanor, bearing, conduct," from Latin continentia "restraint, abstemiousness, moderation," literally "way one contains oneself," from continentem, present participle of continere "to hold together, enclose," from assimilated form of com "with, together" (see con-) + tenere "to hold," from PIE root *ten- "to stretch."


  1. (transitive) To decode or decrypt a code or cipher to plain text.

  2. (transitive) To read text that is almost illegible or obscure.

  3. (transitive) To find a solution to a problem.



ccyffre (French chiffre), ultimately from Arabic صِفْر‎ (ṣifr, “zero, empty”), from صَفَرَ‎ (ṣafara, “to be empty”). Doublet of zero. Sense 9 may be a different word.[

  1. A combination or interweaving of letters, as the initials of a name; a device; a monogram.a painter's cipher, an engraver's cipher, etc.

  2. A method of transforming a text in order to conceal its meaning. quotations ▼The message was written in a simple cipher. Anyone could figure it out.

  3. (cryptography) A cryptographic system using an algorithm that converts letters or sequences of bits into ciphertext.

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